Roger Bricqman - Trivières (BE) At the top for nearly half a century, with no less than 438 x 1° Prizes in 25 years!

In the Walloon part of the country in the province Henegouwen, to be more specific the area between La Louvière and Binche, near Saint-Vaast… there has been a super champion in the sprint and middle distance at work for years… namely Roger Bricqman from Trivières

It must have been at the end of the sixties that Roger was full of admiration for the performances of another fancier from the same province, namely Marc Roosens from Leernes. Not surprising then that Roger and Marc didn’t only become best friends… also several couples out the Marc Roosens toppers moved to Trivières, to form the basis of the Bricqman colony. Direct children of Roosens cracks so as the ‘Foreu’, ‘Le 525’, ‘le Spite Foreu’, ‘La Pau’, ‘Le Derby’, ‘Soeur Marseille’, ‘Cadet Foreu’ (father of ‘Mexico’: 1° Nat Limoges and son ‘Foreu’), ‘Bleue Cadet’… ensured that the colony Roger Bricqman directly started acting at a higher speed, what’s more… started dominating the middle distance, the ‘extreme middle distance’… and even joined in up to the long distance races! A few of these direct Roosens pigeons which took on a leading role included ‘Le Bourges 511’ (father 1° Nat Bourges ’76) and ‘La Petite Pau’ (sister of the 1° Nat Bourges 18.018 p. in ’72, and the 1° Nat Bourges 20.932 p. in ’75, and daughter of ‘Le Spite Foreu 1669/70’ x ‘La Pau )… magnificent breeding pigeons which can still be found in the current stock, but at the time stood at the crib of a recital of ‘national top successes’ of the colony Roger Bricqman… crowned with no less than 2 national victories in the top classic from Bourges:

1° National Bourges 8.052 old birds in 1976 (fastest pigeon against 30.029 p.)
1° National Bourges 11.143 old birds in 1981 (fastest pigeon against 49.295 p.)

Few fanciers in our pigeon gild can say that! The winner’s blood of Marc Roosens which in Leernes lay at the basis of several national victories and Ace pigeons… also continued the devastating performance gulf in the colony Roger Bricqman. In addition the winner 1° Nat Bourges 1976… ‘Le Crayonné 850/74’… is in turn father of the 1° Nat Bourges 1986! This just to illustrate that this unprecedented winners blood is passed on to descendants generation after generation, and has given Roger Bricqman a sublime chain of ‘crack pigeons’ and superior ‘1° Prize racers’… even up to the last racing season 2009! 
Standing still means going backwards, Roger knew that better than anybody, and that’s why he went in search of suitable material to cross with his golden Roosens basis. Roger found it in the middle of the nineties with thee ‘powerhouses’ from Gommaire Verbruggen from Kaggevinne! Grandchildren of world famous pigeons so as ‘brothers of the ‘Kletskop’, the ‘Massis’ and the ‘Teen’… but also descendants from the other Verbruggen old style toppers so as the ‘Kadet’, the ‘020’ and the ‘Adonis’ passed perfectly… against the Roosens stock of Roger Bricqman! Super breeders (or stars)  so as ‘Ecaillé 327’, ‘Le 74’, ‘Poppel’ , ‘L’Ecaillée 341’, ‘La 98’, ‘Le Fugueur’… which lie at the basis of the current top successes all stem from this rich ‘Verbruggen basis’ by Roger Bricqman.
These descendants out the crossing Verbruggen x Roosens are still in charge in the province Henegouwen by Roger Bricqman… who over the years has been concentrating on the sprint and especially the middle distance! Whoever can write no less than 438 x 1° Prizes on his honours list over the last 25 sport seasons… has not only the right to speak, but is just an ‘absolute topper’ within our national pigeon sport. A continuous recital of 1° prizes and top achievements… with once again 28 x 1° prizes in 2009…  this with hardly 10 old racing pigeons in the loft… finally crowned with prestigious title wins so as

5° National Champion ‘Small Middle Distance’ KBDB 2009
1° Prov. Champion Middle Distance KBDB 2009
1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2009
2° Champion Interprov. Wallonia 2009 (5 provinces)

Finally, let’s take a closer look at a few of the current ‘cracks’, which signed for these provincial and national titles which the colony Roger Bricqman earned in 2009… because what is noticeable… both the title of 5° Nat Champion as 1° Prov Champion were won by the 2 same pigeons… simply because both these ‘super cracks’ were always basketted as 1° + 2° nominated, and always lived up to the expectations of their boss with a top performance! It concerns ‘Le 97’ and ‘Le 27’… who are then co-winner of the Prov Championship Middle Distance KBDB Henegouwen and of the title 5° Nat Champion ‘small middle distance’ KBDB in 2009… see here there honours list 2009:

-‘Le 97’ B02-9019497
Also named ‘Champion 1’, is a 100% Gommaire Verbruggen pigeon. He comes out super breeder ‘L’ECAILLE 327/96’, a direct G.Verbruggen (a grandson ‘Kletskop 199/83) x ‘La BLEUE 314/96’, a direct Verbruggen (granddaughter of the famous Verbruggen-toppers so as the ‘Teen 008/83’ and ‘Adonis 093/88’)… in short, a mix of the greatest from G.Verbruggen… also directed Roger Bricqman towards the national podium! The honours list of this ‘super crack’ speaks volumes…
‘Le 97’ won in his career no less than 16 x 1° Prizes!
2° Ace pigeon Middle Diistance 2009
In 2009:
Soissons     323p      1
Soissons    728p     2
Orléans    236p     1
    745p     1
    1130p     1
Orléans    159p     2
    528p     5
    856p     5
Orléans    179p     4
    435p     5
    720p     5
Orléans    283p     7
    404p      9
Lorris    123p     3
     209p     3
Achieving something like this at the age of 7 years proves the ‘great class’, and perfectly illustrates the ‘very strong character’ of the Bricqman pigeons!

