Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin, BE): 1st interprovincial Tulle, 2x2nd interprovincial Issoudun & 1st provincial Chateauroux

Adrien Mirabelle is one of the leading names in the Belgian middle distance scene with titles like a.o. 1st Nat Champion Middle Distance OB & YL KBDB in 2016 and 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YL KBDB in 2014 with a fantastic collection of several national ace pigeons.

In 2019, he also showed his skills with a.o. 1st interprovincial Tulle, 1st provincial Chateauroux and 2x 2nd interprovincial Issoudun.

An impressive Divock...

In sport, the principle of a contract is quite simple. If you are good in what you do, you get signed by a good team and if you keep on doing great, you receive a contract extension. The Red Devil Divock Origi only needed 1 game to convince the board of Liverpool FC to keep him on the team after he scored a decisive goal during the final of the Champions League. A nice proof of trust...  It was the same for 'Divock' (BE13-9010240) of Adrien who also received from his manager a proof of trust. When he was crowned in 2014 as 4th national ace pigeon middle distance he wasn't 'transfered' to a 'top club' but received a well deserved place in the breeding loft of Adrien who was convinced he would become a top breeder. More recently, history told him he was right as a grandson of Divock has just been crowned as 2nd national ace pigeon great middle distance for André Allemeersch. Another important thing to know is that the nestbrother of Divock, Zodiac, won in 2014 the title of 1st national ace pigeon middle distance yearlings. Another fantastic performance fo this incredible family of ace pigeons!

"In early August, I won the 1st interprovincial Tulle with the BE17-4207174 (more about him later) as well as a double 2nd interprovincial with 'Shelby' (BE17-1042101) and the '156/18' (BE18-1049156)", which proved once again the qualities of the new flying wonder from Adrien." This 'Shelby' (BE17-1042101) is a direct daughter of Divock and won over the last two years 3x into the top 100 national (click here to check her pedigree) while 'Divock' was already grandfather of no less than 3 different interprovincial winners bred by Kevin Saudoyez: 

1st interprov. Chateauroux against 2136 yearlings in 2017  
(64th nat. zone tegen 8584 pigeons and 232th nat. against 26.695 pigeons)
1st interprov. Argenton against 2022 yearlings in 2018 
(52th nat. zone against 6640 pigeons and 179th nat. against 19859 pigeons)
1st interprov. Chateauroux against 989 yearlings in 2019 
(62th nat. zone against 7985 pigeons and 169th nat. against 24.617 pigeons)

Divock, a fantastic breeder

"I never had a breeding loft so strong as I have now", explained Adrien. "I'm currently harvesting the fruits as the youngsters team is doing great. I have a lot of confidence in them and their results are proving I'm right..."  Click here to check the results booked by the young birds team...  Another remark is that the 1st provincial Châteauroux in the youngster category was won by only... 1 pigeon sent in the baskets... Quality always on top of quantity. It was the young hen 'Claude' (BE19-1100806) (christened like that in due respect to Adrien's grandfather) who booked the provincial victory (click here to check her pedigree)

1st interprovincial & 2nd nat. zone Tulle

This 174 (click here to check his pedigree) was bred by Tom van Gaver and was basketted to several training races as a young bird. As yearling, he was raced until Argenton where he got lost for a few days, which ended his 2018 season. In 2019, the goal was to basket him for Agen but because of the extreme conditions, he was not sent to the race. His program was then replaced by three long distance races, Limoges, Libourne and Tulle where he did a fantastic job as he was always clocked as the first bird back on the loft:

05/07 Limoges II 3/330 club - 12/1503 Interprovincial - 91/2658 nat zone - 514/9661 national
20/07 Libourne 28/721 Interprovincial - 76/1255 nat zone - 378/4605 national
03/08 Tulle club 1/174 - 1/1.335 Interprovincial - 2/1729 nat zone - 56/6206 national