Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) yet again in dominant form in 2018

Philippe has won an impressive 31 first prizes in 2018, which shows that this has been another fantastic racing season indeed. And let's not forget that he had been sidelined for five weeks due to a nearby outbreak of the Newcastle Disease.

A sense of powerlessness

Philippe Dobbelaere looks back on the 2018 season with mixed feelings. On the one hand he is very satisfied with the achievements of his racing team: with 31 first prizes to his name(including a few doubles - click here for an overview of their first prizes), he is without doubt one of the most successful fanciers in Belgium. And still, there is a sense of disappointment as well, especially because they could have done a lot more. He was in fact on his way to having one of his best, of not the best racing seasons in his entire career. But he saw his ambitions undermined by an outbreak of the Newcastle Disease (paramyxo) in a nearby poultry farm. The authorities imposed a safety perimeter, which also affected Philippe's pigeon lofts. He was not allowed to race for about five weeks, starting from 7th of July. This is of course peak season for the old birds, and the young birds are in the buildup towards the nationals as well. This was a serious blow for so many fanciers, although there is nothing you can do. It is hard to put into words if you have not experienced it yourself. It is definitely hard to swallow, says Philippe, especially when your pigeons are pretty much in peak form. You suddenly have no chance of winning a championship or ace pigeon title in the province or at national level. Philippe had to wait until 11th of August to resume his racing season, and how: the Dobbelaere pigeons were able to win 10 more first prizes in the last part of the season. Quite impressive indeed!

Dominant with the bloodlines of stock dam Brigitte, Cleo and Evita

And here we have the three female musketeers from Olsene. Lasting success in pigeon racing is usually the result of some fantastic bloodlines, and the discovery of a world class breeding pair or a fantastic breeding sire or dam. And the success story of Philippe Dobbelaere is no different. The bloodlines of some fantastic breeders - Brigitte, Cleo and her nest brother Keizer and her granddaughter Evita - have been an integral part of this pigeon breed. These birds are paired to each other or combined with new introductions, and they have been giving new race winners on a regular basis. Their descendants can deliver in almost all weather conditions. 

Philippe has the Best pigeon of Belgium over 5 and 7 national races in 2017 with super class hen '900', which was also 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance olds KBDB 2017. This hen was a descendant of the invaluable Brigitte bloodline, with the 900 being a granddaughter of Bonte Brigitte. Philippe also won the title of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB East Flanders 2017 with Camillo, a direct son of top class hen Evita (granddaughter Cleo). And most of the top results from 2018 were won with the help of these very bloodlines. You can tell from the following overview.

-Rocco BE16-4100307

Winner of four first prizes
 5th Nat Limoges            10,554 p. ’17
14th Prov Chateauroux        4,740 p. ’17
21st Nat.Zone La Souterraine 6,702 p. ’16
29th Nat.Zone Argenton       6,628 p. ’17
72nd Nat Gueret              5,331 p. ’18

He is a descendant of the Cleo bloodline, crossed to pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele.
Sire: Father Rocco BE11-4264416
A full brother of Cleo and Keizer, and a son of Sire Cleo BE00-3155029 x Zwarte Romulus BE05-4377735.
Dam: Mother Rocco BE14-5791107
A 100% Gaby Vandenabeele (through Roland Rothe), being a daughter of 2 direct G. Vandenabeele pigeons: Son Lion King BE12-3168856 x Daughter Witpen Maurice BE13-3159429.
Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of Rocco

One of the leading one year old cocks of 2018, Robby, happens to be a full brother of Rocco. This is his palmares:

-Robby BE17-4197527

 1st Fontenay     279 p. ’18
 6th Fontenay     646 p. ’17
35th Nat Gueret 8,517 p. ’18
99th Prov Blois 2,480 p. ’18

Click here for the pedigree and palmares of Robby

One of the stars of the yearlings' team is without doubt Walter. He is a grandson of Keizer (nest brother Cleo) and Brigitte.

