Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) strikes hard for the second week in a row, now with a 1st National Libourne YLs and 1st Zone Issoudun!

After having won a 1st Provincial Argenton last week both with the old birds and the yearlings, Philippe Dobbelaere strikes again on 21st of July, winning a 1st National Libourne yearlings and a 1st Nat. Zone Issoudun Yearlings.

The pigeons from Olsene (near Zulte) are clearly in peak form. And a top quality breed in great form will more often than not lead to spectacular results. Philippe Dobbelaere did exactly that, giving his opponents a hard time in the last few weekends of July. He claimed three provincial first prizes, as well as a 1st Zonal and 1st National victory in just two weeks' time, along with a club victory from Orleans young birds.  Besides his national victory in the yearlings' race from Libourne he also takes a 3rd and 11th National old birds. Very impressive!

On top of that, the double winner of a 1st Prov. Argenton now wins a 1st Zonal Issoudun as well. Meanwhile, the winner of a 1st Nat. Libourne also won a 5th Nat. Limoges two weeks earlier, making him the main favourite for the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB. It goes without saying that we are dealing with exceptionally gifted long distance pigeons.

Two fantastic weekends in a row

That is the least you can say about this fancier, who has an impressive list of achievements. These prizes were won in demanding weather with strong headwinds, resulting in speeds of 1250 m/min or less. The pigeons in Libourne spent an additional day in the basket due to rain and thunderstorms, and they were eventually released on Sunday.

21/7 Libourne club  91 yearlings: 1-19-26-29(4/7)
National 4,354 yearlings: 1-368-503-571 (4/7)… fastest of 8,980 pigeons

21/7 Libourne club 113 olds: 1-5 (2/3)
National 4,605 olds: 3-11 (2/3)

21/7 Issoudun club 77 yearlings: 1-3-4-11-14-19-23 (7/14)
Nat. Zone A2  2,780 yearlings: 1-16-17-69-159-238-370 (7/14)

21/7 Issoudun Nat.Zone 2,091 olds: 41-51-302 (3/6)

And let's not forget the 1st Orleans at club level of 679 young birds, the first provincial young birds' race. It doesn't get any better. The weekend of 21st of July was an apotheosis, in the wake of their double provincial first prize in last week's race from Argenton:

13/7 Argenton Prov 1,494 olds: 1-15-57 (with 1st + 2nd nominated in the lead of 7 p.)
13/7 Argenton Prov 1,947 yearlings: 1-43-421 (3/6)

What is particularly remarkable about these fantastic race winners and other highly successful racing birds is that they are all related to the bloodlines of one of Philippe Dobbelaere's number one stock breeders: stock dam Cleo. Together with former Olympiad Pigeon Brigitte he lays the foundation for several breeding and racing stars in Olsene. The achievements of their descendants are impossible to ignore.

During the development of his breed, Philippe did not focus on pedigrees with prestigious names but rather on pigeons with a proven record and race winners. These birds tend to come from smaller but successful lofts from around the area. His current approach has proved very successful over the years, allowing him to become a national star in both the longer middle distance and the long distance. Fanciers that have to race against the Dobbelaere pigeons on a weekly basis are well aware of the level of quality in this breed. After all, winners breed winners! Philippe had already won a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 17,984 p. '14 and a 1st Nat. Jarnac 3,904 YLs '16 earlier on, and he now claims his third national first prize in five years' time: a 1st National Libourne.

1st National Libourne Yearlings and fastest of 8,980 pigeons

It was the blue coloured cock Robin that delivered this fantastic result. He was clocked at 16:46'59" after covering 726.586km, which made him the fastest bird overall of 8,980 competing pigeons (1259.28 m/min). He had an 8 minute lead over the second bird in the race, which was the national winner in the old birds' category for Youri Deblanc. He had already won a 5th Nat. Limoges two weeks ago, and he is now in pole position to become this year's 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB (with two races still to go). This is his palmares:

-Robin BE18-4076071

 1. Nat. Libourne  4,354 YLs ’19 – fastest of 8,980 pigeons
 5. Nat. Limoges  10,783 YLs ’19
Candidate 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB ’19 
75. Nat. Argenton 16,496 p. ’18 
54. Prov. Orleans  5,021 p. ’18
456 Nat. Argenton 22,826 YLs ’19

Sire: Brother Rocco BE17-4197528
A full brother of Rocco, winner of a 5th Nat. Limoges 10,554 p. He is also a brother of Robby, winner of a 3rd Nat. Libourne 4,624 p., 35th Nat. Gueret 8,517 p., 54th Nat. Limoges 9,661 p., 71st Nat. Argenton 15,235 p.

