Alwin Petrie (Brummen, NL) shows great strength in this year's NPO season

Alwin Petrie's pigeon breed has been showing its sheer class in impressive fashion this 2019 season. They have been outstanding in the sprint and the middle distance for many years, but Alwin has been increasingly aiming for the NPO competition this season, and with spectacular results.
With two consecutive regional victories and four top ten prizes in province 10 in four different races, the fancier from Brummen has clearly managed to stand out, amid fierce competition.
Alwin has been winning early prizes from day one this season, and his two regional victories (twice teletext) with the half sisters Farnese and Mouna have pushed the team's level of performance to new heights. "I have been entertaining the idea of shifting my focus more towards he NPO competition for quite a few years now", Alwin explains. "I had had some decent results in recent years but we were mainly aiming for the sprint and the middle distance over the past decade."
The CEO of a riding boots company, Alwin initially decided to stick to what he does best as a fancier. "But sometimes you have to find a new challenge in order to keep motivated, and to put your existing pigeon breed to the test." Judging from his 2019 palmares so far, Alwin has passed his test with ease!
6-4 Tilburg 101 km with 50 pigeons
  Kring       692 p.: 4-5-6-12-13-15-19-21-22-24-28-30-etc.
  Regio     2,032 p.: 12-13-14-36-37-44-50-52-53-56-etc.
13-4 Tienen 167 km with 47 pigeons
  Club           293 p.: 2-3-4-15-16-17-18-19-20-etc.
  Regio        3,918 p.: 12-13-15-40-41-42-45-46-47-etc.
27-4 Quievrain 256 km with 45 pigeons
  Kring        1,954 p.: 3-8-11-etc.
  Regio        5,903 p.: 4-9-12-etc.
11-5 Morlincourt 359 km with 44 pigeons
  Club           339 p.:2-6-8-16-17-21-22-etc.
  Afd. 8 GOU  23,392 p.: 8-42-56-etc.
18-5 Chalons En Champagne 374 km with 40 pigeons
  Club           284 p.: 1-8-10-etc.
  Kring        1,691 p.: 2-23-31-etc.
  Afd. 8 GOU  17,360 p.: 6e-etc.
25-5 Fay Aux Loges 549 km with 23 pigeons
  Club           147 p.: 3-4-5-15-18-etc.
  Kring          692 p.: 12-15-16-39-50-etc.
  NPO          6,057 p.: 57-64-69-etc.
8-6 Chateaudun 565 km with 30 pigeons
  Kring          655 p.: 1-14-15-33-etc.
  Regio        2,115 p.: 1.-28-29-etc.
  NPO Zuid     3,777 p.: 2-65-68-etc.
  NPO          7,270 p.: 5-etc.
15-6 Chalons En Champagne with 36 pigeons
  Afd. 8 GOU  11,058 p.: 13-23-36-37-74-95-96-97-98-etc.
22-6 Issoudun 648 km with 21 pigeons
  Kring          455 p.: 1-2-8-etc.
  Regio        1,584 p.: 1-3-12-etc.
  NPO Zuid     2,778 p.: 3-7-19-etc.
  NPO          5,595 p.: 5-13-33-etc.
Alwin claimed several top prizes recently with top birds Gigi (Europe Cup and 2x 1st TXT) and Chanel (1st prov. ace pigeon sprint prov. 8), and their bloodlines appear to have stood the test of time, since many of the stars of 2019 are related to them. Alwin is a good friend of Bas Verkerk, which explains why a number of Verkerk pigeons have been transferred to Brummen. And they proven quite successful: the two regional winners stem from a joint breeding with a hen from Miracle (Verkerk) paired to a Daughter Majesty (Petrie). We look at some of his best birds of 2019 so far:

NL17-1825167 Farnese

    1st regional Issoudun 648 km      - 1,584 p.
      3rd NPO South Issoudun          - 2,778 p.
      5th NPO Issoudun                - 5,595 p.
      Speed: 1134 mpm (hot weather and a headwind)
She is also the winner of an 11th regional Laon of 2,993 p., a 40th regional Geel 6,217 p., a 49th regional Chalons 4,942 p., etc.
Sire: Son GPS, a direct Verkerk from top breeder GPS (the sire of Flinstone and Mona Lisa, among others) x Beyoncé, 2nd young ace pigeon prov. 5 west in 2009.
Dam: a joint breeding between Verkerk and Petrie, bred from Miracle (a super class racing and breeding bird) x daughter Majesty, Petrie's double 1st ace pigeon district Zutphen and 1st of 10,973 p.
Click here for Farnese's pedigree

NL18-5160132 Mouna

   1st regional Chateaudun             - 2,115 p.
      2nd NPO South Chateaudun         - 3,777 p.
      5th NPO Chateaudun               – 7,270 p.
      Speed: 2110 mpm (strong tailwind)
While Farnese claimed victory in particularly tough weather, her half sister Mouna took a regional win two weeks earlier with top speeds of more than 120 km/h!
Sire: winner of three first prizes and a son of the renowned Brummenaar, winner of 10 first prizes! Brummenaar stems from stock pair Masaratti x Blue Dahlia of Alwin Petrie. He raced for fellow fancier Henk Bussing, where he became one of the team's top breeders!
Dam: a joint breeding between Verkerk and Petrie, bred from Miracle (a super class racing and breeding bird) x daughter Majesty, Petrie's double 1st ace pigeon district Zutphen and 1st of 10,973 p.
Click here for Mouna's pedigree

