Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) wins nearly as much as three provincial top 10 prizes a week!

After seven weeks of racing at provincial or higher level, Erik Limbourg's list of achievements is more endless than ever. No less than nineteen (!) provincial top 10 prizes were won during those seven weeks, or just a little under three a week. Most of us can only dream of presenting such statistics.

Consistent high-level performances

Erik Limbourg's name has been topping the provincial results for weeks on end now. Last week, his birds prove their worth once more in the provincial top 25:

Argenton I  Old Birds:  6th, 19th, 24th provincial
Argenton I  Yearlings:  5th, 25th provincial
Montélimar  Old Nirds:  3rd, 7th provincial
Montélimar  Yearlings:  6th, 7th provincial
Agen        Yearlings:  3rd, 6th, 16th provincial

A phenomenal overall performance which is entirely in line with the performances in the last few weeks. Read all of Erik Limbourg's top 10 provincial prizes in 2016 here.

Two lines dominate this year's success

Queen Blue Ace

When closely examining the results, we find that there is one bloodline that is strongly present in the list of successes, that of BE09-2119372 Queen Blue Ace. She is the daughter of 2nd National Ace Bird KBDB Long Distance 2007 Blue Ace 095-03 x double provincial winner from Bourges Het Bourgeske. The apple didn't seem to fall far from the tree because Queen Blue Ace has been breeding one ace racer after the other in the past few years:

  • BE10-2135076 Ballonneke: 1st Best Long Distance Yearling Bird (5 prizes) 2012 (PIPA rankings)
  • BE12-2002492 New Ace: 3rd Best Long Distance Yearling Bird (2 prizes) 2013 (PIPA rankings)
  • BE12-2002704 Magic 704: 12th National Ace Bird KBDB Longer Middle Distance Old Birds 2014
  • BE13-2022092 Magic 092: 2nd National Ace Bird KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2014
  • BE14-2151185: 23rd International Agen 2015

One of Queen Blue Ace's best descendants this year is without doubt Sister Magic 704. She showed her talent last year by winning the 205th National Châteauroux 25,710 yearlings (57th Provincial 2,892 birds) and 182th National Tulle 8,621 yearlings (29th Provincial 625 birds). This year she has won two top national prizes so far: 7th National Bourges I 19,736 old birds (2nd Provincial 1,833 birds) and 31st National Argenton I 13,629 old birds (6th Provincial 1,083 birds). Needless to say she will be in the running for ace titles this year if she keeps up the pace! Read through this ace hen's full list of achievements here.

Sister Magic 704 was bred when Queen Blue Ace was paired to New Super Sprint. Together they are the parents of the above ace birds New Ace and Magic 704. As you can see, Sister Magic 704 is the child of a breeding pair that has in the meantime developed into a true dynasty at Erik Limbourg's racing and breeding lofts. Find out more about Sister Magic 704's descent here.

Queen Blue Ace in the Erik Limbourg catalogue for his sale one year ago

Eagle Eye

While the Queen Blue Ace line is responsible for successes achieved in Brussegem, it is the Eagle Eye strain which lets other fanciers enjoy the taste of victory. In June, two Belgian fanciers performed excellently with offspring from Eagle Eye, nearly winning a national race:

  • Famille 3D: 4th National Argenton I 13,629 old birds (sire is a grandson Eagle Eye)
  • Eddy & Maarten Leutenez: 7th National Cahors 6,164 old birds (sire is a son Eagle Eye)

These results show that the Eagle Eye breed is still having its say in pigeon racing at the highest level. Browse through Eagle Eye's full breeding record here.

Eagle Eye in Erik Limbourg's sales catalogue


Will Erik win his twentieth top 10 provincial prize this weekend? Taking into account the current shape his birds are in and the fact that Erik will continue to race his Sister Magic 704, we can bet money on it he will. And if by some miracle a new success isn't achieved at his own lofts this weekend, we're sure it will be on someone else's. That's how deep the Limbourg birds' blood runs through ace birds all across the world.