Verweij-de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) have an invaluable breeder for the international classics in their collection with Milos

It is any pigeon fancier's dream: to breed that one pigeon that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Only the great champions in our sport have gained an international reputation after breeding that one pigeon that appears to be in a league of its own.


This is something that clearly applies to NL02-2350928 Milos. This blue-witpen cock is now 16 years old, and he definitely earned his spot in the breeding loft of the Verweij-De Haan combination. This fantastic cock continued to breed talented new youngsters even in 2017.

You might be wondering what it is that makes this pigeon so special. It is quite simple really; all you have to do is scroll through his breeding palmares of recent years in the loft of Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan. And he happened to be quite a successful racing bird as well, having won a 1st NPO Montauban - 1,862 pigeons (with Milos being the only pigeon to arrive home on the day of the release). The descendants of this champion have proven to be quite exceptional as well. So exceptional in fact that we started to wonder if any other pigeon in modern-day pigeon racing has bred so many internationally famed descendants.

Have a look and judge for yourself; Milos features in the pedigrees of all of the following championship title and race winners:

1st National ace pigeon Perpignan 2014-2016
2nd European ace pigeon Pau 2015-2016
3rd European ace pigeon (hens) International races 2017
3rd National ace pigeon ZLU 2017
5th National ace pigeon ZLU 2017
5th National ace pigeon ZLU 2016
1st Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 3,387 pigeons 2016
1st Nat. Bergerac 12,302 pigeons 2015
2nd Int. Pau 11,164 pigeons
2nd Nat. Narbonne ZLU 4,515 pigeons 2013
2nd Nat. Tarbes ZLU - 2,374 pigeons
4th Nat. St Vincent - 4,858 pigeons
5th Int. Barcelona - 17,094 pigeons
8th Nat. Perpignan ZLU 5,622 pigeons
9th Nat. Perpignan ZLU - 4,789 pigeons
9th Nat. Marseille ZLU 6,610 pigeons
9th Nat. Bergerac 6,219 pigeons
11th Nat. Narbonne 4,566 pigeons

And let's not forget the following top prizes in the national top 50: 12th-15th-15th-16th-16th-19th-32nd-32nd-38th-41st-42nd etc.

If you are still nog convinced, have a look at the following list of references for Milos:

1st National marathon 2015 (J. Scheurs, lines ‘Milos’) 
1st Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 2016 (Tim Hage, g.son ‘Milos’) 
1st Nat. Bergerac - 12,302 pigeons 015 (Gijs Baan, bred from g.son ‘Milos’) 
1st I.prov. Bordeaux 2014 (Tim Hage, g.child ‘Milos’) 
1st I.prov. / 9. Nat. Marseille (Harry Hendriks, grd. ‘Milos’) 
2nd Int. Pau 2017 (Tilburg brothers, from g.child ‘Milos’) 
2nd Nat. Narbonne 2013 (J. Scheurs, g.child ‘Milos’) 
3rd Nat. Barcelona 2017 (Tony Berlijn, from 2 g.children ‘Milos’) 
4th Nat. St. Vincent 4,858 birds (Tim Hage, grd. ‘Milos’) 
8th NPO St. Vincent 2016 (Koele & Son, g.child ‘Milos’) 
9th Nat. Bergerac 2017 (K. Steenbeek, g.child ‘Milos’)


Take it from us: the fanciers from Mijdrecht could not be happier with such a talented breeder in their collection. With our Milos Special on PIPA coming up, Michel and Peter have paired their world class breeder to his most talented daughter: Miss Milos. This very young and vibrant hen NL15-1552827 Miss Milos has done really well across all the national championships. She has shown to have a lot of potential indeed, and we are eager to see what she can bring to the table in 2018. Peter and Michel are two fanciers who leave nothing to chance; we are confident they are all set for another fantastic year. Click here to go straight to the PIPA auction.