Boterberg Patrick, "1st national Biarritz (2004)"

Patrick & Hector Boterberg, Aalst

This year was Biarritz a very hard race, mainly due to the liberation at noon on a very hot day and a strong head wind. The national winner and also the 2nd international was the two year old blue white feathered “Gonzales” from the loft of Patrick Boterberg, from Aalst. The pigeon arrived at 12:51. Like most fanciers, Patrick expected the pigeons a lot earlier so when the cock came from the east nobody expected this pigeon to be the 1st national Biarritz. The surprise was big when they heard this pigeons was the first pigeon in whole of Belgium.

The 46-year old Patrick has been familiar with pigeons since his childhood, because his father Hector kept pigeons since 1968. But Patrick didn’t raise his first pigeons at the loft of his father but at the loft of “uncle Gust”, who died a couple of weeks later in an accident. That same year, 1975, was a real success year for his father Hector who won the 1st national ace pigeon young pigeons KBDB.
From 1986 on they raced pigeons under the name ‘father and son Boterberg’. In 87 they collected their first long distance pigeons from Emiel Colla from Maaseik. Later on they received support from the loft De Vadder-Valkenborghs from Haaltert and from Maurice Neuten from Vlierzele. All three of these lofts are represented in the origine of the national winner.
Since 2004 Patrick Boterberg races only under his own name, although father Hector gives his helping hand on a regular basis. The season started with 33 widowers (21 old ones and 12 yearlings) and there were about 60 early youngsters bred. The youg pigons are only trained, the yearlings follow the schedule of the middle distance (Argenton, Limoges and Chateauroux), to be able to take on the big jobs later on, when they are two years old.

"Winners are born out of winners"
, some say. Well, it was clearly the truth in this case.
The father of Gonzales, called "zot-Barcelona", was a true champion, for the Boterberg loft he won in 2000 the two as well as three year classification of the Barcelona Club in Bruge. In total, he flew Barcelona succesfuly five times, where his best results were 71st, 77th and 283rd national.
The mother of Gonzales, is a top breeding hen that has alrady brought many succesful pigeons to the world.
Gonzales was a late youngster in 2002 and was not trained. As a yearling he flew the middle distance schedule and achieved two prizes, specifficaly Dourdan 170/538 and Argenton 49/535.
Thia year he flew Vierzon 133/781, Chateauroux 34/384, then again Chateauroux 22/271. Then he unfortunatelly missed a prize Argenton and at Blois, but he could make up for his faults by working hard at Biarritz with a known result.
1st national and 2nd international.
Gonzales will be a valuable asset for the Boterberg loft in the future.

We congratulate Patrick on this wonderful result.

Pedigree of the national winner of Biarritz " GONZALES"

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