Bert Van den Berghe (Wortegem-Petegem, BE) adds another chapter to his success story in 2016

The pigeon family of Bert Van den Berghe has been a consistent performer and a top player in Belgium over the past decade. The team had a great 2016 season as well, winning a 2nd and 11th National Brive with two nest brothers.

Brive 2016

Bert Van den Berghe's achievements in the 2016 race from Brive were quite unprecedented: two nest brothers arrived home within 10 minutes of each other, finishing in 2nd and 11th place national of 5,929 yearlings. Bert had purchased the parents of the two borthers in a PIPA auction. The sire is NL13-1395711, a direct Jan Hooymans; he is a son of Alexia (1st NPO Chateauroux of 5,620 pigeons) and a grandson of Harry (1st NPO Blois and 1st NPO Chateauroux). The dam of the two racing birds is Paciencia, a direct Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede and a daughter of De Majoor, a brother of Blauwe Prins and Aryana (1st National Argenton of 5,763 pigeons). The combination of these top quality bloodlines gave great results right away; the pedigrees of the two brothers can be found here: BE15-4071536 and BE15-4071535.

The sire of the "Brive-duo"

This is the dam of the "Brive-duo"

The race from Brive was in fact one of the most successful races of the season:

5.929 jaarse duiven: 2-11-91-99-157-169-554-561 (8/17 per 10)
5.952 oude duiven: 134-228-281-389-538-...      (5/11 per 10)


Bert Van den Berghe's pigeons managed to achieve great results in several one loft races as well.

Among them is a racing bird that won a 56th prize in the final race of the Kaier One Loft Race, being the first European pigeon. The sire of this pigeon is a son of Gloria x Fyther, the dam is a nest sister of that same Gloria. The pedigree can be found here.

Another pigeon of the Van den Berghe breed won a 10th prize in the final race of the Sissi One Loft Race in China. He was also the best European pigeon, and he finished in 4th place in the ace pigeon ranking. He is a half brother of the two nest brothers that had been so successful in Brive (2nd and 11th National). His dam is a half sister of Rico, which won a 1st National Limoges in 2012. Click here for the pedigree.

Looking forward to 2017

The team received much acclaim in recent seasons. Bert Van den Berghe made quite an entrance, having already won 9 top 10 prizes in the national long distance competition so far. We have seen quite a unique achievement from the two nest brothers in 2016, and we are eagerly awaiting the 2017 racing season to find out what the team of Bert and caretaker Wim have in store.