He is a son of Father Rocco BE11-4264416, a brother of stock dam Cleo (from Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735) x Mother Rocco BE14-5791107, a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele through Roland Rothe (from Son Lion King 856/12 x Daughter Witpen Maurice 429/13).
Dam: Sister Sammy BE16-4100214
Sammy wins a 7th Nat. Brive 9,126 p. and a 40th Nat. Limoges 6,492 p., and he comes from Sire Treuzelaar BE11-4233736 x Blauwe Yves BE13-4263282 of André Vermeiren- Kruishoutem (from the lines of André and Gerty for Astere Vergotte). Treuzelaar became 4th Prov. & 16th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB.
Click here for Robin's pedigree

The Rocco bloodline, which has bred a 1st Nat. Libourne YLs and a 3rd Nat. Libourne old birds

Philippe also wins a 3rd and 11th National of 4,624 old birds in that same race from Libourne. The winner of a 3rd National stems from the same bloodline as the national winner, and he is a full brother of Rocco. He is quite a champion, and a phenomenal first prize winner.

-Robby BE17-4197527

 1. Club Clermont      304 p. ’19 
 1. Club Fontenay      279 p. ’18
 3. Nat. Libourne    4,605 p. ’19 – 1st Club 113 p. 
35. Nat. Gueret      8,517 p. ’18 
54. Nat. Limoges II  9,661 p. ’19
71. Nat. Argenton   15,235 p. ’19
65. Prov. Orleans    3,826 p. ’19
99. Prov. Blois      2,480 p. ’18
300 Nat. Bourges    19,133 p. ’18
 6. Club Fontenay      646 p. ’17

Sire: Father Rocco BE11-4264416
An excellent breeding bird and a brother of stock dam Leo. He is the sire of Rocco and Robby, and the grandfather of Robin: 1st Nat. Libourne 4,356 YLs. This makes him a son of Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735 (the line of Romulus – Sylvere Toye).
Dam: Mother Rocco BE14-5791107
A 100% Gaby Vandenabeele, coming from Roland Rothe. She was bred from two direct Vandenabeele birds: Son Lion King BE12-3168856 (from Lion King 111/09 x Michaella 391/07) paired to Daughter Witpen Maurice BE13-3159429. The latter stems from a grandson Nasdaq, winner of a 1st Nat. Souillac for M.Casaert (Witpen Maurice BE07-3008310 x Alfreda BE07-3199954, a daughter of 1st Nat. Brive Alfred of Dhuyvetter).
Click here for Robby's pedigree.

Bella: herself a 1st Prov. Bourges and the dam of Hoek, winner of an 11th Nat. Libourne

The pigeon that won an 11th Nat. Libourne comes from a crossing of Raf & Kurt Platteeuw and a daughter of stock dam Brigitte.

-Hoek BE17-4197510

11. Nat. Libourne     4,605 p. ’19
51. Prov. Blois       2,480 p. ’18
125 Nat. Argenton    19,859 p. ’18
142 Nat. Limoges      9,661 p. ’19
146 Prov. Orleans     5,307 p. ’17
363 Nat. Limoges      7,236 p. ’18
539 Nat. Chateauroux 27,081 p. ’18

Sire: Scrimger Platteeuw BE14-3114425
A direct Kurt & Raf Platteeuw. nestmate of Seaman: 77th Nat. Libourne 5,890 p. and 111th Nat. Limoges 6,272 p., bred from Bradford BE12-3112038 x Mc Gregor BE10-3100517
Dam: Bella BE13-4063002
A super class racing hen with exceptional racing and breeding potential. This is her palmares:

 1. Prov. Bourges   1,062 p. ’15 
 1. Angerville        535 p. ’13
 9. Nat. Montluçon 19,298 p. ’14
18. Nat. Argenton  12,187 p. ’15

She is herself a daughter of Prins BE10-4073635, a full brother of Cleo, Father Rocco etc. (bred from Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735) x golden stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161 (Olympiad Pigeon KBDB Poznan 2011).
Click here for Hoek's pedigree

And there is more: the other big star of Philippe Dobbelare today stems from that same world class Cleo bloodline.

