Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE): super result on the first national race from 2018, Bourges

Jo Bauters made a super result on Bourges I yesterday. 8th Nat. Bourges against 20,120 old birds and 10.-82.-98. Nat. Bourges against 19,063 yearlings. In all these topbirds we can find the bloodline of Fabian & Ellis.

Yesterday we had a tough race from Bourges, warm weather and headwind. This weather the 'Bauters' pigeons like the most. Fabian won 1st Nat. Poitiers in 2014 in the same weather conditions. Not surprising the 4 first pigeons are all related to basic breeder Fabian!

National result on Bourges I 2018:

20,210 old pigeons:   8-...
19,063 yearlings: 10-82-98-...

Hulk, BE15-4143915, was the first arrival. 8. Nat. Bourges, before he won:

Souppes 2015:              7-666 d.
Pithiviers 2018:           8-932 d.
Bourges 2018 Nat.:      8-20,210 d.
Vierzon 2016 Prov.:     27-2,095 d.
Argenton 2017 Nat. Z.:  39-2,170 d.
Blois 2018 Prov.:       64-2,642 d.
Bourges 2015 Nat. Z.:  88-11,401 d.
Argenton 2016 Nat. Z.:  92-6,694 d.

When we check the pedigree, we see his father is Moser, a son to Fabian and a superbreeder himself, he is already father to Basso, 3rd Prov. Ace KBDB long distance 2015. Hulk's mother is a full sister to Fabian. Click here to see Hulk's pedigree.

Against 19,063 yearlings Jo Bauters performance was even more impressive: 10-82-98-... Nat. Bourges, and again we can find Fabian's bloodline in these topbirds. Crossed with Ellis-bloodline. Ellis, 1st Nat. Ace KBDB Youngsters 2016 and granddaughter to Fabian.

Also interesting to know is : the 2 first arrivals from yearlings are brother and sister. Olympia, BE17-4155719, won 10. Nat. Bourges and her brother won 82. Nat. Bourges. Father to Olympia is a brother to Fredo, son to grandparents of Ellis. Mother to Olympia is a daughter to Fabian. Click here to see Olympia's pedigree.

Today Jo Bauters auction ends. In these auction we can find very nice youngsters bred from the best breeders all related to the pigeons who performed super on Bourges national yesterday. Click here to go to the auction.