Jos and Lars Vercammen (Vremde, BE) have been winning top prizes with ease in 2015

The old and one year old pigeons have won 12 pure top 10 prizes at provincial, zonal or national level this season. The young birds have won no less than four first prizes while achieving a prize percentage of 64% on average, 50% of which were won per ten. This is the impressive palmares of Lars and Jos Vercammen.

The Vercammen family

Top results throughout the season

We have seen a lot of spectacular results from Jos and Lars Vercammen in recent seasons. They have managed to achieve great results in the national races, sometimes beating the entire field. The 2015 season was no different, and it is worth noting that father and son Vercammen have won a top prize at provincial, zonal or national level almost every single week. The icing on the cake came towards the end of the season, when they won a first prize in the zone for two consecutive weeks. This is an overview of their 12 top results:

06/06/15:  5th National (2nd Zone) Châteauroux I yearlings
13/06/15:  2nd Zonal Guéret yearlings
           9th Zonal Guéret old birds
06/07/15:  8th Zonal (5th provincial) La Souterraine I old birds
          10th Provincial La Souterraine I yearlings
11/07/15:  3rd Provincial Brive yearlings
18/07/15:  5th Provincial Jarnac old birds
           6th Provincial Jarnac yearlings
25/07/15:  9th Provincial Tulle yearlings
16/08/15:  5th Provincial Argenton II yearlings
29/08/15:  2nd National (1st Zone) Issoudun old birds
06/09/15:  2nd National (1st Zone) Châteauroux IV old birds

The old and one year old birds did great in the nationals but the team of young birds had a great season as well: they have won a first prize in four shorter middle distance races. The young birds achieved a 64% prize percentage, including 50% per ten. This is quite an achievement and it resulted in the title of 5th provincial champion middle distance young birds in Antwerp. An overview of their results with the old birds, yearlings and young birds in 2015 can be found here.

Three stars of the racing team


Zorro (BE15-6026003) was one of the strongest young birds at provincial level in the collection of father and son Vercammen. He closed a successful season with the title of 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance young birds (and 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance young birds). He is a smart racing bird and he won the following prizes in his first four races of 2015:

13/06/2015:  4th Melun   (310km) 1,288 p.
20/06/2015:  9th Melun   (310km) 1,464 p. (beaten by two loft mates)
27/06/2015:  2nd Souppes (357km) 1,351 p.
11/07/2015: 10th Souppes (357km) 1,595 p. (beaten by three loft mates)

He was scheduled to race on the 4th of July as well but the race was eventually postponed. He did win four prizes in four races, resulting in a national top 3 prize. He showed to be a successful racing bird that performs at a high level in all weather conditions. We look forward to his results in the coming racing season!

Zorro, 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance young birds 2015

Zorro's dam is Connie (BE12-6196549), a half sister of Bolleke Junior, 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB and 1st Olympiad Pigeon 2015 in Budapest. Connie originates from Dikke Blauwe, which is also the dam of the 1st interprovincial Libourne against 2,245 pigeons and which comes from 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Lucky 85. The sire of Zorro is the underrated breeder Little Panter (BE08-6144332), which has already bred the winners of a 1st Interprovincial Blois, a 2nd Provincial Châteauroux and a 3rd Provincial Limoges. Little Panter is the grandson of top class breeder Barco (BE01-6387350), whose grandchildren include 1st National Chateauroux Mustang and the winner of a 2nd Argenton 30,045 p. Click here for the full pedigree of Zorro.


Hulk (BE13-6026138) is the leading name in the old bird team. He was particularly successful in 2014, winning a 1st Poitiers 394 p. (18th zone 2,708 p.) and a 2nd Provincial Limoges 634 p. (8th National 2,298 p.). Unfortunately he failed to deliver in his first important race this season. The fanciers found out what had happened when Hulk arrived home wounded the following evening. He only just managed to recover and he was only basketed again for the race from Brive on 11 July. He won a 12th provincial against 741 pigeons, which was quite an achievement after a long and slow recovery. "He has now gained a lot of experience, and we think he will be on top of his game next season. This means we will be racing him in 2016 as well", Lars explains. Hulk also showed that he was a great breeder: his chequered son BE14-6175156 won a 3rd provincial against 842 pigeons in that same race from Brives.

Hulk is a great-grandchild of Barco, just like Zorro. The 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Leeuw (BE03-6277418) of Marc Wouters is one of his great-grandparents. These two pigeons are the grandparents of Hulk's sire Loki, which is a full brother of BE13-6026050 Origi, a provincial winner from Limoges. It shows that Hulk originates from great bloodlines on his father's side. His dam Mulan is quite talented as well: she is a full sister of Aladdin, the fastest from Bourges against 64,621 pigeons. Her dam Polina, a daughter of Leeuw, proved to be a top class breeder, being the dam of Bourges Diamond (2nd fastest from Bourges against 9,716 p.) and the grandmother of 1st Zonal Tulle 3,448 p. Polar. Click here for the full pedigree of Hulk.


