Mantel Combination (Burgum, NL) represents The Netherlands with the phenomenal Olympic Amador at the upcoming Olympiad

The combination had already been at the Poznan Olympiad with Olympic Cape, and racing bird Olympic Amador will be going to this year's Olympiad in Brussels. Olympic Amador was the best pigeon in the Netherlands in category E (>700km).

Wytse and his father Frits Mantel

The Mantel combination has spent ten years to become one of the top level players in the one day long distance in The Netherlands. A consistent breeding approach and strict selectioning in the one day long distance has enabled them to get where they are. The team has rarely seen a significant performance increase by introducing bloodlines from other lofts; they have always been able to rely solely on the strength of their own pigeon breed. They have quite a few teletext prizes on their palmares, and their best results of 2016 were two NPO wins in just two weeks' time: Blois (707km) and Issoudun (751km). They have been very successful for quite some time now, as you can tell for instance from the palmares of their current stock breeder Olympic Cape. She represented The Netherlands at the Poznan Olympiad (2011) in sports category H. 

The combination also had a good chance of winning an Olympiad Title a few years ago with a daughter of Olympic Cape called Fortuna. Unfortunately two of her first prizes were not taken into account, as they were won in races of just over 400 km. She ended up as 3rd substitute Olympiad Pigeon for The Netherlands. But Frits and Wytse did great in 2016 as well, and their racing bird Olympic Amador proved the best pigeons in The Netherlands in category E (> 700km). Let's take a closer look at some of the pigeons that have helped the combination reach their goals for 2016.

NL14-1439618 Olympic Amador

Olympic Amador closed the season as 1st Dutch Pigeon in category E in the upcoming Brussels Olympiad. The ranking in category E (marathon) takes into account the prizes that are won in races of 700km and longer. This title was quite a feat for Olympic Amador, who is a one day long distance pigeon. Olympic Amador finished in 1st place thanks to the following prizes:

 1st Blois       707 km   738 p.
 2nd Argenton    802 km   432 p.
16th Issoudun    751 km 1,827 p.
45th Chateauroux 773 km 3,679 p.

He did great in the one day long distance race from Souppes as well (9th against 6,892 pigeons). Unfortunately this race was not taken into account, given the distance of 603km. One of the peculiarities of this pigeon is that he is capable of winning early prizes in much shorter races as well:

 2nd Zutphen     114 km 2,269 p.
11th La Louvière 329 km   771 p.
14th Tongeren    279 km 1,079 p.
23rd Weert       229 km 2,299 p.

As you can see, Olympic Amador is a highly versatile pigeon that is particularly suited for the demanding one day long distance competition. Amador is a direct son of top pair Marsman x Yolin, two pigeons that were paired by coincidence. They have been kept together for quite some time though, given the many high quality descendants that they bred. Breeding cock Marsman comes from the loft of Henk Marsman, and was bred from a two-time teletext winner. His partnter Yolin originates from Frits Boersma, and was bred from a winner of two first prizes and a full sister of a 1st NPO Orleans. Click here for the pedigree of Olympic Amador.

Marsman x Yolin

Breeding pair Marsman x Yolin is depicted above. Olympic Amador is just one of their talented descendants. Several of their youngsters have been very successful, and they have won the following top prizes in the NPO alone:

 1st NPO Blois          738 p.
 5th NPO Argenton       765 p.
 7th NPO Sens         8,716 p.
 9th NPO Souppes      6,888 p.
13th NPO Tours        1,502 p.
13th NPO Orleans      7,165 p.
15th NPO St.-Quentin  7,710 p.
25th NPO Bourges      2,519 p.
38th NPO Issoudun     3,598 p.
75th NPO Chateauroux  4,895 p.
82nd NPO St.-Quentin 10,492 p.

NL08-2024320 Olympic Cape


Another important name in the breeding loft besides Marsman x Yolin is Olympic Cape, a 75% Gaby Vandenabeele and a 25% Ludo Claessens. Click here to find out more about her pedigree. Olympic Cape was sent to the 2011 Olympiad in Poznan in sports category H. Afterwards she was moved to the breeding loft, where she developed into an iconic breeder. She was paired to two breeding cocks of Pieter Veenstra, Broer Armani and Broer Dolce Vita, when she gave birth to the talented racing birds Fortuna, Skyfall and Yuna.

NL11-1161836 Fortuna

Fortuna was and still is one of the very best pigeons in the collection of Frits and Wytse. We already explained to you why she had to settle for 3rd Substitute Olympiad Pigeon for The Netherlands in the Olympiad. She is a daughter of Olympic Cape and Brother Armani (Pieter Veenstra). Click here for the pedigree of Fortuna. In her days as a racing bird Fortuna managed to win six clear first prizes:

1st Laon        3,413 p.
1st Weert       2,596 p.
1st Gennep      2,346 p.
1st St.-Quentin 1,373 p.
1st Sens        1,086 p.
1st St.-Quentin   127 p.

Towards the future with confidence

The pairing of the aforementioned pigeons, the bloodlines of Marsman x Yolyn and the line of Olympic Cape, has given a confidence-inspiring new generation of pigeons. A good example is Vaiapano (NL16-885), a promising young bird that won a 1st prize against 701 pigeons in the rayon in the highly regarded race from Morlincourt (455 km). Frits and Wytse will be focusing a lot on this crossing in the future. Given the level of quality in this pigeon breed, we are confident that this combination will be able to win even more races in the next few seasons.