Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE) wins 1st Provincial Pau (Mont-de-Marsan)

He had already won a 1st and 2nd National from Pau in 2014 and a 1st Provincial Pau in 2016, and the long distance champion from Deurle has now added another provincial first prize in the extreme long distance classic from Pau 2017 to his palmares as well. This is quite a list of results, and we think "Mister Pau" would be a great nickname for Etienne.

Thick clouds were expected to form on the day of the race from Pau (with possibly a drizzle), so the organisers decided to release the pigeons from Mont-de-Marsan instead. The release took place with a one-day delay, but all in all this 2017 race from Pau went very smoothly. The pigeons took off in a north-westerly wind that gradually shifted to a solid westerly wind as the race went on, which meant the pigeons had to fight a strong headwind in otherwise excellent conditions. Etienne Meirlaen's provincial winner completed the race with a speed of 1253 m/min.

A third provincial first prize with a daughter of the new ‘Dream Pair’

Has Etienne Meirlaen found a talented new breeding pair in Montali x Daughter Ace Pair? It sure looks like it. This provincial first prize from Pau (Mont-de-Marsan) is already the third 1st provincial that was won by a daughter of this very pair. These are the three winning hens:

- Mona Provincial Agen BE15-4240121: 1st Prov. Agen 771 p., and 6th Nat. Agen 3,085 YLs in 2016
- Miss Agen BE13-4077154: 1st Prov. Agen 659 p., and 3rd Nat. Agen 3,180 YLs in 2014
- Nestsister Montalisa BE13-4077160: 1st Prov. Pau 363 p. and 13th Nat. Pau 2,135 p. in 2017

These three provincial winners are also three grandchildren of the invaluable stock dam Yelena.

Nest sister Montalisa wins 1st Prov. Pau (Mont-de-Marsan)

She is a great looking hen: average in size, impressive muscles, very vibrant. She almost feels like a well inflated bicycle tire. She has demonstrated her potential yet again, having already won a 24th Nat. Perpignan and an 80th Nat. Agen hens. Last weekend she claimed the number one spot at provincial level.

-Nestsister Montalisa BE13-4077160

 1st  Prov. Pau (Mont-de-Marsan)  363 p. ’17  
13th  Nat. Pau (Mont-de-Marsan) 2,135 p. ’17
24th  Nat. Perpignan            5,254 p. ’15
80th  Int. Agen Hens            2,011 p. ’16
296th Int. Narbonne Yearlings   8,360 p. ’14
458th Int. Agen Yearlings       8,846 p. ’14

Sire: Montali BE08-4298110
This is his palmares:

Best pigeon from Montauban in Belgium over 2 seasons 2010-2011 (PIPA ranking)
 4th  Nat. Montauban 2011 –  9,091 p.
12th  Nat. Montauban 2010 –  6,654 p.
314th Nat. Tarbes    2010 –  4,576 p.
331st Nat. Libourne  2009 –  8,729 p.
363rd Zone Limoges   2009 –  7,586 p.
846th Nat. Limoges   2009 – 16,893 p.

The sire of:

 1st Prov. Agen    2016 -    717 yl
 1st Prov. Pau     2017 -    363 p.
 3rd Nat. Agen     2014 -  3.180 yl
11th Intnat Agen   2014 -  8.845 yl
92nd Nat. Narbonne 2014 -  2.835 yl

Grandfather of:

9th Nat. Cahors S2  2015 –  5,279 p.

He is a son of Vader Marseille BE00-3127222 x golden stock dam Yelena BE06-4288297.

Dam: Daughter Ace Pair BE11-4312938
A top class breeding hen and a daughter of two 1st National Ace Pigeons KBDB, namely Cor BE05-4344528 (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2008) x Perpignan Lady BE05-4344670 (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2009).
Click here for the full pedigree of Nestsister Montalisa
These pigeons are clearly born to win races. Talent breeds talent; you can tell from the origins of the provincial winner Nestsister Montalisa, and her full sisters Provincial Agen and Miss Agen.

The golden Yelena dynasty does it again

A successful career in pigeon racing is usually founded on a strong foundation, one exceptional bloodline, based on a talented breeding pair or a world class breeding bird (cock or hen). Golden stock dam Yelena is currently playing a major role in this success story. DNA tests have shown that this outstanding breeding hen carries the highly exceptional LDHA-genotype A/A gene (the A variant can be found in many ace pigeons and talented racing birds worldwide). Genetics are increasingly used to demonstate a pigeon's breeding value. Is it an axiom or not? The breeding results of Yelena seem to support the genetics theory.

The first three pigeons to arrive home from Pau (Mont-de-Marsan) are all grandchildren of Yelena: the 1st and 18th Provincial Pau are two daughters of Montali, and the 5th Provincial Pau is a son of Monar (Monar won a 1st Intnat. Narbonne 12,605 p.). Monar and Montali are full brothers, as well as half brothers of the equally legendary Marseille (from the same sire), 612 Brother Marseille (sire Fenomeen), Montauban (from the same dam), etc.  

Here is a look at Team Meirlaen's overall performance from Pau (Mont-de-Marsan):

Pau (Mont-de-Marsan) (846 Km):
Club       146 p.: 1-4-7-9-13-17-22-29-32-46 (10/18)
Provincial 363 p.: 1-5-18-24-32-39-53-69-75 (preliminary results)
National 2,135 p.: 13-25-91-109-138-196-238-319-351-517(10/18, preliminary results)

Etienne Meirlaen knows how to breed national champions and talented birds season after season. The invaluable Yelena dynasty paired to the descendants of his Ace Pair and the outstanding line of Marseille are an integral part of the Meirlaen pigeon breed, which consists of excellent pigeons, and racing birds born to win races in the national long distance and the extreme long distance in particular.