Ending auctions: September Auction, Luc De Laere, Big Andy's International One Loft Race (USA)

Due to technical problems with our website on Sunday, most of the auctions were delayed to end Monday 1st of October. September Auction Part 2 and Part 3, Luc De Laere and Big Andy's International One Loft Race will end. September Auction Part 1 ended on Sunday already.

September Auction
Unfortunately it happens occasionally that a fancier betrays our confidence, in that a fancier places a bid that turns out not to be within his financial means. Pigeons that do not change owners are now offered for sale a second time in this 'non-payers auction' on PIPA.

Luc De Laere (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders

Luc De Laere has been one of the leading fanciers in the province of West Flanders for years. The invaluable Tieke bloodline combined particularly well with the Gaby Vandenabeele breed, and together they have enabled Luc De Laere to race pigeons at the highest level. Luc has probably one of the best ever daughters of the renowned Bliksem in his collection! Luc is now selling youngsters of all of his best breeding and racing birds on PIPA.

Big Andy’s International One Loft Race (USA)
Winners & acepigeons

Through his activities in the international pigeon racing sport Andy Larentzakis has had a tremendous impact on the pigeon sport on the North American continent. As an intermediary for PIPA Andy was able to bring pigeons of top quality from Europe to North America. Descendants of these imported pigeons were able to win prizes in the many one loft races America has. Andy himself decided to organize the Big Andy’s International One Loft Challenge in Spring Hill, Florida, bringing in competition with each other children from the very best breeder and flyers from the best lofts. Winners and ace pigeons of this new and prestigious one loft race are now for sale on PIPA!