DVV-pigeons and Rudi De Saer pigeons excel in Million Dollar Race

The racing bird of Van Kerckhove-Vercauteren was awarded the title of 1st ace pigeon over 5 Hot Spot Races in the South African Million Dollar Race. This is a fantastic result for the combination from Lochristi, Belgium. This ace pigeon originates from some of the best bloodlines of Rudi De Saer & DVV Pigeons.

Each Million Dollar Race not only features the regular training flights but also five Hot Spots. The winner of a Hot Spot race traditionally wins a car. There is also an ace pigeon ranking based on these five Hot Spot Races, and the best pigeon across these five so called car races happens to be a Belgian bird of team Kerckhove-Vercauteren. Click here for the complete ranking.

Ignace Vercauteren, the breeder of Blue Jenske BE17-4216235, founded his racing team around the best bloodlines of two highly renowned fanciers. Click here for Blue Jenske's full pedigree. The dam of Blue Jenske is a direct Rudi De Saer, bred from Orange x Daisy. Daisy is a full sister of Jens, and she developed into a top class breeder for team De Saer; she is now the dam of:

1st Nat. Brive bird PIPA Ranking 2013-2015 
1st prov. Tours – 1,852 birds 
1st Brive - 143 birds / 4. prov. 1,604 birds / 44. Nat. 8,674 birds 
1st club / 2. prov. Tours – 4,390 birds 
3rd prov. acebird long distance KBDB 2016 
1st club Brive - 143 birds / 4th prov. 1,604 birds 
6. Nat. Brive – 5,286 birds 
11. best old LD bird Belgium 5 Nat. races PIPA Ranking 
And the dam of a 19th-27th-41st-42nd-44th-64th-75th-86th-96th-96th-105th-105th-111th-127th-134th Nat.

Tomorrow is the closing day of our Rudi De Saer PIPA auction, in which we sell two of Daisy's youngsters.

Two years in a row

Rudi De Saer has really become a consistent performer in South Africa. Last year for instance we had Steve Mardis of Continental Loft USA winning the final race of the Million Dollar Race with a 50% De Saer pigeon - see pedigree.