Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) excels in Blois: 1st and 5th provincial olds, and 3rd provincial yearlings

After his sale in 2014, Gaston Van de Wouwer knew it would be quite a challenge to return to his previous level. Well, you can clearly tell from his results these days that he is back on track. The provincial race from Blois on 2nd of June was a big success: he claimed a 1st and 5th provincial old birds and a 3rd provincial yearlings.

Three great racing birds, three times Kaasboer

BE14-6072324: 1st provincial Blois old birds

This blue  coloured hen showed last year that she is quite a talented pigeon, winning an 11th provincial of 8,177 pigeons (Vierzon) and a 111th national of 10,454 pigeons (Châteauroux). We were not really surprised to hear that she is a granddaughter of the world famous Kaasboer. Click here for the full pedigree of the BE14-6072324.

BE16-6023019: 5th provincial Blois old birds

This outstanding racing bird has been showing her abilities recently as well. She claimed no less than three national top 100 prizes, from Bourges, Argenton and Châteauroux:

5th prov. Blois 1,581 p. '18
91st nat. Bourges 28,078 p. '16
53rd nat. Argenton 11,506 p. '17
91st nat. Châteauroux 14,955 p. '17

She was inbred to Kaasboer, and she is even double inbred from her mother's side. Click here to take a further look at the pedigree of BE16-6023019.

BE17-6053384: 3rd provincial Blois yearlings

This pigeon knows what it means to take an early prize, and that is what she did as a young bird in the national race from Châteauroux, claiming an excellent 52nd national of 18,499 pigeons. She is a highly talented racing bird. Her sire is a descendant of none other than Kaasboer, and the dam is inbred to that same Kaasboer as well. Click here to discover the other origins of BE17-6053384.

Global results from Blois provincial

Gaston claimed three top prizes in the provincial race from Blois but let's not forget that the entire racing team was in great form that day:

1,581 old birds:
1-5-54-126-233-264-429-453-467 (9/11)

2,744 yearlings:
3-105-165-166-177-268-736-826 (8/9)

This type of result was bound to come, since Gaston has already had a few excellent prize percentages this year. "But people only remember first prizes", Gaston explains. But that is not his worry anymore.