A spectacular result from Momignies for Vermeerbergen-Wilms (Mol, BE)

Luc and Robby from the successful Vermeerbergen-Wilms combination will never hesitate to put in a great performance. They did it again last weekend, in one of the combination's first races for young birds. The two fanciers won the first 12 prizes against 977 pigeons, which is quite an astounding result.

Plenty of overall top results

A few years ago Luc and Robby agreed to start racing together, and they got their first successes fairly early on. Suddenly some of the impressive overall results that you would only see in The Netherlands became possible in Mol in Belgium as well. Their young birds' team at times dominated the entire race, winning numerous top prizes in a single day. The team's most memorable result so far is without doubt the national race from Chateauroux in 2015, when the young birds won the first four prizes at national level against 10,422 pigeons. The national young birds' races of 2017 are still a few weeks away but team Vermeerbergen-Wilms showed last weekend that they are ready for the job, having won the following result from Momignies (142km) against 977 youngsters:


Long story short: they win the first twelve prizes, and 25 prizes per 10 and 48/88 prizes per 3.

Invaluable bloodlines

The stock breeders of Vermeerbergen-Wilms have become iconic pigeons in recent years, with an international reputation. They include Lucky Luc, Nationaal Wonder, Blauwe Mustang and the Grizzly line. These are pigeons with a proven record that developed into top class breeders, having bred several generations of prize winners. The first twelve prizes of last weekend were all won by pigeons that originate from one or more of these aforementioned stock breeders.

Nationaal Wonder (BE14-6168603)

A top class racing hen and breeding hen. She was 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance YBs 2014 and she was first in the PIPA ranking for young birds in the national races with 5 out of 6 prizes. Her youngsters and grandchildren, as well as her brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces have all won several top prizes, which shows that this is a top class bloodline! The pedigree of Nationaal Wonder can be found here.

Lucky Luc (BE07-6356192)

He is the team's number one stock sire. He is a key player in the Vermeerbergen-Wilms success story, and an invaluable bloodline. He became the grandfather of a 1st and 4th National Chateauroux 2015, and he is the sire of a 12th National La Souterraine, a 35th National Limoges, a 39th National Libourne, and a 62nd National Argenton. Lucky Luc is an inbred pigeon, being a double grandson of De Witpen, winner of a 3rd National Ace Pigeon Sprint (11 first prizes), which was paired to the invaluable Heremans descendant Flitske (the dam of Donker Aske) and Rosita (the dam of Eijerkamp's Rossi).

Lucky Luc, the number one stock sire

Grizzly bloodline of stock sire Grizzly Wonder Breeder (BE13-6164780) and stock dam Blue Wonder Mother (BE12-6188693)

There has always been plenty of speed in the Grizzly pigeon family, which has been particularly successful in the lofts in Rijkevorsel, which focuses primarily on the sprint competition. Grizzly Wonder Breeder, a descendant of the renowned Pitbull of Karel Laenen (Herenthout, BE) and Blue Wonder Mother, a daughter of Grandson Olympic Lievin (a 100% Heremans) x Raketje (6 first prizes in Quievrain) are the parents of Grizzly Ace Wonder (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint YBs) and at least 16 different first prize winners. The pedigree of Grizzly Wonder Breeder can be found here; for the pedigree of stock dam Blue Wonder click here.

Mustang bloodline

The famous line of Olympic Blauwe Mustang (1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint Dortmund 2009) of Roger Engelen (Dessel, BE) has led to several top results in Mol. One of his full sisters is already the dam of Raket 666 (3rd National Gueret) and New Mustang (1st Provincial Tours). 

Not really a comeback

Many fanciers assumed that the team's decision to sell their team of breeders on PIPA in the spring of 2016 would have an impact on the next couple of seasons, but that was not quite the case. Vermeerbergen-Wilms has never been away from the front. The last generation of youngsters that Luc and Robby bred from their collection of world class breeders, has delivered some outstanding results from the very start of the young birds' season. We are looking forward to the upcoming nationals. See you in a couple of weeks!