Serge Dhondt (Deinze, BE) discovers the outstanding breeding qualities of Vaillant, Blue Princess and Celientje!

The pigeon family of Serge Dhondt has had a great 2014 season, winning several first prizes and achieving excellent overall results. This is thanks to a lot of hard work, an experienced fancier, and of course a collection of pigeons based on a solid breed, originating from the bloodlines of three outstanding breeding dams.



Serge Dhondt was facing several challenges this season. First of all, he introduced his own nutrition products (Dhoca mixtures) this season, and he also decided to adopt a different approach in 2014. He agreed with long distance champion Etienne Meirlaen to race Etienne’s first round of young birds in his own loft in Deinze. Both lofts would take advantage from this approach.
Etienne Meirlaen carefully trains his young birds to prepare them for future seasons, but he does not race them too often in their first season. The reason is that Etienne wants to get an idea of the potential of his new team of breeders as quickly as possible. He has to rely on this new breeders’ team after he sold his collection of old birds in late 2012. As a result, Serge Dhondt got the chance to get his hands on a round of young birds from the breeding loft of one of our country's leading pigeon lofts, and to put them to the test in the national young birds' races, along with the young birds from his own breeding loft.

This was the start of the Meirlaen-Dhondt combination. A new loft was built in Deinze, where the young birds of Meirlaen could be trained. It is fair to say that the young birds' team of this combination had a number of great results in their first season. They won no less than seven first prizes, including both a 1st and 2nd in four different races, along with other great overall results and a number of national second places. This was without doubt an excellent first season (click here for the results of the young birds in 2014).

The old birds and the yearlings of Serge Dhondt (raced under his own name) achieved a number of outstanding results as well, including several first prizes. This makes 2014 a splendid season.

Passion, dedication and hard work - the key to success

The Serge Dhondt pigeon family has been one of the household names in the region for quite a while now, thanks to hard work, top quality pigeons and an eye for talent. Serge is an ambitious man who is always looking for improvement, trying to raise the bar every season. It seems his pigeons are just as enthusiastic as their fancier, who knows how to prepare his racing birds for the important races and the big national classics. He tries to reach his goals by breeding new pigeons from his proven breeders, which he then tries to push to their limits with good nutrition and training.

Super class breeder Vaillant, the dam of the candidate for 1st or 2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance

Serge's breeding hen Vaillant illustrates his eye for talent: his attention was immediately drawn to this hen at the auction of the young fancier Jens Loobuyck. Luckily for him, none of the other fanciers attending the auction seemed to show any interest in this pigeon, and so Serge could give her a place in his loft in Deinze. She quickly developed into a world class breeding hen, and she is now an invaluable stock dam in Deinze.

The pigeon that really underlined the outstanding breeding qualities of this hen, even at international level, is without doubt Dieudonné, which is raced in the lofts of his colleague John Meurysse from Oeselgem.

-Dieudonné BE12-3127103

Canidate 1st or 2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2014
’14 Brive     Nat.  5,287 p. 8   (0.1513)
’14 Limoges I Nat. 18,390 p. 53  (0.2882)
’14 Cahors    Nat.  7,140 p. 26  (0.3641)
’14 Tours     Prov. 6,400 p. 96
’13 Tulle     Zone  2,203 p. 9
              Nat.  6,972 p. 59
’13 Poitiers  Nat. 13,135 p. 183
              Zone  3,342 p. 63
’13 Fontenay  Prov. 2,903 p. 41
’13 Argenton  Prov. 3,024 p. 87
'13 Fontenay  Prov. 6,728 p. 239

The first three achievements are taken into account for the national ace pigeon championship KBDB 2014, resulting in an overall coefficient of 0.8036%.
He originates from a superior family of top class racing pigeons bred in a joint breeding of John Meurysse and Serge Dhondt.

Sire: Bounty BE05-4112240
An excellent breeder for John Meurysse, and a son of Bonte Piens II BE00-4107408 (a half brother of James Bond, 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005) x Bleek Bondgirl BE04-4201825 (a direct daughter of that same James Bond BE04-4055007, 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005).

