The golden bloodlines of Team De Jaeger (Knesselare, BE)

Freddy De Jaeger knows more than anyone how to create a breed of champions. He put the bloodline of Tsunami, a daughter of Gaby Vandenabeele's Bliksem, together with the bloodline of Anja, a daughter of Marcel Aelbrecht's Bak 17. The exponents of some of Belgium's best bloodlines combined are Warrior (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) and Lloyd (1st Internat. Barcelona).

Over the years, Freddy De Jaeger was always looking for the best pigeons he could find. He is the mastermind behind this team. He determines the breeding strategy, and he sees to it that his caretakers can work with the best bloodlines on the market. Himself a successful businessman, he knows what it takes to build a successful career in pigeon racing. To get himself started, he obtained a hen from two iconic pigeon breeds: Tsunami BE04-3230937, a daughter of the legendary Bliksem, and Anja BE03-4316098, a daughter of the just as iconic Bak 17 of Marcel Aelbrecht. This is all it took to become one of the most versatile teams over the past five years.

The Tsunami strain, a daughter of Bliksem

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Here are some of the leading pigeons from the Tsunami bloodline:

The Warrior strain, a son of Anja (daughter Bak 17 Aelbrecht)

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Here are a few top birds that stem from the Warrior bloodline:

When Tsunami meets Warrior

However, Freddy De Jaeger's smartest move was putting these super class bloodlines together. The result of this combination was astounding. Let's have a look.