Mantel Combination (Burgum, NL) has a successful 2017 season with a breed based on Olympiad Pigeons and NPO winners

Frits and Wytse Mantel continue to develop a special pigeon breed based around Olympiad Pigeons Olympic Cape and Olympic Amador, the last of which has an NPO victory on his palmares.

Sire Frits and son Wytse Mantel form a solid combination in pigeon racing

Frits and Wytse

The 64 year old Frits Mantel and his 22 year old son Wytse are part of a very successful pigeon racing combination. Frits developed a passion for pigeons already as a child. He became actively involved in the sport in Utrecht before moving to the province of Friesland, where he had a home base in Surhuisterveen and then in Suwald. Frits eventually moved to his current home in Burgum in 2008. It was here that his son Wytse followed in the footsteps of his father, as the two formed a combination together. 2008 was the year when Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Cape was born, and it proved the starting point for a number of highly successful years, which included another Olympic title for racing bird Olympic Amador. The team went on to win several top prizes in the prestigious NPO competition. Frits and Wytse managed to claim not one but two first prizes NPO in 2016, in the one day long distance races from Issoudun and Blois. Click here for an overview of their top 20 placings NPO in recent years. The team has been performing very well again in 2017; the following list of achievements does only include the one day long distance races (CCG North Province Friesland) in which the team scored a remarkable prize percentage:

27 May      Pontoise        533 km  983 p.  6-8-11-13-16-20-22-24-39-47-51-69-79-91-etc.(19/34)
10 June     Sens            590 km  615 p.  3-8-14-18-27-38-70-73-etc.(16/30)
25 June     Mantes-la-Jolie 555 km  531 p.  6-15-34-36-47-73-91-etc.(13/27)
8  July     Gien            656 km  549 p.  3-4-6-15-20-32-34-51-75-etc.(18/27)
22 July     Châteauroux     773 km  435 p.  9-17-26-33-34-46-54-60-etc.(18/25)
6  August   Issoudun        751 km   63 p.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-12-13-15-etc.(13/23)
            Province Friesland      580 p.  14-20-38-39-40-44-52-60-61-64-etc.(19/23)

The foundation

The current pigeon family is built around a select number of peculiar pigeons, including the aforementioned NL08-2024320 Olympic Cape. This hen represented The Netherlands in the sports class categry H at the 2011 Olympiad in Poznan, Poland. 

NL08-2024320 Olympic Cape, Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2011

Her breeding value became apparent especially in her daughter NL11-1161836 Fortuna, which has six first prizes under her belt:

Laon          1 – 3413 p.
Weert         1 – 2596 p.
Gennep        1 – 2346 p.
St.-Quentin   1 – 1373 p.
Sens          1 – 1086 p.
St.-Quentin   1 -  127 p.

NL11-1161836 Fortuna, a top class hen with an impressive six first prizes on her palmares

Fortuna is a daughter of Olympic Cape, whcih was paired to NL10-1083013 Broer Armani. This breeding cock is a brother of Armani of Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) and a half brother of Pieter's Rolex, 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2009. Click here for the full pedigree of Fortuna.

Stock pair Marsman x Yolin

Breeding pair Marsman x Yolin are at the basis of many successful pigeons for the Mantel combination

The stock pair that had a lasting impact on the lofts in Burgum consists of NL09-1724356 Marsman and NL07-4289829 Yolin. Marsman was obtained as a young bird in 2009; Yolin was purchased in the total auction of Frits Boersma. These two pigeons were then combined into a breeding pair and they have been together since. They are for instance the parents of Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Amador.

Olympic Amador

NL14-1439618 Olympic Amador, 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon cat. E Brussels 2017

The Mantel combination has made quite an impression in the most recent Olympiad in Brussels with their racing bird NL14-1439618 Olympic Amador. This blue coloured cock excelled in the marathon competition by finishing in first place for The Netherlands. Remarkably enough this pigeon competed only in the one day long distance, and his best results were won in one day long distance races of over 700km, including most notably his 1st NPO Blois of 738 pigeons. Click here for his complete pedigree.

Son Olympic Amador wins 1st Weert 2227 pigeons

In April a group of 2227 pigeons fought for victory in the race from Weert in CCG North, and it was the Mantel combination that claimed a well deserved victory, claiming a first prize with their one year old cock NL16-1847875 Alonso. A son of Olympic Amador, this racing bird shows that Frits and Wytse are on the right track with their breeding strategy. Click here for Alonso's pedigree.

NL15-1208645 Vardy, 1st NPO Issoudun 2016; his sister Nadja wins a 1st Gennep in 2017

1st prize Gennep for sister of NPO winner Vardy

The team claimed their second NPO victory of 2016 in the race from Issoudun with NL15-1208645 Vardy. One year later, in 2017, his sister NL15-1208694 Nadja wins a race from Gennep against 364 pigeons. The dam of these two pigeons is closely related to Olympiade 003 of Leo Heremans (Vorsselaar, BE). Several descendants of the two NPO winners have managed to stand out from the crowd in 2017.

Achievementst in other lofts

The pigeons of the father-son combination have gained a reputation in other lofts as well. For instance, the D&P Soepboer combination sent their NL12-1053357 Olympic Magnum to the Brussels Olympiad, and this hen is related to the Mantel bloodlines from her father's side. The same goes for NL16-1048140, a grandchild of Olympic Cape and another pigeon of D&P Soepboer, which was the best pigeon in the PIPA ranking for Best Young Bird (6 prizes).

Excellent prospects

Frits and Wytse Mantel are two ambitious fanciers. Frits is responsible for the daily caretaking of the pigeons. Wytse, who studies veterinary science in Utrecht, takes care of everything else that concerns this loft. They discuss their pigeon breed almost on a daily basis, and they enjoy awaiting their pigeons over the weekend. This is without doubt a top level pigeon loft.