Malfait Dieter, "1st nat Dax"

Dieter Malfait from Jabbeke

Father Fernand and his sons Serge & Dieter Malfait from Jabbeke have achieved a wonderful result from Dax. They have won the 1st national prize, their second pigeon from 4 basketted arrived 20th and all that against 6 176 pigeons! Internationaly it is good for the 3rd and the 29th place against 17 430 pigeons. And that is not the end of it! Already in 1996 they won the national and international flight from Dax, back then it was against 6 491 pigeons.

In 1997 they became the 3rd champions of Belgian Extreme Long Distance and the same year they also had the Olympic pigeon in long distance at Gran Canaria. Fortunately, even after these result they managed to keep a cool head, although it was not easy to resist the financial amounts that were being offered for that pigeon. He is now the key breeding cock in their loft and has already fathered two national winners.

Bettinni, also known as the “Dax 3203394/01”

“Bettinni” is a blue cock, born in September 2001. He drew attention already as a yearling when he then flew 530th from Limoges.
In 2003 he flew national Castres 87th against 4 101, national Dax 83rd against 5 026, national Perpignan 13th against 7 537 and international Perpignan 29th against 16 800. This year he raced Brive national 1971th against 19 477 and Pau 180th against 2 118 pigeons.
“ Bettinni” is a son of the “Ontsnapten”, who himself is the son of the “Olympiade duif” coupled with the “Gouden Kweekduivin”. The “Olympiade duif” was bought from Jerome Dherk from Langemark. There he came from lines Decroix x Lietaer and Desmet x Devoogt. “De Gouden Kweekduivin” comes from the best Lourdes pigeon in 5 years. The mother of Bettinni is “De dochter Limoges”. “De Limoges”, her father, is a brother of the international winner of Dax 1996. He himslef has flown three times a first prize from Limoges. “De Limoges” is a son of the “Olympiade duif” coupled with “473/ 90”, a pure Gaby Vandenabeele hen acquired from the reporter Gerry from Oostkamp.

After a pleasant chat I had to admit once again that in the pigeons sport it is always the same thing that work. The Malfait family keeps the sport as simple as possible, the lofts are cleaned only once a year, the food lies in abundant quantities on the floor, the loft is located in the area for chicken, ..etc, and still they achieve one top performance after the other. You have to have quality inside your loft and if you keep them healthy they can do amazing things. “It is a pity that “Bettinni” won the 1st national” Fernand tells me. He would have rather clocked him as a second pigeon, that way he would still be able to race him on Perpignan ...