Hok Jos Vercammen (Vremde, BE) strikes hard in provincial race from Issoudun

The pigeons of the highly renowned Hok Jos Vercammen from Vremde perform at their best in hard conditions; they would often blow their opponents out of the water in tough weather. They showed how it's done in the provincial race from Issoudun.

Jos & Lars Vercammen off to a soaring start this season

A household name at the top

The Vercammen family, with Jos and Lars as the driving forces, has been one of the leading names at national level for quite a few years now. For decades, they have been one of the teams to beat in the (longer) middle distance, as well as in the one day long distance, especially in difficult conditions. The incredible overall results of father and son can have quite an impact on the morale of their opponents. 2018 was a stellar season, and perhaps their best year ever. The level of performance of father and son was hard to put into words. However, those who know the two fanciers will not be surprised to hear that they spent their winter trying to figure out new goals, in an effort to further raise the bar. And they did have a promising start to the new season, claiming several top prizes and scoring high prize percentages. They had another important race on the agenda last weekend: the provincial flight from Issoudun. This race was marked by high temperatures and a strong headwind over the first 200km. And that was the sign for Elektro and Mustang to really give their opponents a hard time.

Issoudun - 2,147 yearlings: 1-5-9-10-11-12-17-87-98-99-114-190-197-...(23/40)

The provincial winner was also the fastest of all 3,547 contestants.

Rose (BE18-6020078) - 1st Provincial Issoudun (2,147 yearlings) / fastest of 3,547 pigeons

This provincial victory is definitely not the first important achievement for this hen. She was clearly the fastest from Issoudun (3 minute lead over the second place winner) but she proved quite successful as a young bird as well:

3rd   National Chateauroux (526km)  - 17,281 pigeons
178th National Zone Bourges (479km) - 7,514 pigeons
341st National Argenton (555km)     - 16,496 pigeons

The nest brother of Rose claimed a 62nd National of 17,281 pigeons in the 2018 edition of that same race from Chateauroux.

Rose, 1st Provincial / fastest in Issoudun

Rose is a granddaughter of Mustang (BE14-6175237) through her dam. Mustang is the racing bird that claimed a 1st National Chateauroux (22,818 pigeons), as the fastest pigeon overall (33,018 pigeons).

Rose is related to another legendary pigeon through both her parents: Elektro (BE08-6174630), through Shakira (a great-grandmother from her father's side), and she is of course also  related to Mustang, which is a grandson of Elektro.

Click here for the full pedigree.

De 126 (BE18-6020126) - 5th Provincial Issoudun (2,147 yearlings)

The sire of De 126 is top class racing bird Elektro Junior (BE16-6032012), a 5th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2017, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB and 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB with as many as 5 first prizes and 5 top 10 prizes to his name. And he is a son of Elektro as well.

The palmares of Elektro Junior:

1st Chevrain   (354km) - 480 p.
1st Chevrain   (354km) - 418 p.
1st Noyon      (208km) - 393 p.
1st Chevrain   (354km) - 278 p.
1st Noyon      (208km) - 278 p.
2nd Quievrain  (104km) - 534 p.
3rd Chevrain   (354km) - 736 p.
3rd Chevrain   (354km) - 688 p.
3rd Chevrain   (354km) - 519 p.
5th Melun      (310km) - 461 p.

The dam, Lilly, is a great racing bird as well, with a 1st National Zone Argenton (3,961 pigeons) / 3rd National (13,730 pigeons) to her name. Lilly is a daughter of Mustang (1st fastest National Chateauroux of 33,018 pigeons) x Polina (BE08-6174630), the dam of Alladin (1st fastest National Bourges 64,621 pigeons).

Click here for the pedigree of De 126.

De 126 - 5th Provincial Issoudun

Elektro Junior shows his potential yet again, now as the sire of De 125, winner of a 5th Provincial Issoudun

De 131 (BE18-6020131) - 9th Provincial Issoudun (2,147 yearlings)

The next in line is another pigeon closely related to Elektro. The sire is in fact Olympic Elektro (PL 0264-13-400), a 1st Olympiad Pigeon Brussels 2017, 1st National Ace Pigeon Poland Middle Distance 2016 and 2nd National Ace Pigeon Poland Middle Distance 2015 (Vercammen x Trzaska).

And the dam of this De 131 is quite a star as well: Bambi (BE13-6026002). She claimed a 1st Dourdan (1,147 pigeons), a 2nd Sourdun behind a loft mate (1,051 pigeons), a 2nd Dourdan (1,487 pigeons), a 5th National Zone Montluçon (3,631 pigeons), a 27th National Gueret (12,516 pigeons), a 6th National Zone Bourges (2,596 pigeons), etc. Bambi is also a full sister of Aladdin (1st fastest National Bourges 64,621 pigeons) and a half sister of Lilly (1st National Zone Argenton - 3,961 pigeons).

