Berckmoes Eric, "Young talent... Berckmoes Eric wins again..."

14 days after winning 1st and 2nd Nat. Argenton Yearlings he now again has a
superresult by winning 1st 6th 30th and 38th National La Souterraine against 3.463 pigeons

Exactly 14 days ago Eric Berckmoes won 1st National Argenton Yearlings with a hen who had exactly the same nestposition, which is beginning of the breeding period. Eric concludes that this is the perfect position, racing his hens with fresh eggs… The 1st National La Souterraine is a dark checkered hen, again biggest part of the pedigree are Albert Marcelis pigeons (see pedigree below). This hen was raced as a widowhen longer than all the other hens, that’s why she was only on fresh eggs now. In the pedigree we find a.o. 1st Nat. Bourges 1999, 2 X Boomerang who won 1st Nat. Acepigeon Long Distance club of Antwerp with the yearlings…

The hen who wins 6th National is probably THE super hen on the loft of Eric, 14 days ago she wins 2nd National Argenton against 4.822 pigeons but in the past she also won 3rd Provincial Chateauroux and won 15 on 17 prizes.

30th National was won by “Babette”, last week she won 24th Prov. Salbris against 500 p. and this year she also won 70th Nat. Bourges 10.680 p., 78th Prov. Chateauroux 4.249 p., 7th Montlucon 2.499 p., 63rd Chateauroux 4.323 p., 234th La Souterraine 6.874 p., 235th Orleans 3.631 p., like you can see, a fantastic hen.

Eric basketted 26 old birds in total, like you could read he performed very well with the old birds, but with his young birds the result wasn’t so super. The youngsters in the nest were little bit too old so the youngsters which had to race were already moulting too much…

On the race of Vichy, which is the last national race of the season, during the 2nd weekend of September, he will basket his hens with youngsters of 12 days in the nest, we are very curious!