Stefaan Lambrechts (Berlaar, BE) excels in the shorter middle distance with the young birds

Stefaan has been winning first prizes in the shorter middle distance on a weekly basis, and he is likely to take a few top prizes in the national ace pigeon championships as well. 2015 has been a great season for him; his pigeons have performed exceptionally well all year.

Stefaan and his three children Lincia, Aure and Ynthe

Tough to beat

The pigeon family of the relatively young Antwerp based young birds' pigeon fancier Stefaan Lambrechts (38) has been in grate shape all through the season. Friends and foes will have to admit that the pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts were particularly tough to beat this season. They were truly exceptional and they dominated the competition.
In 2015 the young birds managed to win a first prize in the shorter middle distance every weekend that they were basketed. This was an exceptional season indeed. Stefan thinks it has been his strongest season so far. It seems like nothing could go wrong this season.

He has won several first prizes, as well as a number of impressive overall results. The results of 2015 can be found here: part 1 and part 2.
We were not surprised to find that many of their young birds are highly talented pigeons.

Three young stars: Lincia, Aure and Ynthe

They were the leading names of the racing team. It is remarkable that the three pigeons (Lincia, Aure and Ynthe) that have a chance of winning a national ace pigeon title shorter middle distance KBDB (based on the coefficient in previous seasons) originate from the top pair Broer Rode BE08-6139992 x The 40,000 hen BE08-6140000, which is the stock pair of Dirk Van Den Bulck (now kept in the Flanders Collection). They have a collection of outstanding first prize winners. Stefaan knows that top quality birds are bred from top quality bloodlines!

Stefaan Lambrechts was really successful with pigeons of Dirk Van Den Bulck, and vice versa. Dirk has won national ace pigeon and Olympiad pigeon titles (including Olympic Rosita) as well with pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts. It is a form of cross-fertilization that has led to exceptional results in both lofts. Several more lofts have gained excellent results with Stefan's pigeons (click here to reread our previous report). Unsurprisingly, 2015 proved an outstanding season for the Belgian fancier. His title of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance young birds KBDB 2013 and 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon young birds KBDB 2010 were a prelude to a spectacular 2015.

The best shorter middle distance pigeon ever?

As you know, you should not count your chicken before they are hatched. Nonetheless, Lincia is without doubt one of the best, if not the best young bird in Stefaan's collection in the shorter middle distance. She achieved a (record breaking?) coefficient of 0.483%, which will obviously lead to a top result in the national ace pigeon championship shorter middle distance young birds KBDB. Never before has the winner of the title of national ace pigeon shorter middle distance young birds achieved a better result! We wonder if any young bird in Belgium can keep Lincia from winning the title. It would take a record breaking pigeon to beat her, which is quite unlikely.

To illustrate, we take a closer look at the palmares of this outstanding racing bird from Berlaar, along with that of some of her best team mates.

-Lincia BE15-6108145

Souppes   Union  1,243 p. 1
     Zone East     507 p. 1
Souppes   Union  2,391 p. 2
     Zone East     958 p. 1
Souppes   Union  2,031 p. 2
     Zone East     720 p. 1
Souppes Mechelen   605 p. 3
  Turnhout-Mech  1,348 p. 3
Souppes   Union  1,185 p. 7
     Zone East     401 p. 2
Souppes   Union    963 p. 15
     Zone East     301 p. 7
Quiévrain Diamant  893 p. 5

Sire: Brother Stefaan BE13-6304428
An unflown summer youngster of 2013, and a full brother of super class bird Stefaan 165/11 of Willem de Bruijn. He comes from Broer Goed Blauw BE03-6106302 (a super class racing bird and sire of 1st Ace Pigeon Noyon '10) x Roziers Hen, a pigeon of Jelle Roziers that comes directly from Houben (from the line of Olympiad Pigeon Herbie).

Dam: Mother Esther BE11-6167138
Esther was 2nd Ace Pigeon middle distance prov. 8 in 2014 for Eijerkamp. Mother Esther is a daughter of Olympic Poot BE09-6293898 (grandson of Olympiad Pigeon 2002 Liévin of Leo Heremans) x Van Den Bulck Hen BE10-6342498 (daughter of stock pair Broer Rode BE08/6139992, sire of 7 first prize winners x the ’40,000 hen’ BE08-6140000, dam of 6 first prize winners).

Click here for the full pedigree of Lincia

-Aure BE15-6108178

Souppes   Union    963 p. 1
     Zone East     301 p. 1
Gien      Region 2,124 p. 9
          Prov.  7,128 p. 24
Souppes   Union  1,185 p. 28
     Zone East     401 p. 4
Souppes   Union  3,342 p. 54
     Zone East   1,619 p. 33
Souppes   Union    796 p. 30
     Zone East     339 p. 10
Souppes   Union  1,243 p. 54
     Zone East     507 p. 36
Noyon    Diamant 1,327 p. 25

Sire: Zoon Blauwe Beer BE14-6091891
A direct Dirk Van Den Bulck, bred from Blauwe Beer BE11-6269940 (super class racer and winner of 1st Ace Pigeon old birds Quiévrain, 1st Ace Pigeon yearlings Quiévrain and 2nd Ace Pigeon young birds Quiévrain, and a son of Broer Rode 992/08 x de 40,000 Hen 000/08) x Daughter Goede Rode BE13-6139983 (half sister of Kittel, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint young birds KBDB 2013… and bred from Goede Rode BE08-6139996 x Stock Dam BE02-6219637 Van den Bulck).

Dam: Pauw-duivin NL13-1036964
A direct Herman Pauw from Son Di Caprio BE09-6040722 (a direct Dirk Van Dyck) x Full Sister Olympic Bol BE12-6055517 Kas Meijers
Click here for the full pedigree

-Ynthe BE15-6108197

Bourges   Union  1,349 p. 5
          Prov   4,527 p. 11
          Zone  10,308 p. 10
          Nat   36,307 p. 50
Souppes   Union  1,779 p. 5
Souppes   Union  2,031 p. 9
Souppes   Union  2,391 p. 18
Souppes   Union  3,342 p. 28
Souppes   Union    796 p. 26
     Zone East     339 p. 7
Souppes   Union  1,185 p. 83
     Zone East     401 p. 18
Quiévrain Diamant  893 p. 18

Sire: Father Ynthe BE14-6091857
A direct Dirk Van Den Bulck. A direct son of the invaluable stock pair Broer Goede Rode BE08-6139992 x 40,000 hen BE08-6140000.

Dam: Asduifke BE06-6053510
Ace Pigeon Noyon young birds 2006; a direct Bart Henderickx.
Click here for the full pedigree of Ynthe

Stefaan achieved great results with his young hens but his team of young cocks was quite successful as well. These are a few of his male prize winners:

-Victor BE15-6108166: 1st Melun 1,194 p., 3rd Noyon 1,327 p. You can find his palmares and pedigree here.
-Marcel BE15-6108188: 1st Souppes 401 p., 3rd Pont 2,695 p., 3. Souppes 1,243 p. His palmares and pedigree can be found here.

What caught our attention is that the parents of many of these champions are still fairly young themselves. This means Stefaan Lambrechts can count on these breeders for years to come.

2015 proved an incredible season, his best ever. He managed to win a first prize in the shorter middle distance every single week, which is phenomenal!