New auctions: Samuel Lofts - Mark Kitchenbrand & Ben de Keijzer

Today, Tuesday October 3, 2 new auctions will start. These auctions will end on Sunday October 15.

Ben de Keijzer (NL)

Part 2 Ludo Claessens Collection

Ludo Claessens has left the international pigeon racing community with an enormous legacy. After the total sale on PIPA in 2009 his pigeons proved to be exceptionally valuable to those that were willing to make the investment. Dutch champion Ben De Keijzer has an impressive collection of prize winners which are related to a considerable extent to Ludo Claessens. Ben managed to claim quite a few national championship titles, and some of his national ace pigeons happen to originate from the Claessens bloodlines as well. In this high quality auction we bring you the best Claessens based breeding and racing birds of Ben De Keijzer.


Samuel Lofts & Mark Kitchenbrand

Golden Prince & Birdy collection

This is a unique combination that dominated the international headlines for weeks, having purchased Gino Clicque's Golden Prince. This was the most expensive pigeon ever, sold on PIPA for 360,000 EURO to Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza. In this special auction we have the first youngster of Golden Prince (paired to the dam of Prince Rudy, 1st Nat. Limoges) to be sold since that record breaking auction. We are also selling some high quality descendants of the Birdy bloodline.