Berckmoes Eric, "Young talented boy... Double national victory Argenton yearlings (2005)"

Not only a double national victory but also a super result with 1° 2° 29° 36° 42°………. against 4822 yearlings; in the top of the result of this race, we can find the best of the best from all belgian stars like Engels J &J, Michel Van Lint, A. Roodhooft, Houben, Van Elsacker-Jepsen….……. The sympathetic brothers Jos en Jules Engels win the national race on Argenton in the category of the old pigeons, their pigeons have been racing well the whole year already.
The winning pigeon from Eric Berckmoes is a hen, basketted when she started sitting on the eggs; earlier in the season the hen was raced on widowhood, that’s what eric is used to do, racing on total widowhood. In this time of the year however, Eric only races hens on the nest. He already won great prizes in the past, one of the most beautiful was winning Bourges national yearlings in 1999; a few weeks ago, he also won 2nd provincial Bourges ( with a son of the Olympiad pigeon of Albert Marcelis ), 1st price provincial was won by Jos and Jules Engels.

The base of Eric’s pigeons is for 90 % Albert Marcelis. Eric moved house when he was 13 years old in 1989 from Schoten to Brecht, coincidently about 200 meters away from the legend Albert Marcelis ; Eric became good friend of Albert, he helped him a lot taking care of the pigeons, especially when Albert got older and it was difficult for him to practice pigeon sport. In this way Eric got the best of the best from Albert Marcelis on his loft, as a way of thankfulness for taking care of the pigeons. He also got the 1st Olympiad pigeon speed from Albert, so we can say the base of the pigeons of eric is very strong. Now Eric races on two different places; he bought the house of Albert Marcelis, on this place he races under the name Albert Marcelis.
In 1995 Eric also started to race on his own. The 1st national is 75 % from Albert Marcelis strain, crossed with own old strain; the 2nd national is 100 % Marcelis strain ( see pedigrees ). The young pigeon racing is not the main target; the target is racing old pigeosns on the middle distance. However, Eric became King in his club St Job with old pigeons, yearlings and even youngsters.

"Zoë" 6265667/2004 - 1st national Argenton Yearlings

Performance list of "Zoë"
10th of April Quievrain 126th against 740 pigeons and 64th against 493 pigeons
24th of April Noyon 68th of 640 pigeons and 137th of 967 pigeons
1st of May Noyon 40th of 1174 pigeons and 79th of 1753 pigeons
8th of May Melun 53rd of 432 pigeons and 65th of 573 pigeons
18th of June Melun 146th against 534 pigeons
30th of July Marne 40th against 135 pigeons
13th of August Argenton 1st against 110pigeons, 1st against 675 pigeons and 1st against 4822 pigeons 

"Yanti" 6265645/2004- 2th national Argenton Yearlings

Performance list of "Yanti"
10th of April Quievrain 154th against 493 pigeons
24th of April Noyon 118th against 640 pigeons and 245th against 967 pigeons
1st of May Noyon 249thagainst 1174 pigeons and 451th against 1753 pigeons
8th of May Melun 105th against 432 pigeons and 154th against 373 pigeons
15th of May Toury 80th against 1024 pigeons and 103th against 1087 pigeons
21st of May Vierzon 21st against 233 pigeons , 103th against 1647 pigeons and 460th against 6201 pigeons
11th of June Chateauroux 139th against 862 pigeons and 582nd against 4249 pigeons
18th of June Chateauroux 2nd against 479 pigeons , 3th against 2505 pigeons; and 10th against 4323 pigeons
25 Juni Montluçon 86th against 496 pigeons 385th against 2499 pigeons
2nd of July La Souterraine 61th against 301 pigeons , 360th against 2129 pigeons and 1354th against 6874 pigeons
16 Juli Limoges 523th against 2452 pigeons and 104th against 342 pigeons
30th of July Bourges 8th against 280 pigeons and 51st against 1369 pigeons
6th of Aug Dourdan 4th against 52 pigeons
13 Aug Argenton 2nd against 110 pigeons, 2nd against 675 pigeons and 2nd against 4822 pigeons