Yves Vandepoel (Geetbets, BE) wins 1st National Perpignan

Miss Perpignan achieved a lifelong dream of Yves Vandepoel: to win an international extreme long distance classic. It was a well deserved win after a long and successful career in the extreme long distance.

Most extreme long distance fanciers consider Perpignan to be the second most prestigious international race on the calendar after Barcelona. The closing race of the international extreme long distance competition is a wonderful but tough classic.
The weather conditions were quite decent this season. The pigeons were released on Friday morning under a clear sky, and at noon the sky had cleared all across the north of France. Perpignan was a fair race without too many difficulties. Most top prizes were won already on the day of the release.

Yves Vandepoel, a big name in the sport

The name of Yves Van de Poel has been associated with the race from Barcelona for many years. It was his favourite race by far, and he achieved some excellent results there. But Yves is always looking for new goals, and he decided to compete in the longer middle distance and the long distance as well, winning a 1st Nat. Chateauroux old birds in 2014. He has now added a prestigious national victory to his palmares as well, winning the first prize in the last extreme long distance race of the season: the classic from Perpignan.

Yves has always been very passionate about the extreme long distance. He achieved some excellent results in this competition but was yet to win a first prize at the highest level. He did manage to win the title of 1st National Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 1995.
Yves finally managed to reach his goal last Friday, claiming victory in Perpignan. His winning hen was raced in total widowhood, and she is quite a talented racing bird. Miss Perpignan was clocked at 20:00'20" after covering 935.038 km. It made her the fastest pigeon overall in Belgium with a velocity of 1221.74 m/min.

-Miss Perpignan BE13-2176063

 1st Nat Perpignan     4,205 p. ’16
 3rd Intnat Perpignan 12,698 p. ’16
34th Nat Tulle         6,229 p. ’15
 4th Prov Marseille      215 p. ’16
59th Nat Marseille     2,166 p. ’16
191st Zone C Libourne  2,552 p. ’16
13th  Intprov Bergerac   627 p. ’15

Click here for the full palmares of Miss Perpignan

There is an interesting story to Miss Perpignan's pedigree: this hen would initially be used for the longer middle distance, especially because she originates from several middle distance champions from her father's side, a cock from the loft of Vanoppen-Luyten. This means she was part of the longer middle distance team. However, last year she would repeatedly enter the loft of the long distance team instead. Yves was not quite sure if she could cope with the longer distance, given her pedigree. He decided to basket her for Bergerac anyway, and Miss Perpignan did a great job there. Motivation is key.
The same happened this year, and her level of fitness improved significantly in the month of July. She won a few top results from Libourne and Marseille before claiming a prestigious national first prize from Perpignan. She is a very strong racing hen that won her first prize with a full wing! This is her pedigree:

Sire: Blauwwitpen Vanoppen-Luyten BE10-5176215
A son of Little Pino BE08-5187083 (inbred to New Pinocchio) x Klaasje 068 BE08-5187068 (half sister of super class hen Klaasje: 14th Chateauroux 4,757 p., 24th Gien 7,916 p., 29th Bourges 8,003 p., 137th Nat. Bourges 22.663 p., 31st Issoudun 5,670 p., 10th Montluçon 1,932 p. etc.). This is a top class pedigree of Vanoppen-Luyten.
Dam: Daughter Tarbes BE10-2217026
She comes from Ivan Vanvuchelen. She is a daughter of super class hen Den Tarbes BE04-2138015 (1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Tarbes 4,660 p., 1st Prov. Blois 1,350 p., 1st Chateauroux 995 p., 1st Toury 325 p., 59th Semi-Nat. Jarnac 5,005 p.) x Blauw Rutten BE07-2201117, which comes from Maurice Rutten. She won a 1st Prov. Perpignan and a 1st Prov. Jarnac, and she is a 100% Aelbrecht pigeon).
Click here for the full pedigree of Miss Perpignan

Yves had basketed two pigeons for Perpignan, and they both won a top prize. He has not yet been able to claim a national first prize from Barcelona, which he still hopes to do one day. But winning a national first prize in the second most prestigious classic in the extreme long distance is something to be very proud of as well. Congratulations!