Pigeon theft at Gaston Van de Wouwer’s loft (Berlaar, BE) - update: camera footage

In the night of 26 September, 18 pigeons were stolen at the loft of Gaston Van de Wouwer, 15 young pigeons and 3 pigeons that Gaston was going to sell on PIPA in 2 weeks time.

When Gaston Van de Wouwer stepped out into his backyard that morning he noticed the grass had been stepped on. Upon further inspection it appeared a window at the back of the loft had been broken. Through this window the thieves entered the loft where they were able to take 18 pigeons. The pigeons that were to be sold on PIPA are Leentje (BE12-6023244) and two of her young that had stayed at the loft in Berlaar until they were a bit older.

Gaston’s property is guarded by security cameras. Police has already been at the scene and are currently investigating the images.

UPDATE: camera footage from outside and inside the loft