A full brother of Ivo is the sire of Gilliam: 2 x 1st Prov. Argenton, 1st N.Zone Issoudun, 1st OVOU Fontenay in 2019

2 x 1st Prov. Argenton and 1st Nat. Zone Issoudun with Giliam

The fantastic first prize winner Giliam - the other big star of team Dobbelaere - excelled in the longer middle distance two weeks in a row. Even though his achievements have been slightly overshadowed by the national winner from Libourne, his palmares is almost just as impressive. Gilliam claimed a double provincial first prize from Argenton on 13th of July (old birds and yearlings), and he delivered again on 21st of July in the national race from Issoudun. This is his list of achievements:

Zorah: the dam of Giliam, winner of 2 x 1st Prov. Argenton, 1st N.Zone Issoudun and 1st Fontenay OVOU in 2019

-Giliam BE18-4076038

 1 Nat.Zone Issoudun   2,780 p. ’19
 1. Prov. Argenton     1,947 YLs ’19 – 1st Prov. Argenton 1,494 olds
 1. Fontenay OVOU        799 p. ’19 
 2. Club Clermont        754 p. ’18
27. Prov. Orleans      2,721 YLs ’19 – 49th Prov. Orleans 3,826 olds
293 Nat. Argenton     22,826 YLs ’19

Sire: Brother Ivo BE14-4022230
A full brother of Ivo: winner of a 10th Nat. Jarnac 4,167 p. ’16, a 30th Nat. Limoges 6,492 p. ’16, a 49th Prov. Vierzon 5,825 p., a 46th N.Zone Brive 3,405 p. ’16, and a 100th Nat. Brive 9,118 p. ’17. He is a son of Branko BE12-4281122 (from own nest brother Cleo: Keizer BE09-4107260 x golden stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161) x Evelien BE10-4073051. Evelien won herself a 14th Nat. Gueret 13,885 p., a 30th Nat. Bourges 12,607 p., and a 50th Nat. Bourges 20,589 p. (from half brother Brigitte).
Dam: Zorah BE15-4158915
A top class hen with the following palmares: 14th Nat. Montluçon 10,753 p. and 11th Nat. Bourges 23,155 p. She is a daughter of Broer Cleo BE10-4073099 (from Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735) x Zonaalken 109 BE13-40 63109. Zonaalken won herself a 1st Nat. Zone Issoudun 3,720 p. and 69th Nat. 16,615 p., as well as a 77th Prov. Orleans 5,975 p. (she was bred from Brother Tine BE10-4073047 x Agnetha BE10-4073042).
Click here for Gilliam's pedigree

Zonaalken 109 and Evelien: two grandmothers of Gilliam

Breeding from winners: the one and only road to success

There were quite a few things that struck us, but we noticed first of all that Philippe Dobbelaere has some invaluable bloodlines in his collection: Brigitte and Cleo. The line of Cleo has increasingly left its mark on this pigeon breed, having led to many great results. The impact of this bloodline on the competition cannot be ignored: the name of Cleo features in the pedigrees of all the stars that we have just talked about. This bloodline produces winners at provincial, zonal and even national level.

Philippe learned the ropes from his father Roger, whose number one advice was to breed from winners and ace pigeons! After all, winning races is what pigeon racing is all about. Some birds are born to win races, and these should be used to breed new youngsters with. Philippe has always remembered this piece of advice, and he was able to make it to the top by breeding youngsters from proven winners, ace pigeons and other strong racing birds. He is now a household name at national level, and we think there is a lot more to come from this successful team. Many congratulations!