De Rijck-Duym (Ninove, BE) have the fastest Narbonne racer at international level!

The yearling from Hans De Rijck and Petra Duym caused a stunt from Narbonne! He not only won the 1st prize international by the 8.906 yearlings, but was also the fastest pigeon international from a total of 22.685 Narbonne pigeons!

The ‘Victor’ from the duo De Rijck-Duym…  named after their small son ‘Victor’…  showcased a piece of pure ‘showmanship’ last Saturday by beating the entire convoy of 22.685 pigeons as a yearling. He was clocked at 20h 51’ 16” from a distance of 859,003 Km, good enough for the highest average velocity of 1033,35 m/min! At national level he won with a big lead of about 28 minutes on the pigeon from Carlos Herman-Haustraete from Bevere (1000 m) and C.Vandemeulebroecke from Saint-Léger  (987 m). These speeds showed that it was a tough Narbonne, especially for the yearlings… with the strong northern wind challenging the pigeons on their return home! It only enlarges the respect for the performance of the ‘Victor’ from Derijck-Duym! It was the first great long distance success for his owners Hans and Petra… who are still busy building up a team of pigeons for the ‘grand distance’, but with this have their first big triumph in the pocket!

Fascinated by the‘grand distance’

Up until  4 years ago Hans was a fanatical sprint and middle distance racer. Once his affairs were in order and the pigeons had received the necessary care… he often went to wait for the pigeons from the national long distance or international grand distance by sport friends Jo & Steven Ronsijn in Appelterre. The longer he went to wait for the pigeons in Appelterre, the more he became fascinated with the performances of the long distance pigeons of his sport friends. Seeing the pigeons in the distance, seeing them make their final sprint… after often racing and fighting for hours against all sorts of weathers… it was often more fulfilling than the arrival of his own sprint and middle distance pigeons, as the latter is often more nerve-wracking.

At the end of 2007 Hans … who has been a pigeon fancier since 1987… decided to change over entirely and start concentrating on the national and international long distance races! At first he made the leap with a portion of his own pigeons… but he quickly learned his mistake! Long distance demands long distance blood… so he had to orientate his colony differently if he wanted to be successful in his mission. And what could be better than from his sport friends Jo and Steven Ronsijn, without doubt one of the strongest grand distance lofts of our land (4th nat. Champion long distance 2009 and 2nd nat. Champion Grand distance 2010)… where, since 2008, Hans has obtained about 30 youngsters. The brand new international Narbonne winner ‘Victor’ B10-4020268, was also ringed in Appelterre. He stems from a crossing with pigeons from Rufin and Luc Buyl x Luc Van Coppenolle (click here for the complete pedigree).

Father: ‘Grandson 1° Nat Brive Zone B’ B09-4133452

Won self 254th Libourne against  2.212 yearlings in 2010, and is then a grandson of the ‘Kleine Baron 105/03’ from Rufin & Luc Buyl which won 1° Nat Brive Zone C against 4.670 p.! His mother B02-4264199 was bought as an egg from Luc Van Coppenolle in Ouwegem, and is already mother of the 1st regional, 2nd provincial and 8° National Montauban in 2005 (she is a granddaughter of the famous ‘Pau 762/92’, a stock pigeon by Luc Van Coppenolle, crossed with the line of ‘Blauwe Narbonne’).

Mother: ‘Klein Geschelpt Buyl’ B08-4349387

A 100% Rufin & Luc Buyl, out ‘De 060’ B03-4162060, self an excellent middle distance racer (son of the ‘Ace bird sprint 96’ and 9 x 1st prize winner: the Witneus 308/95 x Optimaal Cerafin 711/00’) x ‘De 025’ B05-4408025, a granddaughter of the 1st Prov St.Vincent (the ‘Dubbele Provinciaal 557/88).

Both the father and the mother of the ‘Viktor’ are grandchildren of the ‘Optimaal Cerafin 711/00’, a hen originating from Ducheyne-Scheirs, and mother of a.o. the 1st prize Dourdan 599 pigeons! 

Narbonne was the 5th national race of the season for the ‘Victor’, after previously racing Chateauroux (129° from 659), La Châtre (158° from 561), Argenton (68° from 606)… in which he always won a prize… and he had also raced the national Limoges for yearlings. To now ‘stunt’ from Narbonne!

Hans & Petra basketted a total of 18 pigeons for this Narbonne with the following result:

Narbonne FCD  468 yl: 1-25-27-48-83-134-145-156 (8/18)

    Intnat  8.906 yl: 1… etc.

Before being basketted, ‘Victor’ was allowed to see his hen… but because she didn’t seem to be ‘in love’ with her partner Hans let all the other widow hens into the loft (also those from the cocks which remained home). When Hans went to take a look half an hour later, his ‘Victor’ was courting one of the girls next door… which probably gave him the paramount motivation to pull out all the stops and achieve this magnificent performance!

With this he also beat his sport friends Jo and Steven Ronsijn at club level, who ended in a good 2nd place! No surprise then that Hans and Petra are not only fascinated by the Ronsijn pigeons, but that their victory can also be seen as an exponent  of their mutual friendship. And whoever looks at the pedigree of the Narbonne winner will not be surprised to see that Hans and Petra also obtained pigeons from Rufin and Luc Buyl in Nieuwenhove. They also looked for reinforcements by Guido Van Den Bulcke from Balegem, Jos  Joosen from Brecht, Etienne Devos from Deerlijk, and  Jos Van Olmen from Broechem!

With these pigeons Hans and Petra built up a breeding loft consisting of 14 breeding couples, and in 2011 they started with 14 o.b.  + 17 yl, in addition to a team of 16 hens, and every year about 100 youngsters are ringed.

This stock is being used to develop a team of pigeons for the ‘grand distance’ with which they soon hope to join the national top! They have in any case tasted international victory… and you can be sure it was very moreish for Hans and Petra! Congratulations!