De 131 - 9th provincial Issoudun

De 131 has pretty much won two first prizes as a young bird: the races from Melun (540 pigeons) and Chevrain (494 pigeons) saw her being beaten by 2 and 4 loft mates respectively.

Click here for the marvellous pedigree.

Mercedes (BE18-6020232) - 10th Provincial Issoudun (2,147 yearlings)

The last pigeon in the provincial top ten was Mercedes, one of the strongest youngsters of 2018. She could have won two first prizes as well but she was beaten by loft mates twice, just like De 131. She had to settle for third in Chevrain (441 pigeons) and 8th in Melun (762 pigeons), finishing right behind her fellow teammates.

Mercedes, a hen that we expect a lot from.

The sire is the superstar Mustang (1st fastest National Chateauroux - 33,018 pigeons), a grandson of Elektro, and of Barco, another legendary bird.

The dam is Chanel, a proven racing bird and a promising breeder. Chanel is a granddaughter of Beckham.

And they are expecting a lot from Mercedes over the next few weeks and montsh as well; she is in fact one of the big favourites of the Vercammen family.

Click here for the pedigree.

Mustang is a name that features quite often in the pedigrees of the pigeons that dominated the provincial race in Issoudun.

The 11th Provincial Issoudun (BE18-6020092) is also a daughter of Olympic Elektro. And her dam is a half sister of none other than Mustang.

And the winner of a 12th place in Issoudun (BE18-6020096) is a daughter of Black Panter Shakira, or in other words a son of Mustang paired to a daughter of Elektro!

Lastly, we have the winner of a 17th Provincial Issoudun (BE18-6020283). She is a daughter of La Perla BE12-6196185), 1st fastest National Gueret (2,656 pigeons)!

On their way to the next big result

The pigeon fanciers from Vremde have been pretty much outstanding in recent seasons. We rarely get to see a pigeon breed that is so overwhelmingly strong in the (longer) middle distance, for several decades in a row. It goes without saying that their fantastic 2018 season, in which they raced with a strong team of youngsters, has now produced quite a few talented yearlings. And their results this early season are more than decent:

Noyon - 22/04 -  (208 km)
  1st of 726 pigeons / 4th fastest of 11,297 pigeons
Noyon - 29/04 -  (208km)
  Pallieterverbond 274 olds: 3-4-5-7-8-13-14-15-18-21-22-23-…  (29/37) (olds + yearlings)
  Pallieterverbond 166 yearlings: 1-2-4-11-12-19-20-21-22-…  (16/22)
Melun - 05/05 - (310km)
  ZAV - 588 olds: 1-6-7-8-11-19-20-22-23-24-29-38-40-43-45-48-52-53-54-56-… 37/50 (olds + yearlings)
  ZAV - 297 yearlings: 1-6-7-14-15-17-26-…  15/23
  Dubbeling -  1,154 olds: 2-7-8-9-12-24-25-29-30-31-40-52-54-58-62-65-71-72-84-90-
                           95-96-…  40/50  (olds + YLs) (25/50 per 10)
  Dubbeling -  452 YLs: 1-6-7-14-15-17-26-32-33-37-41-42-44-…  16/23
Noyon - 05/05 - (208km)
  Pallieterverbond 262 YLs: 3-4-7-8-11-14-20-23-24-26-27-…  31/72
Melun - 12/05 - (310km)
  ZAV - 830 YLs: 1-6-14-27-28-36-40-42-43-44-46-53-56-57-60-…  33/54
  ZAV - 1,622 olds: 2-4-7-11-21-40-41-43-44-53-60-62-63-64-65-66-71-77-82-86-87-89-
                    92-95-…  47/66 (olds + YLs)
  Dubbeling - 3,414 olds: 2-4-11-16-31-59-62-65-66--…  46/66 (28/66 pigeons per 10)
Chevrainvilliers - 18/05 - (354km)
  ZAV - 1,651 olds: 23-25-34-36-40-41-49-52-67-79-80-92-93-…  39/47 (olds + YLs)
Bourges - 25/05 - (479 km)
  Nationaal - 24,053 olds: 31-40-141-…  4/9
Chevrainvilliers - 25/05 - (354km)
  ZAV - 732 YLs: 3-6-8-11-15-16-17-19-20-23-24-25-32-35-36-37-39-42-49-59-73-…  43/71
Issoudun  - 01/06 - (504km)
  Provincial - 2,147 YLs: 1-5-9-10-11-12-17-…  23/40
  Fastest provincial of 3,547 pigeons

With the majority of the races still to come, we reckon this is just a start; they are likely to produce several more excellent results in the near future. We are guessing that the best is yet to come!