Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) develops into a world class player and was again outstanding in 2018!

Maarten Huijsmans is, despite his young age, already a phenomenon at his favorite distances, the sprint and middle distance. In both disciplines he has managed to distinguish himself in a wonderful way at national level.

Maarten Huijsmans is already a big name in the sprint and the middle distance, his favourite competitions

Maarten Huijsmans is a phenomenon in the sprint and the middle distance

Despite his young age, Maarten Huijsmans is already a phenomenal player in the sprint and the middle distance, which are his favourite two competitions. He has gained a national reputation in both disciplines, having won several top three prizes in recent years:

2015;  2nd National Loft Championship Nominated Sprint
2016;  1st National Champion Middle Distance Not nominated 
       2nd National Champion Middle Distance Nominated 
2017;  2nd National Champion Middle Distance
2018;  3rd National Champion Not nominated Middle Distance

Here is a brief overview of some of his best results from 2018, just to give you a glimpse of his true potential:

5   May  Pont St.Maxence 270 km. 4276 p. 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-15-16-17-29-35-36-etc.(35/36)
26  May  Pont St.Maxence 270 km. 2395 p. 1-2-3-4-7-8-9-10-16-17-30-33-34-etc.(27/32)
23  June Pont St.Maxence 270 km. 1461 p. 2-3-4-5-9-10-14-30-31-34-35-36-42-etc.(22/23)
30  June Melun           338 km.  998 p. 1-3-4-6-7-13-15-16-17-18-20-25-29-31-32-34-etc.(20/23)

Maarten and Miss Universe: a solid combination

Miss Universe along with her best youngsters and grandchildren

Maarten believes most of his success in recent years can be attributed to the unique NL08-1633110 Miss Universe. Her descendants have shown to be exceptionally gifted, with Miss Universe's direct youngsters winning an impressive 26 first prizes, including a victory in the middle distance teletext race from Creil of 12,496 p. Besides, Miss Universe is also the grandmother and great-grandmother of countless other first prize winners against many pigeons. Her grandchildren have won a 1st Morlincourt 22,106 p., a 1st Pont St. Maxence 13,240 p., a 1st Strepy Thieu of 10,995 p. and a 1st Sezanne of 9118 p. The five pigeons mentioned in the overview above were discussed in detail in a previous report, which you can reread here. New youngsters were bred from each of these pigeons in 2017, and the results were astounding. All five youngsters/grandchildren of Miss Universe from this overview delivered a new round of highly talented youngsters that have shown their potential as young birds and yearlings. Keep in mind all five had earned their place in the breeding loft after an excellent racing career. We introduce you to five highly gifted youngsters from 2017 that were bred from each of these top breeders.

Olympic Roel, the sire of Mooie Roel

The NL15-1777271 Olympic Roel took a third place at the 2017 Brussels Olympiad in Category G. He is a grandson of Miss Universe, and he has a 1st Creil 1160 p., a 2nd Sezanne 9118 p., a 3rd Strepy 10,995 p. and a 4th Roye of 3652 p. to his name. He was paired to NL14-1134110 Anna in 2017, and together they bred NL17-3724535 Mooie Roel. His partner Anna became 6th national ace pigeon middle distance WHZB in 2016.  Click here for Mooie Roel's pedigree.

NL17-3724535 Mooie Roel, a son of Olympic Roel (3rd Int. Olympic Bird cat. G Brussels 2017)

Mooie Roel's best results include:

5th  Pont St. Maxence 22709 p. (Brabant 2000)
29th Peronne          20806 p. (Brabant 2000)
39th Melun            19405 p. (Brabant 2000)

NL17-3724542 shows her potential as a daughter of PIA

In 2016, racing hen NL15-1777222 Pia took a well deserved win in the middle distance race from Creil in Province Brabant 2000 of 12,496 pigeons. It was one of the most notable victories from a direct youngster of Miss Universe. Pia was then paired to a grandson of her dam Miss Universe in 2017, and together they bred NL17-3724542 Daughter Pia. Click here for her full pedigree. This chequered hen, inbred to Miss Universe, was close to taking a first prize overall in Province Brabant 2000 on two occasions.

NL17-3724542 Daughter PIA wins a 3rd and 7th in the provincial races of Brabant 2000

1st  Pont St. Maxence              2395 p.
= 3rd   Province Brabant 2000     13240 p.
3rd  Peronne                       2953 p.
= 7th   Province Brabant 2000     17659 p.

