The descendants of 'Antonio' of Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) are in a league of their own

Over the past few years, Rudi De Saer clearly earned his stripes at national level. We have even gotten used to him winning national first prizes, national ace pigeon titles, and other top results throughout the season. And let's not forget Antonio, which is a world class breeder.

BE10-3020860 Antonio, 1st National Souillac of 7,756 pigeons (5 minute lead)

The success story of Antonio took off with a national first prize from Souillac. He was the fastest of 7,756 old birds with a five minute lead. Unsurprisingly, this national victory marked the end of his racing career. And Antonio soon turned out to be even more talented as a breeding bird: his youngsters and grandchildren would soon win numerous top prizes for Rudi De Saer. After a while, an increasing number of references from other fanciers from Belgium and other countries started to come in as well. 

The descendants of superstar Antonio are in a league of their own these days

Antonio is a son of stock dam Tgoedje, and he is a full brother of another national winner: New Tours (1st National Cahors - 7,136 pigeons). The full pedigree of Antonio can be found here.

New Tours is a full brother of the iconic breeder Antonio. They are both sons of stock dam 't Goedje

What follows is a brief selection of what is becoming an impressive list of breeding references from Antonio:

Norbert Sierens (Zwevegem, BE)

In 2018 alone, the grandchildren of Antonio won the following top prizes for Norbert Sierens:

1st Nat. Argenton - 11,823 pigeons
3rd Nat. Limoges – 7,274 pigeons
5th prov. Chateauroux – 5,904 pigeons

Den Argenton, 1st National Argenton for Norbert Sierens, is a grandchild of Antonio (see pedigree)

Peter van de Merwe (Dordrecht, NL)

Dutch grandmaster Peter Van De Merwe has not regretted investing in Antonio descendants either. The sire of his super class racing hen Nathalie is in fact a grandchild of Antonio.

This is Nathalie's palmares:

1st Nat. Chateauroux Sector 2 – 7,151 pigeons (7 minute lead)
10th Pontoise – 6,902 pigeons
87th Pont-Saint-Maxence – 8,755 pigeons 

De Vroe - Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE)

The De Vroe - Van Gaver combination did really well after introducing pigeons of Rudi De Saer. It was Antonio himself that became the grandfather of two great racing birds:

Dark Rudi, winner of:

Best old bird of Belgium Long Distance 6 & 7 races in 2016
1st Ace Pigeon Belgium National Long Distance Trophy 2016
Co-winner of 1st National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2016
Co-winner of 1st provincial / 4th National General Champion KBDB 2015
2nd beste old bird of Belgium national long distance 5 races 2016 PITTS
3rd beste old bird of Belgium national long distance 5 races 2016 PIPA
6th best yearling of Belgium national long distance 4 races 2015
48th National Limoges - 6,272 pigeons
71st National Tulle - 6,101 pigeons
As well as a 103rd-105th-135th-295th-370th-437th-476th-695th National!

Small Rudi, winner of:

Co-winner of 1st provincial / 4th National general champion KBDB 2015
4th best yearling long distance & extreme long distance - 4 races
9th best yearling long distance & extreme long distance - 3 races
20th best yearling extreme long distance - 2 races
3rd provincial/ 16th National Jarnac - 4,559 pigeons
80th National Montauban - 2,124 pigeons
98th National Libourne - 5,890 pigeons

Antonio is also the grandfather of '863/15', the 20th best young bird over 5 national races in 2015.

Guy Van der Auwera & zoon (Wuustwezel, BE)

The three Charlies's Angels Cameron, Lucy and Drew have won some fantastic results in the loft of Guy Van der Auwera from Wuustwezel in recent years.

Top breeder Antonio is the sire of Young Antonio, and he is in turn the sire of these three top birds:

1st provinciaal Bourges - 3,548 pigeons (‘Drew’)
10th provinciaal Bourges - 3,548 pigeons (‘Cameron’)
40th Nationaal Bourges - 12,4498 pigeons (‘Lucy’)
56th provinciaal Bourges - 3,548 pigeons (‘Lucy’)
137th Natiobnaal Argenton - 22,712 pigeons (‘Cameron’)
2nd Chevrainvilliers - 1,058 pigeons (‘Cameron’)
3rd Noyon - 430 duiven (‘Lucy’)
6th Chevrainvilliers - 1,058 pigeons (‘Lucy’)

See the pictures below for some more top results from this trio.

Anthony Fowler (UK)

Top class bird Black Arrow of Anthony Fowler is a top quality breeding bird. He is the sire and grandfather of a 1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-3rd-3rd, etc.!

Team BDS (Ruiselede, BE)

A daughter of Antonio has been doing really well for Team BDS, with Blue Antonia being the dam of several top class birds: 

6th National ace pigeon Allround KBDB 2017 (‘Speedo Girl’)
14th National ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2017 (‘Perfect Blue’)
1st Clermont - 589 pigeons/ 9th prov. - 15,788 pigeons (‘143/16’)
1st prov. Argenton 529 pigeons (‘Speedo Girl’)
1st Villemandeur - 324 pigeons (‘Speedo Boy’)
5th Nationaal Zone Argenton - 3,068 pigeons (‘143/16’)
5th prov. Chateauroux - 3,084 pigeons (‘144/16’)
10th Nat. Zone Limoges / 19th Nat. - 9,162 pigeons (‘Speedo Girl’)
10th prov. Tours - 2,798 pigeons (‘144/16’)
15th Nat. Tulle - 9,578 pigeons (‘Perfect Blue’)
17th Nat. Jarnac - 5,371 pigeons / 1st of 106 pigeons club (‘Perfect Blue’)
20th Nat. Jarnac - 3,904 pigeons  (‘Speedo Girl’)
36th Nat. Zone Chateauroux / 54th Nat. - 20,473 pigeons (‘Speedo Girl’)
51st Nat. Chateauroux - 26,695 pigeons (‘144/16’)
60th Nat. Chateauroux - 13,098 pigeons (‘769/17’)
And several more top prizes!

JPS Loft (UK)

The JPS Loft (the number one De Saer loft in the United Kingdom) is home to several of Antonio's grandchildren, including:

- ‘Cindy’; 1st Loftus breeder buyer 2016
- ‘Arkwright’; 1st Loftus breeder buyer 2017

And there is more

Our list of references of this fantastic breeder is far from complete, and we reckon his grandchildren and great-granchildren will continue to deliver great results both at home and abroad for many years to come. Antonio's DNA will be found in the pedigrees of many future champions, and his bloodline will continue to make history.