Reedijk-Jongekrijg (Puttershoek, NL) are the proud winners of the national loft championship young birds both nominated and not nominated

The combination of husband and wife Reedijk-Jongekrijg had an impressive season in 2015. Their young birds won the first prize in the National Loft Championship young birds nominated, as well as a first prize in the championship young birds not nominated.

Gerard Reedijk and Elly Jongekrijg, National Champions young birds in 2015

It has been eight years since their title of best fancier in the national WHZB competition (2007), and Gerard Reedijk and Elly Jongekrijg are still one of the top lofts in The Netherlands, having just added two national young birds’ titles to their palmares in 2015. Their pigeons performed really well all season long: both the young birds and the old birds won several championship prizes in the Hoeksche Waard Entente (Province 5 South Holland). In fact, the combination did great in the entire province of South Holland, especially in the one day long distance (old birds) and in the young birds’ competition. The national championship young birds is based on the points won in the Entente in eight predetermined races, and the best six results are eventually taken into account for the final ranking. We take a look at the results in these eight races; the six prizes won by the nominated pigeons are printed in bold:

26/07  Peronne           237 km  2260 p.  27-28-30-38-41-46-48-64-66-71-80-82-179-etc.(34/57)
01/08  Morlincourt       271 km  2510 p.  1-2-5-10-11-12-13-14-15-22-23-24-25-29-41-etc.(31/57)
08/08  Nanteuil          322 km  2250 p.  2-6-8-9-14-20-22-31-33-36-37-38-45-51-etc.(38/55)
16/08  Pont-St.-Maxence  311 km  1661 p.  2-4-7-9-10-12-22-23-27-30-34-36-43-48-etc.(33/57)
22/08  Pont-St.-Maxence  311 km  1619 p.  8-20-26-45-51-52-84-87-89-130-etc.(23/50)
29/08  Troyes            391 km   938 p.  1-6-18-19-26-27-58-71-72-74-78-etc.(14/30)
06/09  Duffel             78 km  1255 p.  1-2-7-15-17-18-21-26-27-28-33-36-40-41-42-etc.(37/48)

A solid foundation

As with many top class lofts, the pigeon family of Gerard and Elly is based on a number of invaluable bloodlines. These bloodlines are capable of breeding multiple generations of prize winners. In the loft in Puttershoek nearly every racing bird is related to NL99-2411761 Bono. The Reedijk-Jongekrijg combination can also rely on an outstanding breeding pair: NL05-1441887 Daldina (a daughter of Bono) and NL03-1184211 Starlight. We introduce you to these three stock breeders, and to the youngsters and grandchildren that managed to finish in the top 25 of best national ace pigeons young birds 2015.


Bono is without doubt this loft's number one stock breeder. He is a fantastic blue coloured cock bred from the lines of the world famous Janssen brothers (Arendonk, BE). The sire of Bono is a grandson of BE82-6131298 Afgekeurde, a pigeon which he is also related to through his dam (second generation). Click here for the pedigree of Bono. Numerous first prizes were won with Bono's youngsters and grandchildren between 2003 and 2015 (by at least 27 different pigeons); an overview can be found here. A son of Bono  became 10th Best Cock in the national WHZB competition already in 2006. Bono showed his potential once again last season, since one of his young birds achieved brilliant results in 2015.

Bonita, 17th National Pigeon Champion young birds (NPO) 2015

At the age of 16 Bono bred NL15-1737088 Bonita, and this young bird became 17th National Pigeon Champion. Her achievements of 2015 also resulted in a second prize in the Ace Pigeon Championship middle distance young birds in the Hoeksche Waard Entente. The dam of Bonita is a daughter of NL06-1112729 Bumba , winner of a first prize from Blois NPO against 8,770 pigeons (3rd National 43,064 pigeons). Click here for the pedigree of Bonita.

Dr Pol, 18th Best Ace Pigeon young birds in The Netherlands (6 prizes) in PIPA ranking

The introduction of Bono proved particularly valuable in the second generation, and this shows in 2015 as well: the blue coloured cock NL15-1737055, a grandson of Bono, did great last season, finishing in 18th place in the PIPA ranking for Best Ace Pigeon young birds in The Netherlands (6 prizes). His palmares includes:

Quiévrain           2 - 3061 p.
Pont-St.-Maxence    8 - 1619 p.
Morlincourt        10 - 2510 p.

Both the dam of Dr. Pol and both her parents won a race against an average of more than 2000 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of Dr. Pol.

Kiki, 19th National Pigeon Champion young birds (NPO) 2015

The young hen NL15-1737081 Kiki, 19th National Pigeon Champion, shows that even the fourth generation of Bono descendants can make it to the top. The sire of Kiki, NL06-1112753 Spyro, won a 1st Peronne against 3636 pigeons. The dam of Kiki, NL12-1653481 Amazing, claimed victory in an NPO race from Vierzon (1st against 2275 pigeons). Amazing is a daughter of Bumba, which we mentioned earlier on in this article: she is the grandmother of Bonita. Click here for the pedigree of  Kiki.

Starlight x Daldina

Starlight and Daldina form a unique breeding pair. Daldina, a daughter of Bono, has shown to be a worthy successor of her sire. She has been in a combination with Starlight since 2006. In their first season together they bred Olympic Danica (NL06-1112764), 2nd in the Dortmund Olympiad Long Distance 2009. In 2009 the breeding pair also bred Butterfly Blue (NL09-1228001), 14th National Ace Pigeon middle distance Master Award 2011. The last young bird of the Reedijk-Jongekrijg combination that managed to finish in the top 25 of the national pigeon championship young birds in 2015 was a granddaughter of Starlight x Daldina. Click here for the top class youngsters and grandchildren of Starlight x Daldina.

Kim Lian, 25th National Pigeon Champion young birds (NPO) 2015

Kim Lian won a 2nd Troyes against 938 p. and a 3rd Morlincourt 2510 p., making her one of the best 25 young birds of 2015 at national level. The pedigree of Kim Lian, which you can find here, shows that she is related to breeding pair Starlight x Daldina, and also to pigeon of G & S Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL). The sire of Kim Lian is a brother of Yuna (NL12-1653444), which won the title of 4th National ace pigeon yearlings in the national TBOTB competition in 2013. She has won a quite a number of top prizes, including most notably a 3rd from Duffel (3669 p.), a 7th Peronne (9776 p.) and a 12th place in the national one day long distance classic from Châteauroux (13,512 p.).

NL12-1653444 Yuna (a daughter of Starlight x Daldina), 4th National Ace Pigeon Yearlings 2013 TBOTB

A remarkable achievement

They were the best fancier in 2007, and eight years later Gerard and Elly have added another national championship prize to their palmares. This is quite a remarkable achievement, which many fanciers can only dream of.