-Walter BE17-4197461

 9th Prov Blois         2,480 YL ’18 – 12. Prov 2,642 olds
22nd Prov Orleans       5,307 p. ’17
30th Nat Gueret         8,517 p. ’18
36th Prov Blois         6,013 p. ’17
79th N.Zone Chateauroux 8,085 p. ’18
 7th Fontenay             339 p. ’18

Sire: Dubbele André BE12-4218833
A half brother of a 1st Prov. Tulle 1,028 p. He is a son of King Kong BE08-4038644 of André De Smyter (6th Nat. Bourges 20,589 p., 71st Nat. Argenton 11,001 p., 76th Nat. Chateauroux 20,517 p., 83rd Nat. Bourges 9,761 p.) x Sister André BE02-4276303 (André is the sire of stock dam Brigitte).
Dam: Daughter Brigitte BE11-4262333
A super class breeding dam, and a daughter of Keizer BE09-4107260 (grandfather of 1st Nat. Chateauroux and great-grandfather of a 1st Nat. Jarnac, and more importantly a nest brother of Cleo) x stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161
Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of Walter

In the team of hens we saw Justine take an early prize on quite a number of occasions. She too stems from a combination of the bloodlines of Cleo and Brigitte:

-Justine BE17-4197526

30th  Prov Vierzon         2,341 p. ’17
32nd  Nat Argenton        19,859 p. ’18
41st  Prov Vierzon         3,854 p. ’18
56th  N.Zone Chateauroux I 8,085 p. ’18 (9 June)
94th  N.Zone Bourges       1,483 p. ’18
111th Prov Chateauroux     4,708 p. ’18 (2 June)
140th Prov Blois           4,517 p. ’17
191st Nat Chateauroux II  13,098 p. ’18 (7 July)

Sire: Half brother ‘900’ BE4022241
A son of Bonten BE09-4107264 x Julie BE12-4218736 (winner of an 84th Nat. Poitiers 13,135 p., a 6th Prov. Orleans 3,790 p., a 14th Prov. Blois 3,317 p., a 39th Prov. Blois 5,645 p.). Julie is the dam of the '900': 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2017, 1st Best pigeon of Belgium longer middle distance over 5 and 7 national races (PIPA ranking).
Dam: Dochter Keizer BE16-4100346
Winner of a 1st Fontenay 417 p. and a 1st Fontenay 270 p., and a daughter of Keizer BE09-4107260 (nest brother Cleo) x Bella BE13-4063002, winner of a 1st Prov. Bourges (daughter of stock dam Brigitte x Prins, another full brother of Cleo and Keizer).
Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of Justine

We noticed a similar trend in the young birds' team, with the bloodlines of Keizer, Cleo, Evita and Brigitte playing a prominent role in the team of Philippe Dobbelaere. And these have become increasingly reputable bloodlines at national and international level. Despite the fact that the young birds were not allowed to race for four consecutive weekends (14-21-28 July and 4 August) they still managed to show their potential in the latter half of the season. It only shows that this is quite a talented collection of birds indeed!
Here we have three young birds that have stood out in 2018 in particular:

-Keizerson BE18-4076068

1st Toury    162 p.
2nd Orleans  820 p. – 25th Prov 5,021 p.
4th Clermont 414 p.
4th Fontenay 295 p.

Sire: Keizer BE09-4107260
A super class breeder and an own nest brother of Cleo. The grandfather of both a 1st Nat. Chateauroux and a 1st Nat. Jarnac.
Dam: Bonte Brigitte BE10-4326004
An outstanding breeding hen and the dam of Julius (4th Nat. 14,924 p., 11th Prov. Vierzon 7,056 p.), Julie (84th Nat. Poitiers 13,135 p.) and the grandmother of ‘900’ (3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB KBDB 2017, and 1st best pigeon of Belgium Longer Middle Distance over 5 and 7 national races). She is a daughter of Baron BE06-4151023 x the golden stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161.
Click here for the pedigree and the palmares of Keizerson

Evita is well on her way to becoming the team's new stock dam. Evita is herself a granddaughter of stock dam Cleo.

