Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) is the big favourite for the title of 1st National Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB 2014

Widely regarded as one of Belgium's most successful long distance fanciers, he started the season as the number one favourite for the long distance championship. His goal was to win a national title or national ace pigeon title this season, and he has a likely chance of taking one of these titles, which would be mission succeeded and a dream come true.

The pigeon family of Rudi De Saer has had a flying start to the season for sure, demonstrating their strength with a 1st-2nd-3rd provincial against 6,400 old birds in the first preparatory race from Tours on 17 May. This impressive feat made him the number one favourite for the national long distance opener of the season from Limoges. Rudi was able to match the expectations, although he had to be satisfied with a second prize at national level (1st provincial). He was able to win his first national victory of 2014 just two weeks later, as his supercrack New Tours took the win from Cahors. It was a new highlight for the pigeon family from Ruiselede, and a great start to the 2014 long distance season!

Rudi did not compete in the national race from Montauban, instead focusing on Limoges II, for which the entire long distance team had been prepared, just like for Limoges I and Cahors. The idea to basket his entire team for the same races is a new approach that seems to work well. For one, it allows him to keep the pigeons quiet in the weekends in between races. Basketing your entire team for the same races makes nutrition and training a lot easier as well. The only real downside is that some weekend have no races. Besides, focusing on a limited number of races can be quite risky as well, for instance if your pigeons have to fly in difficult weather conditions. This is a choice the fancier has to make.

This is how Rudi De Saer wanted to tackle the 2014 season with his racing birds, focusing on a limited number of races. It allowed his team to win several great prizes this season. The race from Limoges II proved a great success as well, with his first and second nominated winning a national top result. The main goal was now to achieve a fourth top result to increase his chances of winning the national long distance championship title KBDB 2014.His pigeons had three more chances in the races from Brive, Jarnac and Tulle, but Rudi had to wait for the final race from Tulle to win that crucial fourth result.

We take a look at the results with which Rudi De Saer hopes to win the title of national champion long distance old birds KBDB 2014 in Halle:

31/5 Limoges I National 18,390 p.: 6  (0.0326%) + 176 (0.9570%)
14/6 Cahors National     7,140 p.: 1  (0.0140%) + 176 (2.4649%)
07/7 Limoges II National 7,221 p.: 17 (0.2354%) + 114 (1.5787%)
30/7 Tulle National      5,976 p.: 42 (0.7028%) + 373 (6.2416%)
Overall coefficent: 12.2270%

This is a remarkably low overall coefficient, and almost 50% lower compared to the coefficient with which the combination of Sauvage-Duran have won last year’s national long distance championship (22.9495%). This is quite impressive!

The main goal of this season was of course to try and win a national first prize, a national title or a national ace pigeon title. We think there are not that many fanciers with such tough goals before the start of the season. They have set a high bar indeed!

A key role for New Tours, Neymar, and Favoriet

The interesting part about this achievement is that the best results were won by the three big champions of this loft Neymar, New Tours and Favoriet, three incredibly strong long distance pigeons. However, things could have turned out differently after the national victory of New Tours from Cahors. New Tours was the leader of the team, and Rudi had doubts about whether or not he should continue basketing him after his national win. It would be a great risk, but pigeons like New Tours are quite rare. This is the type of pigeon you need if you have the ambition of winning a national championship title. Rudi De Saer it was a tough choice to make.
During the preparations for the race from Limoges II, the weather forecast suddenly changed for the worse, and so Rudi quickly decided to give his New Tours a place in the breeding loft instead of racing him again. New Tours was in fact the fourth national winner to join Rudi’s team of breeders! 

New Tours was replaced by De Favoriet, winner of a second National Limoges I 2014, and he was basketed together with Neymar as first and second nominated. This De Favoriet managed to finish in 17th national Limoges II. The two pigeons achieved a brilliant result in the race from Tulle, a crowning achievement after an impressive long distance season. It was the fourth result that Rudi was hoping to achieve for the national championship long distance old birds KBDB 2014.

We take a closer look at the key actors of his loft and their most important results:

-New Tours BE10-3020802

 1. Cahors   Nat           7,136 (2014)
 1. Arras                  264
 1. Tours    prov (450km)  515
 1. Limoges  prov (636km)  790
11. Tours    prov.         3,526
15. Bourges  prov (450km)  3,125
19. Tours    prov          6,400 (na 4 hokgenoten)
 3. Limoges  prov          2,890
 6. Limoges  nat          14,679
11. Limoges  prov          2,441
18. Limoges  nat          13,781
79. Limoges  prov          3,434
176 Limoges  nat          18,390 (2014)
 6. Souillac prov (700km)  1,069 (2013)
10. Souillac nat           5,282

You can find a full list of achievements and his pedigree here

-Neymar BE12-3120018

 6. Limoges I nat ’14 (636 km)18,390 (1104 m/min)
 9. Gueret N.Zone ’13(555 Km)  2,222 (1614 m/min)
10. La Souterraine nat ’13    11,236 (1136 m/min)
28. Souillac nat ’13 (699 Km)  3,641 (1025 m/min)
42. Tulle    nat ’14 (624 Km)  5,976 (1276 m/min)
107 Tulle    nat ’13           6,972 (1316 m/min)
114 Limoges II nat ’14         7,221 (1254 m/min)
176 Cahors   nat ’14 (742 Km)  7,140 ( 994 m/min)

Click here for a full list of achievements and his pedigree

- Favoriet BE11-3123742

In 2012:
 4. Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
 4. Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
40. Châteauroux Nat  15,904 (club 1°/ 197)
 7. Argenton    Prov  2,844 (club 2°/ 263)
88. Montluçon   Prov  2,609
33. Tours       Prov    885
66. Tours       Prov  3,486
88. Montluçon   Prov  2,609

In 2013:
41. Souillac    Nat   5,282 (club 4°/ 118)
61. Montlucon   Prov  2,360
 3. Tulle       Prov  1,012 (club 2°/ 172)
69. Tulle       Nat   7,350
103 Argenton    Prov  2,650
229 Tours       Prov  4,390
871 Limoges     Nat  14,271

In 2014:
 1. Limoges     Prov  3,434
 2. Limoges I   Nat  18,407 
 2. Fontenay    Club    509                       
21. Fontenay    WVOU  7,568
 3. Tours       Prov  6,400 (after 2 loft-mates)
17. Limoges II  Nat   7,221  
373 Tulle       Nat   5,976 

Click here for a full list of achievements and a pedigree

Remarkably, a lot of today’s most successful De Saer pigeons are based on his stock dam ’t Goedje. She is the dam of New Tours (1st Nat. Cahors) and Antonio (1st Nat. Souillac), as well as his old champions Tours and Bleken. She is also the grandmother of Favoriet. Neymar and Rainman (1st Nat. St. Vincent for Martin De Poorter, de kolonie De Saer), two other top class pigeons of today’s generation are great-grandchildren of the top class breeding pair Perigueux x Corry, which is the breeding line which both New Tours and Favoriet are related to.

These are the invaluable bloodlines that provided the basis for the many long distance successes of Rudi De Saer and his team. Many of his opponents consider him the number one favourite in the long distance competition, if not the best long distance pigeon fancier in Belgium. A title of national champion long distance 2014 would confirm his status as a top class pigeon fancier. Congratulations!