He did it again. Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) takes the national win as the number one favourite

He had been considered the big favourite for weeks, which did not make things easier for him. And yet, he did what everybody expected him to do: he claimed the national first prize from Cahors. This was quite an achievement by Rudi Desaer, something we do not see very often!

Many fanciers will never be able to meet the expectations of other fanciers. But once in a while, a fancier is capable of delivering the expected results, and Rudi’s national win from Cahors is the perfect example. He is one of the few fanciers that were able to claim the victory as the country’s big favourite. That is what makes you a great champion in any sport.

It all started on 17th May with a 1st-2nd-3rd provincial from Tours against 6,400 pigeons in excellent weather conditions and a slight headwind. These conditions allowed the De Saer pigeons to use not only their intelligence but their strength to make a difference. And that is what they did. All eyes were now on the pigeons from Ruiselede for the first national long distance race of 2014 from Limoges, with Rudi De Saer now being the man to beat. They were indeed the strongest breed in the race, but it was Jordy Limoges of Wilson Dekens that managed to take the national win from Limoges. The pigeons of Rudi De Saer achieved an impressive overall result, winning a 1st prov. Limoges against 3,434 olds (and 10 pigeons in the provincial top 100 plus 16 prizes per 10), as well as a 2nd and 6th national prize. In addition, Rudi’s team of yearlings claimed the win at provincial level from Bourges against 3,324 pigeons. We wrote on our website that they had a great weekend, but without the cherry on the cake.

What we did not know back then, is that the cherry on the cake was to follow soon. Just two weeks after their successful race from Limoges, Rudi basketed 22 long distance champions for Cahors, which had similar racing conditions compared to the previous two races. The pigeons had excellent racing conditions and a strong headwind, making for a tough day. The pigeons of De Saer did not allow any other pigeon to pass them this time, and their performance met the expectations of many fanciers, who had seen their impressive results over the past few weeks. Rudi took an impressive national win with his supercrack New tours, which was the first pigeon to arrive from Cahors at 18:18’28.8”, completing 741.937km with a velocity of 1062.22 m/min. He was the first pigeon in the club and he was the fastest pigeon in the preliminary results on PIPA. Rudi had to wait and see if any other pigeon would be able to exceed the performance of his New Tours, but they did not even come close. Rudi De Saer added another national victory to his list of achievements, so it was time to celebrate! This victory illustrates that this he has without doubt one of the strongest long distance lofts in Belgium, home to some of the country’s best pigeons over 500 to 800km.

A brilliant win by New Tours

New Tours is the big star of this loft, together with the two year old Neymar. They are usually basketed as first and second nominated, and that was also the case for Cahors. However, Neymar came home a bit later than expected, and he was the third fastest pigeon of the team. Let’s have a look at the overall results from Cahors:

Cahors   136 olds: 1-8-15-16-19-20-26-29-30-32-40-49-56 (13/22)
   Prov  992 olds: 1-29-50-52-86-90-117… (13/22)
   Nat 7,136 olds: 1-97… (predicted top 100 national)

-New Tours BE10-3020802

New Tours BE10-3020802 is without doubt the great star of the loft, and possibly the very best long distance pigeon in Belgium today. He originates from several Vandenabeele based pigeons.

Sire: Zoon Groten BE02-3185762
This magnificent breeder was 2nd provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2006. He is also the sire of Antonio, winner of a first national from Souillac 2012 against 7,760 pigeons. Zoon Groten is winner of:

Brive   Nat 9,466 p. 34
Chateauroux 4,308 p. 35
Limoges     5,804 p. 64

Dam: ’t Goedje BE05-3177035
This stock dam is one of a kind! She is a 100% Vandenabeele breeding hen, and the dam of Antonio (1st nat. Souillac 2012), Tours, Bleken, Close, New Tours.

New Tours originates from the bloodline of WittenBuik and Kleinen, two world famous pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele, both via his sire and his dam.
Click here for the pedigree of New Tours.

This is a small overview of the best results of New Tours:

Cahors   Nat            1°/ 7,136 (2014)
Arras                   1°/ 264
Tours    prov (450km)   1°/ 515
Limoges  prov (600km)   1°/ 790
Tours    prov.         11°/ 3,526
Bourges  prov (450km)  15°/ 3,125
Tours    Club           5°/ 170   (behind 4 loft mates)
         prov          19°/ 6,400 (2014)
Bourges  prov          19°/ 1,341
         nat          122°/ 4,873
Chateauroux prov  (490km) 120°/  4,072
         nat             502°/ 25,263
Argenton prov  (515km) 15°/ 3,125
         nat           87°/ 19,782
Limoges  prov           3°/ 2,890
         nat            6°/ 14,679
Limoges  prov          11°/ 2,441
         nat           18°/ 13,781
Limoges  prov          79°/ 3,434
         nat          176°/ 18,390 (2014)
Limoges  prov          99°/ 2,196 (2013)
         nat          492°/ 14,271
Tulle    nat (625km)  454°/ 6,817
Brive    prov (670km)  32°/ 2,083
         nat           81°/ 11,130
Souillac prov (700km)   6°/ 1,069 (2013)
         nat           10°/ 5,282
Cahors   prov (740km)  73°/ 1,167 (2013)
         nat          265°/ 2,801
Cahors   prov          59°/ 1,149
         nat          214°/ 8.348

This is an impressive list of achievements! New tours is already the fourth pigeon to win a national prize for the fancier from Ruiselede. The De Saer family was really satisfied, but Rudi has a tough decision to make as well. On the one hand, it would be sensible to no longer basket the very best pigeon of your loft and the winner of a national first prize. On the other hand, it would be strange to continue the season without the best pigeon of your team by your side. A cycling manager would never think of keeping Tom Boonen, Fabian Cancellara or Philippe Gilbert out of the team because they have already won a classic. Rudi thinks it would be difficult for him to achieve this seasons’ objectives without New Tours in the team. His goals for 2014 include the national long distance championship, the national ace pigeon championships etc. He has three weeks’ time to make a choice and to compose a team for the next big race, which is the flight from Limoges on 5th July. He decided to skip the race from Montauban next week, hoping to get his pigeons in peak form by the race from Limoges. He prefers to work towards one important race or weekend, rather than to basket a few pigeons every single weekend.

You could call it modern day pigeon racing by a top class manager. Rudi Desaer knows what it takes to get his pigeons in great form for the most important races. His approach and his clear strategy have allowed him to perform at an exceptionally high level, earning the admiration of fanciers worldwide. This is really impressive. Many congratulations, and enjoy your season!