Evita is gradually turning into an invaluable stock dam for this team as well, as you can tell from the achievements of her son Camillo, and from several of her grandchildren, some of which were in fact part of this year's team of young birds:

-Den Argenton BE18-4076082

 1st  Argenton        460 p. – 6th Nat Zone 6,398 p.
32nd  Nat Argenton 16,496 p.
32nd  Nat Zone Chateauroux 4,032 p.
167th Prov Orleans  5,021 p.

Sire: Halfbrother 900 BE16-4245104
Both a half brother of super class hen '900' and of Dubbele Brigitte, winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 17,984 p. in 2014. He is a son of Emerson BE12-4176439, the sire of ‘900’ (from the fantastic pair Tsaby x Kim for Geert Venrenterghem-Annick Goeteyn), paired to the dam of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux BE10-4326050 (a daughter of stock dam Brigitte, and herself the dam of Dubbele Brigitte).
Dam: Sister Camillo BE17-4235000
A daughter of the parents of Camillo (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2017): Geschelpten Camiel BE11-3041140 x Evita BE13-4063110
Click here for the pedigree of Den Argenton

Evita and her descendants are born to win races apparently; the following racing hen clearly illustrates this. This hen is in fact one of Philippe's favourites for 2019, and she was inbred to the golden Cleo bloodline:

-3 Times First BE18-4076033

1st Clermont 924 p. 
1st Clermont 754 p.
1st Blois    164 p.

Sire: Zoon Evita BE15-4256094
A half brother of Camillo. He is a son of top breeder Keizer BE09-4107260 (nest brother Cleo) x Evita BE13-4063110 (1st Best Pigeon of Belgium Longer Middle Distance over 7 national races in 2014).
Dam: Halfzus Cleo BE12-4281273
An excellent breeding dam, bred from Sire Cleo BE00-3155029 x De Rauw-Sablonduivin BE03-4290075 (a granddaughter of stock breeders Frans and Limoges, two sons of the ‘Dream pair’ De Rauw-Sablon).
Click here for the pedigree of 3 Times first

We sometimes wonder who came up with the expression champions breed champions. That fancier clearly knew what he was talking about!

A pigeon breed based around true winners

We can't tell if Philippe Dobbelaere has a music collection at home, or whether he is a fan of Frank Sinatra, but we think his hit song "I did it my way" perfectly sums up how Philippe developed into a highly successful pigeon fancier over the years. It all started with some fantastic pigeons of his father Roger, and he continued to expand his pigeon breed with top class bloodlines from around the area. These include most of all first prize winners and their direct descendants, usually obtained from fanciers that would beat his own birds over the weekend. Philippe quickly learned that pigeon racing boils down to one thing: winning races. This means the pedigree of a pigeon is not what counts the most, it is their ability to achieve great results and to win races.

And this is how Philippe Dobbeaere started to develop his very own pigeon breed, gradually finding his place among some of the great teams in Belgium in the longer middle distance and the light long distance. This team has had some fantastic racing birds every single season, which shows that Philippe has an excellent foundation. His breeding team has provided him with several provincial or zonal winners in recent years, as well as a few national first prize winners and even provincial and national ace pigeons. The Dobbelaere pigeons are born to win races, and even a five week racing ban due to a Newcastle Disease outbreak could not keep team Dobbelaere from winning. The only big downside was that they were no longer in contention for a championship or ace pigeon title. Despite the racing ban the team still had 31 first prizes in 2018 - congratulations!

Superior results in 2018

Click here for a complete list of achievements from 2018

Two of Philippe Dobbelaere's invaluable stock breeders: Cleo and Brigitte. They have bred several first prize winners