Vermeerbergen - Wilms (Mol, BE) have a great start to the national young birds' season

Just a week ago we published an article about the Vermeerbergen-Wilms combination (Mol, BE). We said that the expectations were high for the national young birds' competition that was about to kick off.

Luc Vermeerbergen and Robby Wilms

The opening race from Bourges was a major success for Luc and Roby.

Bourges National: 3 x top-20 and 22/53 per 10

Vermeerbergen - Wilms had basketed 53 young birds in Mol, and they have won the following prizes:

Fondclub Mol (486 young birds): 1-2-4-6-7-20-21-25-26-28-31-33-34-36-41-42-54-63-76-98-104-106-109-114-149-154-161  (27/53 p.)
Long Distance competition Antwerp (934 young birds): 1-2-4-10-11-33-34-38-39-44-51-54-55-62-73-74-89-106-126-162-170-172-175-184-256-262-276 (27/53 p.)
Union doubles (1.503 young birds): 5-6-7-40-47-139-142-157-159-165-172-184-185-200-220-221-255-289-345-421-437-439-441-459  (24/53 p.)
Provincial Antwerpen (4.166 young birds): 6-7-10-72-82-285-291-316-322-339-359-386-387-442-480-481-563-640-763-939-981-985-996-1040 (24/53 p.)
Zone B2 (to be announced)
National (28,078 young birds): 13-14-20-170-191-698-709-765-774-826-869-928-930-1028-1228-1229-1414-1635-1992-2631-2799-2806-...(27/53)

The top 5

BE16-6219156 - 6th Provincial Bourges / 13th National Bourges

This racing cock won the first prize in the club. His palmares also includes an 8th Soissons 974 p., a 13th Souppes sur Loing 756 pigeons, a 15th Momignies 831 pigeons, etc. His sire is BE11-2022110, a son of Boris (Robert Vaneycken) and winner of a 1st International Marseille 2003 against 21,721 pigeons. He is the sire of several successful racing birds. He was purchased in a PIPA auction and he was recently sold again in a Vermeerbergen-Wilms auction, also organised by PIPA. The dam is a 50% Roger Engelen, bred from a sister of the 3rd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2013. She has bred several great racing birds as well. Click here for the full pedigree. Keep in mind that the prizes from Bourges that were included in the pedigrees of these five pigeons are based on the preliminary results at national level.

BE16-6219017 - Rune - 7th Provincial Bourges / 14th National Bourges

This racing cock was beaten only by his own loft mate at club level. He is also winner of a 3rd Momignies against 1,903 pigeons, a 4th Souppes sur Loing against 756 pigeons, a 5th Noyon against 828 pigeons, a 10th Momignies against 831 pigeons, etc. It was thanks to this palmares that he was basketed as first nominated for Bourges. He has an excellent pedigree as well: his sire is BE14-6306569 Beauty Gaston, a 100% Gaston Van De Wouwer that was also obtained in a PIPA auction. He is a grandson of Torres x Celien (the parents of Kim of Gaston van de Wouwer). The dam of Rune is also the dam of a 1st National Zone B2 Gueret against 1,975 pigeons (6th National against 11,894 pigeons). You can find his pedigree here.

BE16-6219078 - Brent - 10th Provincial Bourges / 20th National Bourges

Brent finished in 4th place at club level. His palmares also includes a 1st prize from Momignies against 1,903 pigeons, an 8th Soissons against 974 pigeons, a 5th Souppes sur Loing against 756 pigeons, etc. The sire of Brent is a full brother of the 6th National Gueret against 11,894 pigeons. The dam is BE10-6197299, a sister of Olympic Mustang (Dortmund 2009) of Roger Engelen. She was sold on PIPA a short while ago. Click here for her pedigree.

BE16-6219188 - Marleen - 72nd Provincial Bourges / 170th National Bourges

She is the first hen in our overview, finishing in 6th place at club level. She is also winner of a 27th Souppes sur Loing against 756 pigeons, a 72nd Momignies 831 pigeons, etc. She is a full sister of Nationaal Wonder (Best young bird of 2014 over 5 and 6 national races PIPA ranking, and winner of a 2nd National Chateauroux). You can find out more on her pedigree.

BE16-6219159 - Wendy - 82nd Provincial Bourges / 191st National Bourges

The fifth and final prize winner is Wendy. She won a 20th Souppes sur Loing against 756 pigeons, a 24th Momignies against 831 pigeons, a 29th Momignies against 1,609 pigeons, etc. Her sire is another brother of the 6th National Gueret against 11,894 pigeons. Her dam is a 50% Roger & Nick Thys (from a joint breeding), bred from their 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2000. Click here for her full pedigree.

The rest of the season

The combination from Mol had a great start to the season, and they are now getting ready for Argenton. We look forward to their achievements in the next few races.