Dam: Vaillant BE09-4103977
A dam of Serge Dhondt, who purchased her at the total auction of Jens Loobuyck from Bellem. She is a daughter of the amazing young crack Fantoom BE08-4147291, winner of several great results:

’10 Limoges   Nat  10,448 p. 15
’10 Tulle     Nat   6,695 p. 44
’10 Vierzon   Prov  7,030 p. 47
’09 Argenton  Prov  5,627 p. 75
’10 Souillac  Nat   8,045 p. 94
’09 Tulle     Nat   7,467 p. 182

De Fantoom (a son of Barcelona 236/07 of Van Damme Boddaert x Daughter 1st Nat. Perigueux 244/07) was paired to Moeder Vaillant BE08-4147280 (from a son of Blauwe Raket - 1st Nat. Souillac Van Damme-Boddaert x Carlo hen 616/02 - a granddaughter of Laureaat Barcelona, winner of a 1st Intnat. Barcelona 1995).

Thanks to his impressive results, Dieudonné is one of the big candidates for the title of first or second National Ace Pigeon, which illustrates the excellent breeding value of Vaillant (Dieudonné finished in second place in the official championship results, but the KBDB is currently investigating the results of the pigeon that currently holds the first place). He is just one of many excellent pigeons bred from Vaillant, including such stars as Dieumerci, Bounty Girl, Spider, and Meteoriet. These are all phenomenal racing pigeons and superior cracks bred from an outstanding dam.
Click here to get an idea of the breeding qualities of Vaillant.

Blue Princess and Celientje: great racers and breeders

The loft of Serge Dhondt is home to two other hens that have what it takes to breed prize winners: Blue Princess and Celientje. They are closely related, they have won several first prizes themselves and they have in turn bred a new generation of successful racing birds and promising youngsters.

-Blue Princess BE09-4079172

1st Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance 2010 Long Distance Club Eeklo
1st Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance 2011 Long Distance Club Eeklo
2nd Ace Pigeon cat. B in FCI Continental Cup Budapest.
3rd  National Argenton     7,358 p.
18th National Chateauroux 20,139 p… etc.

The racing and breeding references of Blue Princess
The pedigree of Blue Princess

She is a princess in every sense of the word. A young bird from the fourth round, she only did a few training flights in her first year. That did not prevent her from having two splendid seasons in Deinze, both as a yearling and as a two year old. Her inherent qualities allowed her to win an impressive number of prizes, as you can tell from the picture above. She has been in the breeding loft since 2012, as the dam and grandmother of several first prize winners. We cannot stress enough that great pigeons breed great pigeons - it is part of their DNA. In addition, top quality racing hens appear to develop into great breeders more often than cocks do. Blue Princess is a perfect example, as well as Celientje.

-Celientje BE12-4215879

2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2012
7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2012
Angerville     693 p. 1
Angerville   1,199 p. 6
Orleans        693 p. 10
     Prov    4,049 p. 92
Montrichard    443 p. 1
     Prov    2,178 p. 2

The list of achievements of Celientje

You can tell from the pedigree of Celientje that she is closely related to the invaluable Blue Princess. Her grandfather from her mother's side is Voodoo BE03-4414473, which is the nest brother of Elictric BE03-4414474. Elictric is in turn the grandfather of Blue Princess.

Serge Dhondt appreciated the value of both breeding hens, which have laid the basis for generations of highly talented pigeons with great potential in the national races of the longer middle distance and the long distance.

A new challenge for the future

The combination gained excellent results with the young birds this season, and so the Meirlaen family and Serge Dhondt decided to discuss their future plans after the national race from Gueret. They agreed to further focus on the Meirlaen-Dhondt combination, meaning that their pigeons will be raced in Deinze under this joint name only. The team from Deinze will consist of a round of young birds from the lofts in Deurle, as well as a round of young birds that Serge bred in his own loft. This is the reason why Serge’s own breeding and racing birds, which have done very well until 2014, will now be sold in an online auction on PIPA. The next challenge for the ambitious fanciers will be to create a successful yearlings’ team for the long distance and the extreme long distance, and to perform well in the national young birds’ races next season. We look forward to next season, good luck!