-‘Le 27’ B05-9132727
Comes out one of the absolute top breeders of the colony Roger Bricqman, namely ‘Le 31’ 231/96 (an inbred product from a coupling ‘grandson x granddaughter’ 1° Nat Bourges ’76, who was also father of the 1° Nat Bourges ’86) x ‘La Belle Bleue 421/98’, half-sister of the 1° Ace pigeon J. Dehantschutter (and so daughter of ‘Sister Mexico’ Marc Roosens… ‘Mexico’ won 1° Nat Limoges).  This ‘racing wonder’ from Trivières performed as follows in 2009:
1° Prov Ace pigeon RFCB HAINAUT  Middle distance 2009
Orleans    236p  2
                  745p  2
    1.130p  2
Nanteuil  194p    1
       462p    1
Orleans       179p    1
         435p    1
       720p    1
Orleans       114p    1
       352p    1
       533p    1
Orleans       557p    3
       772p    3
Orleans      227p    5
      304p    9
Lorris      209p    6
He had already won:
Toury       171p    1
Soissons 213p    2
Soissons 377p    2
Soissons 684p    2
Lorris      448p    2
Lorris    1.776p  5    etc…
The fact that winning 1° prizes is engrained in these pigeons was proved by the ‘Le 27’ by directly becoming self father of the upcoming talent ‘Le 28’, who immediately left his calling card by winning:
Nanteuil  260p    1
Nanteuil  649p    1

-‘Le SUPREME 501’ B06-9073501
That the Bricqman pigeons keep producing 1° Prize racers, generation after generation, was proved by this new ‘crack’ which is a combination of the above Bricqman toppers… as son of ‘Le 97’ 497/02 x ‘La 227/03’, full sister of ‘Le 27’ (so out super breeder ‘Le 31’ 231/96 x ‘La Belle Bleue 421/98). This ‘Le SUPREME 501’ performed as follows in 2009:
1° Ace pigeon Middle distance Region 2009
Soissons     324p      2
Soissons    480p     4
Orléans    283p     1
    404p     1
Orléans    179p     2
    435p     3
    720p     3
Orléans    114p      1
Orléans    271p     6
    595p      15
Orléans     196p     3
    320p     9
    447p     17
Orléans    557p     13
    772p     15

Phenomenal, achieving such performances with just 10 old racing pigeons in the lofts (in 2009)… all real top racers! Roger started with the pigeons as a 13 year old boy… he currently has 76 summers behind him… in other word, has been a pigeon fancier for more than 63 years! A pigeon career that has given his so many pleasurable moments… crowned with national victories and titles! Roger is starting to feel the test of time… his wife is also suffering from health problems, was hospitalised for a time with knee replacements, followed by a long period rehabilitation, a result of which got to see more of the inside of the doctor’s surgery than his pigeon loft… and seeing that there is no successor in sight… Roger has decided to put all his old birds in a current PiPa-auction. Preferring to leave on a high note… than to patiently wait what the future will bring, even though it will hurt me deeply to see my ‘mon coeur’… the ‘apples of my eye’, the pigeons which have given me so much joy and pleasure… leave for definite to other places, says a clearly emotional Roger Bricqman! His golden breeding stock, and all the old racing pigeons will without exception be placed in the auction (in 41 lots)… only 20 youngsters 2009 will be kept for pleasure… possibly taking part in the competitions if possible… but nothing is compulsory! It is enough, decided Roger… and ending on a high note… admittedly, no everyone can do it! In the meantime, this auction is a godsend… for fanciers who want to ‘win’!

 09/05  Soissons


 100 P. 

1-2-3-4-5-9-13 ........9/14 

 16/05 Soissons

 Entente V.L.M

 195 P.

1-4-6-7-13-19-22 .......

 16/05 Nanteuil


194 P.
 462 P.

1-2-3-7 20.......

 23/05 Orléans

 Entente et HS
 Centre-Charl oi

 236 P.
745 P.


 30/05 Orléans

 Entente et HS

 161 P.
557 P.
772 P.


 06/06 Orléans

 Entente et HS

 179 P.
435 P.
720 P.


 13/06 Orléans

  Entente  et HS

 159 P.
528 P.
856 P.

 2-5-13-38-74 ....

 20/06 Orléans

 Entente et HS

 126 P.
425 P.
694 P.


 27/06 Orléans

Entente et HS

 79 P.
283 P.
404 P.


 04/07 Orléans

 Entente et HS

 114 P.
352 P.
533 P.


 11/07 Orléans

 Entente et HS

 87 P.
289 P.
416 P.


 18/07 Orléans

 Entente et HS

 114 P.
271 P.
395 P.


 01/08 Lorris

 Entente et HS

 76 P.
227 P.
304 P.


 08/08 Lorris

 Entente et HS

 37 P.
123 P.
209 P.


 15/08 Lorris

 Entente et HS

 20 P.
64 P.
95 P.


In 2009 no less than 28 x 1° Prizes achieved, including 7 x the 2 first, and 1 x the 6 first prizes!!!