Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) puts in an impressive overall result from Cahors

Chris had 4 pigeons finish in the club’s top 10, the provincial top 50 and the national top 100, and he won six prizes with six pigeons. His strongest four pigeons were actually his first four nominated! This race has been a great success both in terms of results and financially.

Both the national races from Cahors and Gueret were scheduled this weekend, and it turned out to be quite a memorable weekend for Chris Hebberecht. We all know that Chris has been one of Belgium’s best long distance fanciers for many years. The long distance and extreme long distance are his two favourite disciplines, and he has managed to achieve brilliant results in both of them.

Cahors was another race where the Hebberecht pigeons have really managed to excel. Chris won 6 prizes with 6 pigeons or a 100% prize percentage, as well as 4 top prizes at national level. His nominated pigeons arrived home in the following order: 2-1-3-4-5-6.

Cahors lokaal  247 olds: 4-7-9-10-27-71 (6/6)
       Prov  1,357 olds: 15-33-35-36… (6/6)
       Nat   6,576 olds: 30-85-92-93-288-1114 (6/6)

The group of four pigeons that was responsible for this achievement consisted of three direct sons of Jaws (three half brothers bred from the same sire but with a different partner), as well as a son of stock breeder Champion:

-Elton BE10-4095258: winner of 4th club, 15th prov. and 30th national, as second nominated.
He is a son of Jaws BE07-4081813, winner of a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010. His impressive palmares includes an 8th Nat. Brive 17,456 p., 12th Nat. Souillac 3,290 p., 26th Nat. Cahors 8,651 p., 32nd Nat. Souillac 7,039 p., 58th Nat. Limoges 10,448 p., 1st Chateauroux 517 p. Jaws is a son of Pokémon x Geschelpt Mother Jaws, or a pairing of son x granddaughter of stock sire Bjorn. Elton's dam is Dochter Pancho BE04-4437279, which is also the dam of Ian (21st Nat. Souillac 7,760 p., 49th Nat. Montauban 6,822 p., 82nd Nat. Brive 8,331 p.) and Diamond (1st club and 13th Nat. Tulle 8,323 p.).
Elton had already won a 16th Nat. Montauban 5,935 p., a 125th Nat. Limoges 18,390 p., a 107th Nat. Souillac 7,760 p. Click here for his full pedigree and palmares.

Edou: 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2013 and now 1st nominated from Cahors.

-Edou BE10-4302423: winner of the title of 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2013. He was basketed as first nominated for Cahors and wins a 7th club, 33rd Prov. and 85th national. He is a son of stock sire Champion BE01-4094638 (1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005) x Roos BE07-4081956, a hen from a joint breeding of Chris Hebberecht and N. & F.Norman (a daughter of super class breeder Zorro – Norman x Zus AXL – Hebberecht. AXL was 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 2005).
Click here for Edou's full pedigree and palmares.

-Eros BE10-4316306: was basketed as 3rd nominated and wins a 9th club, a 35th prov. and a 92nd national.
He is also a son of Jaws BE07-4081813, which was now paired to Brooke BE08-4130386, winner of a 16th Bourges 1,175 p. and a 236th N.Zone A 11,929 p. (she is a daughter of Pancho Champion x Schoon Bleekje).
Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of Eros.

-Molenaar BE11-4306495: this was the 4th nominated from Cahors and winner of a 10th club, 36th prov. and 93rd national.
He is a son of Jaws BE07-4081813, as well, and his dam is Eurootje DV06720-08-1337, a direct Dr H.P.Brockamp (from top pigeon Euro Diamond x Sister Mistral).
De Molenaar won eerder reeds 1e lokaal Libourne 168 d., 2e Prov 1.480 d., 5. Nat 6.658 d….
Bekijk hier zijn volledige pedigree en prestatielijst.

Both his first yearling and his first old bird in the race from Gueret were also his first nominated. In addition, his fastest two yearlings were also his first and second nominated.

Gueret   club 543 olds:    6-55-59-74-76-139-140-149… (9/11)
        Nat 12,516 old:    290-13147-1370-1726-1760-2920-2924-3094 (8/11)
Gueret club 732 yearlings: 11-26… (with 1st and 2nd nominated) (6/16)

This performance from Cahors opens up new perspectives, especially with the long distance classics that are now coming up in short succession. A Hebberecht pigeon in good shape has great potential, as you can tell from previous seasons. And we have no reason to believe they would not be in great form this season. We reckon that the race from Cahors was just an appetizer, a prelude to an impressive 2015 season. Congratulations Chris and Kathy!