The one year old Ariana (BE14-6175056) has become one of the stars in the yearling loft. She won two top prizes this season: a 9th National Châteauroux against 25,710 pigeons (4th Zonal 7,877 p.) and a 2nd Zonal Guéret against 5,821 pigeons (16th National 16,262 p.). She has excellent origins as well: her dam La Bomba (BE10-6052045), which also bred 1st National Guéret 2014 La Perla, has won several top prizes against more than 3,000 pigeons. Her sire Salgo (BE07-6221050) bred a 1st Etampes 4,157 p. and a 10th Interprovincial 6,257 p. In addition, she is also twice related to Deco (BE01-6387351), the sire of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Porto. You can find the pedigree of Ariana here.

A solid foundation

The two top class breeders Barco and Leeuw can be found in the pedigrees of each of these top quality birds. But there is more: BE13-6026245 Vespa, 2nd National Chateauroux 2015 and BE14-6175226 Eva, 2nd National Issoudun 2015, are also closely related to them. The breeding loft houses several successful descendants of Barco and Leeuw as well; we take a look at the most important breeding pigeons that were bred from Barco or Leeuw:


Last year's national winner from Chateauroux is a grandson of Barco and a great-grandchild of Leeuw. He is also related to Elektro. "This is one of the best breeders worldwide", Lars told us. This is quite a statement but this pigeon does have an impressive number of references. The youngsters of Mustang (BE14-6175237) took part in their first shorter middle distance races this season, and they showed that they are ready to compete in next year's national races as well. You can reread our report on Mustang's national win here. The full pedigree of Mustang can be found here.


As we said earlier, Origi (BE13-6026050) won a 1st Provincial Limoges 2014 against 643 pigeons. He also won a 9th Provincial Brive earlier on. He is a grandson of both Barco and De Leeuw and he is closely related to Hulk as well. The sire of Hulk is Loki and this is a full brother of Origi. His best descendant is the 163/14:

 4th Noyon          (208km) 1,206 p.
 6th Souppes        (357km) 1,155 p.
13th Souppes        (357km) 2,093 p.
41st Bourges (zone) (479km) 7,739 p.

Click here for the full pedigree of Origi.


The chequered Lotus (BE12-6196084) can look back on an excellent racing career. His prizes include:

 2nd Provincial Tulle (657 km)   847 p. (6th National 6,972 p.)
 2nd Zonal Limoges    (675 km) 2,174 p. (behind loft mate)
 5th Vierzon          (476 km)   627 p.
16th Zonal Issoudun   (504 km) 1,182 p. (38e National 5,670 p.)
49th Zonal Poitiers   (595 km) 2,538 p.

He is a grandson of Beckham (BE01-6387174), 1st provincial Argenton 2,166 pigeons, from his father's side (his sire is Jaguar). He is also a grandson of Melody, the dam of a 3rd Provincial Limoges 517 p.; she is a sister of a 1st Zonal Limoges 2,174 p. and a granddaughter of Leeuw. White Spirit, the dam of Lotus, is a granddaughter of Leeuw from her mother's side. Her sire Extreem is a true champion, having won a 1st Provincial Blois, a 2nd Provincial Argenton and Vierzon and a 3rd Provincial Châteauroux. Lotus is related to Leeuw via both his parents. These successful bloodlines can now be found in his own descendants as well, including BE14-6175181. This pigeon won a 74th National Tulle 8,621 p. and an 87th Zonal Guéret 5,821 p. Click here for the full pedigree of Lotus.


BE08-6174630 Elektro is the pigeon that Lars considers to be one of the best breeders worldwide and his references seem to prove him right. We take a look at the impressive achievements from his successful descendants:

Son Paulo (BE09-6248171):           1st Interprovincial Blois 1,519 p.
Daughter Latina (BE10-6052292):     1st Interprovincial Blois 1,165 p.
Son Samsung (BE15-6026082):         1st Souppes 9,294 p.
Daughter Shakira (BE10-6052293):    9th National Montluçon 17,865 p.
Grandson Mustang (BE14-6175237):    1st National Chateauroux 22,818 p. (fastest of 33,018 p.)
Granddaughter Eva (BE14-6175226):   2nd National Issoudun 2,216 p. (1st Zone 615 p.)
Granddaughter Alina (BE11-6282258): 3rd National Never 2,918 p. (1st Zone 633 p.)

Elektro's sire is Extreem, the top class pigeon whose prizes have been briefly discussed earlier on. He is a grandson of national ace pigeon Leeuw from his mother's side. Leeuw is also the sire of 1st National Ace Pigeon and 1st Olympiad Pigeon Ad and the grandfather of Aladdin, the fastest from Bourges against 64,621 pigeons. In other words, this is another very talented cock that follows in the footsteps of that other super class breeder Barco. Click here for the full pedigree of Elektro. An overview of Barco's breeding references can be found here.

What's next?

On the one hand we have Elektro, the invaluable breeder and several other promising new breeding cocks and on the other hand we have a long list of top results from a group of top class racing birds, including Zorro, which are ready for another great season in 2016. It goes without saying that father and son Vercammen have a bright future ahead. We wonder what the future holds for this impressive pigeon family.