Team GPS perform at the top in the sprint races in Department 3 Oost-Brabant

Team GPS has been making a name for itself for quite some time. And they will get increasingly famous thanks to the quality they have at their disposal at their breeding centre.

In Holland there is a saying: 'What's good, comes quickly.' This certainly applies to Team GPS. The have been performing at an increasingly higher level. In Department 3 Oost-Brabant they are part of the cream of the crop in the sprint races. In the next coming years, they will focus on the NPO races. The two men behind this successful team are Ype Hemstra (52) and Lex de Jongh (43). Two friends who joined forces and started racing under the name Team GPS in 2009. Together with top fancier Leo Heesakkers (64), who is loft manager of the team, Team GPS is a true trinity.

In the past few years, many first prizes were won at the racing lofts of Team GPS (Heeswijk-Dinther, NL). No less than 15 cllub and 6 district victories were achieved in the 2014 season. This amounts to 33 district victories since 2009. Not easy if you take into account that they're racing against about 75 fanciers including dyed-in-the-wool stars such as C. Leijtens (Oostelbeers, NL) and B. v.d. Brand (Boxtel, NL). In their own club, they have even won 115 first prizes, 114 second prizes and 116 third prizes in five years' time. No need to wonder who performed better. I therefore wouldn't want to withhold these district results of 2014 from you:

Nijvel  140 km 1,474 birds: 1-4-6-7-17-18-19-20-etc (34/65)
Vervins 232 km 1,466 birds: 1-4-5-10-11-14-etc (46/66)
Feluy   153 km   834 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10 etc (31/42)
Laon    265 km   305 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-etc (30/40)
Feluy   153 km 1,588 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-10-11-12-13-14-15-etc (62/70)
Feluy   153 km   486 birds: 1-2-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-19-etc (36/37)
Gien    485 km   320 birds: 1-4-5-7-18-etc (13/24)
Feluy   153 km   343 birds: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-10-11-13-etc (31/42)

Racing loft in Heeswijk-Dinther

A never-ending quest for ace pigeons and star fanciers has resulted in Team GPS having a high-quality breeding collection at their disposal. In this breeding loft, the basis of their success is being laid. Other fanciers have also reaped the fruits of this loft. The basis of the sprint game is established by the very fast Gust Jansen and Leo Heremans birds. Ype Hemstra has been acquiring pigeons from these two fanciers since 2005. After a very thorough selection process, there are now a few bloodlines present resulting in one success after the other. The Hero bloodline is doing great, for example. This direct Gust Jansen cock is a grandson of Peggy and Asduif 908 and his offspring has won first prizes up to the fourth generation. A hen from a granddaughter of Hero won a 6th NPO on a very tough race from Troyes with headwind.

A great son of Hero is NL11-5014194 Jonge Hero. This magnificent chequered cock won 10 prizes per 100. One of his direct sons is 1st Ace Bird Late Races Old Birds in District 1 of CC Midebo. This cock in his turn has bred Senza, winner of 1st Sens of 1,459 birds (including teletext) and 1st Feluy of 343 birds. Click here for the entire pedigree of NL11-5014194 Jonge Hero. Another rapid ace is NL11-5014290 Speed Dragon. He won three first prizes in CC Midebo and two of his children are now part of Team GPS's best racers. Check out the pedigree of NL11-5014290 Speed Dragon here.

Next season, the very best of Stefaan Lambrechts will reinforce this year's racing team. As said before, Team GPS focuses increasingly on the NPO races. Given the multiple times they have been mentioned on Teletext, this has been a successful choice. It can be ascribed to the very best of Pieter Veenstra, Arie Dijkstra, Jan Hooymans, the Scheele Brothers, Rudi de Saer and Gaby Vandenabeele that is housing their lofts. In addition, super performance pigeons and/or pigeons having exceptional breeding qualities and an eye-catching pedigree were acquired. For example, Team GPS bought a young hen called Vici which won two first prizes against a high number of birds. One of her sons won a 3rd prize in the young bird NPO race from Morlincourt against 8735 pigeons at C. van de Wetering's in 2014.

Beauty Harry, a direct son of Jan Hooymans's legendary Harry, is a special bird as well. In 2014 he bred a small amount of children for the racing team. In Department 7, one of his sons won a 9th NPO Troyes against 6,372 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of NL14-1219811 Hawky Harry. A halfbrother of Beauty Harry called Inbred Harry also populates the lofts. This cock comes from Harry (1st-1st-3rd NPO) x Doutzen (10th NPO). Doutzen is a sister of Harry.

Other aces of Team GPS are Zoon Bliksem and children of Rudy, Neptunes, Jason, Butler and James Bond, all direct Gaby Vandenabeele and, through the breeders, Rudy de Saer, one of Belgium's top candidates for winning the national championship KBDB. The bloodline of Neptunes performs wonderfully at Rudi de Saer's. Team GPS anticipates and crosses the Bliksem bloodline with the Neptunes line, producing extraordinary results.

Last but not least is Broer Dolce Vita. This is a direct Pieter Veenstra and full brother of his wondrous hen Dolce Vita. This year, Broer Dolce Vita's first child immediately won a 2nd prize in the district race from Fely and a 3rd in the club race from Gien (485 km).

Looking at the quality populating this great breeding centre, Team GPS has certainly made its pile. In the coming years, Team GPS's success and that of others racing their birds will confirm that. It is the logical result of the top quality they have in stock.