NL00-5012763 Majesty
1st ace pigeon District Zutphen 2001
1st ace pigeon District Zutphen 2002
1st ace pigeon natour District Zutphen
1st Hensies 10.973 p.
1st Bourges 177 p.
1st St. Ghislain 139 p.
Stock breeder for Alwin Petrie

NL18-5160165 Tiffany Yellow

    3rd regional Issoudun 648 km      -  1,584 p.
      7th NPO South Issoudun          -  2,778 p.
      13th NPO Issoudun               -  5,595 p.
    2nd club Morlincourt 359 km       -    339 p.
      8th prov. 8 GOU Morlincourt     - 23,392 p.
Tiffany Yellow is one of the most promising names of 2019. She claimed a 5th regional Geel 6,217 p., an 18th regional Tienen 5,819 p., a 39th regional Quievrain 4,624 p. etc. as a young bird. This talented pigeon is a half sister of such prize winners as
      7th ace pigeon sprint prov. 8 GOU 2014
      1st Bierges                     - 1,555 p.
        2nd regional Bierges          – 7,088 p.
      3rd regional Geel               – 6,739 p.
      1st St. Quentin                 –   133 p.
Sire: Emerald, a proven breeding bird straight from stock breeder Masaratti; a super class breeder and the sire of Majesty, Mike, Brummenaar, Chanel, etc.
Dam: Inbred Avantgarde, a direct Hendri Diks. Hendri obtained Avantgarde 109 from Alwin Petrie in 2002, and he developed into a fantastic breeding bird. His (grand)children have won at least 7 top 10 prizes NPO!
Click here for Tiffany Yellow's pedigree

NL08-1096355 Chanel
1st ace pigeon general sprint prov. 8 GOU 2011
2nd ace pigeon sprint prov. 8 GOU 2011
1st regional ace pigeon sprint 2011
4x 1st ace pigeon in District Zutphen
1st Morlincourt 1,170 p.
1st Pommeroel 216 p.
1st Nanteuil 174 p. / 2nd NPO 8,663 p.
As well as 3rd-6th-6th-7th-7th-8th-8th-10th against average of 2,500 p.+

 NL17-1825229 Chloe

    1st club Chalons 374 km           –    284 p.
      2nd District Chalons            –  1,691 p.
      6th prov. 8 GOU Chalons         – 17,360 p.
    3rd club Fay aux Loges 549 km     –    147 p.
      57th NPO Fay Aux Loges          –  6,057 p.
Chloe is a great racing hen indeed; she has several other regional top prizes on her palmares as well. And she appears to have some excellent origins.
Sire: Moon of Baroda, himself winner of three first prizes and a bird with great origins. He is a son of Golden Jubilee, an inbred Porsche Bond cock, who was the sire of the incredible Gigi (Europa Cup and 2 x 1st TXT), Gaga (a super class sister of Gigi) and of Usain (a super class first prize winner).
Dam: Moeder Paragorn, breeder of several top class birds; she comes straight from the Dutch grandmaster Bertie Camphuis's renowned Super 78!
Click here for Chloe's pedigree
NL09-1832062 Gigi
1st NPO Peronne 9,255 p. 2010
1st NPO Breuil le Vert 5,858 p. 2011
1st Strombeek 1,271 p. 2010
1st Meer 432 p. 2010
3rd middle distance pigeon NL Europa Cup 2012
5th Nat. ace pigeon sprint middle distance TBOTB 2010
- Descendants have won:
16th Nat. old ace pigeon De Allerbeste 2017
1st regional Bierges 7,088 p.
At least 8 first prizes
Alwin has been working to develop his own pigeon breed since the 1980s, and this breed is responsible for the team's current successes. New introductions are thoroughly put through their paces before being incorporated into the breed. He used to invest solely in pigeons of Henk Bussing and a single bird of the renowned Maurice Haessendonckx in the past. Today, he is slowly trying to find out if the pigeons of Bas Verkerk, Hennie La Grouw and Maarten Huijsmans could be of any value to the team. Alwin does have great confidence in two highly promising newcomers in the breeding lofts: Olympic Dream, one of his best racing bird in recent years, and Olympic Sunrise, which he just obtained through the Schutte combination from Amsterdam. We introduce you to these two new champions:

NL14-1803962 Olympic Sunrise
1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon old birds 2017
1st PS Maxence 381 km  1,369 p.
1st Chateauroux 662 km 874 p.
1st Argenton 691 km 521 p.
7th Peronne 307 km 2,395 p.
9th Chateaudun 543 km 1,016 p.
12th Le Mans 582 km 873 p.

NL14-1662101 Olympic Dream
1st Boxtel 2,396 p. 2018
1st Geel 568 p. 2018
= 4th Geel 6,217 p. 2018
1st Geel 509 p. 2018
= 2nd Geel 6,739 p. 2018
1st Quievrain 360 p. 2018
= 3rd Quievrain 4,624 p. 2018
1st Nanteuil 220 p. 2017
= 6th Nanteuil 2,211 p. 2017
- Full sister of Olympic Penelope
Olympiad Pigeon 2011
Alwin Petrie is looking to the next few weeks with confidence. Besides his team for the one day long distance, he has invested a lot of time in his young birds this season as well. And this is where his daughter Maaike played an important role: she keeps her own group of youngsters, and her enthusiasm has had a positive effect on Alwin as well. Father and daughter are hoping to aim high and to end up with a decent group of birds that can be incorporated into next year's racing team.