Super Yearling is the sire of a 1st Orleans (R1) Brabant 2000

NL15-1777319 Super Yearling is another grandson of Miss Universe with a proven record in the racing loft. He was then transferred to the breeding loft, increasingly leaving his mark on the 2017 racing team. Super Yearling only just missed out on the 2017 Brussels Olympiad, as 7th national Olympiad Pigeon (Cat. G). Besides, he finished in 8th place in the 2016 PIPA Ranking for best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands with five prizes. Super Yearling claims a 1st Sezanne in Brabant 2000 of 9118 p., and he settled for second place in Roye (3652 p.), Creil (2740 p.) and Morlincourt (875 p.).
Super Yearling was then paired to NL14-1134029 Ace-Hen in 2017. Ace-Hen is a magnificent hen that claimed a second place in the National Pigeon Championship Middle Distance in 2016. They became the parents of NL17-3724549 Grandson Doutzen in 2017. Click here for the pedigree of this racing cock.

Grandson Doutzen, a son of Super Yearling x Ace-Hen

Grandson Doutzen wins a 1st Orléans of 920 pigeons in Rayon 1 in Province Brabant 2000.

Super Cees x Doutzen: a fantastic pair

NL12-1698913 Super Cees is a son of Miss Universe, which came into prominence with four first prizes. Super Cees was 4th National Ace Pigeon in the national competition WHZB in 2015, and he had been paired to breeding bird NL13-1316012 Doutzen for a while. Doutzen is a granddaughter of Miss Universe, and her palmares includes a 1st Morlincourt of 9426 p. and a 2nd Creil of 24470 p., which resulted in a title of 2nd Ace Pigeon (hens) in the national competition WHZB 2015. And how about the achievements of her youngsters, which were all bred in 2017:

NL17-3724604 Blue Dream, 13th PIPA ranking Best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2018 - 10 prizes

NL17-3724604 Blue Dream (pedigree)

13th   PIPA ranking
4th    Pont St. Maxence  1461 p.
8th    Sens              1019 p.
10th   Pont St. Maxence  2395 p.

NL17-3724529 New Diamond, a daughter of dream pair Super Cees x Doutzen

NL17-3724529 New Diamond (pedigree)

4th  Bierges     3061 p.
4th  Quiévrain   2125 p.


4th Pont St. Maxence 13,240 p. 

Super Dutch is introduced in the breeding loft

NL16-1594036 Super Dutch

Since Maarten's breeding loft is home to just five breeding pairs, each and every potential breeder gets thoroughly evaluated before earning a spot in this team, paying particular attention to their palmares as a racing bird. NL16-1594036 Super Dutch was one of the eye-catchers of last season's racing team, which resulted in a transfer to the breeding loft. Super Dutch was in contention for a coveted Olympiad ticket for Poznan, finishing in 8th place in the final national results in category A sprint. Maarten is expecting a lot from this hen as a breeder, since she does have som excellent origins. Both her sire and her dam have excelled with several first prizes, including most notably a 1st Creil of 2447 pigeons (won by her sire). You can read all about it in the pedigree of 16-036. And Super Dutch does have quite a palmares indeed:

1st  Bierges          3061 p.
1st  Peronne          2623 p./2nd Prov. Brabant 2000 16675 p.
1st  Sens             2298 p.
2nd  Pithiviers       1264 p.
5th  Creil            2123 p.
7th  Pont St. Maxence 2395 p.
10th Pont St. Maxence 4276 p. 

Huijsmans pigeons lead to excellent results in other lofts

The pigeons of Maarten Huijsmans have done remarkably well for other fanciers as well, as you can tell from the achievements of fellow fancier Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL). He claimed a first prize from Pont St. Maxence of 13,240 pigeons in Brabant 2000 with a grandchild of Miss Universe. In addition, a great-grandchild of that same Miss Universe was the fastest bird in Brabant 2000 of 4971 pigeons, in a race from Sens. It was in part thanks to these excellent results that Stef Bals won the title of 1st Loft Champion not nominated middle distance in the very competitive province of Brabant 2000.

Highly motivated for the upcoming season

Maarten is eagerly awaiting the upcoming season. The young birds did really well in 2018, which raises expectations for next season. Keep in mind Maarten was nominated young birds' champion in the province, and he finished in 5th place at national level. In addition, his NL18-3811439 became 3rd National Pigeon Champion. 2019 is promising to be an exciting season indeed.