Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE) makes a successful transition to the long distance

Johan De Belser has a really strong pigeon breed that performs at a high level both in his loft and in other fanciers’ lofts. The bloodlines of the two nest mates 083-02 and 084-02 can be found in two national Ace Pigeons Extreme Middle Distance and three national winners!

I have to admit I am a great fan of this top class pigeon loft and the fancier himself. Johan has continued to look for combinations and new pairings to achieve top results. In the last few years he really set his mind to running his pigeon loft because his children have grown up and they need less attention. He admits that he can now invest more time in the selection of pigeons and that he can spend even more time on the caretaking of his pigeons. He prefers not having to race against time. Today he knows his pigeons more than ever and he really knows how to train them. That leads us to believe that he will continue to improve his level in the next few seasons. Johan is just happy to spend time on his pigeons in his loft, which shows he is a true pigeon fancier. It goes without saying that he has a magnificent stock pair: sire Oskar and his dam Fijneke have bred several top class descendants that have made Johan De Belser and many other national and international fanciers really successful. They are the parents of the famous nest brothers 500 and Goldwin.

Blauwe 083 and Blauwe 084 breed two national ace pigeons and two national winners

Goldwin is in turn a stock sire of many great pigeons. Gaston Van de Wouwer had purchased a voucher from Johan in 2002 for which he received two eggs from Goldwin, in a direct pairing to a J&J Engels pigeon. This pair bred  Blauwe 083 and Blauwe 084 for Gaston Van de Wouwer. The Blauwe 083 is grandfather of two national ace pigeons of Casaert-Sénéchal, the loft that won the title of First national Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB with Amalia in 2011. They won that same title with Nikolaas in 2013.
The Blauwe 083 is also great-grandfather of the first Nat. La Souterraine 2010 for Schepmans-Hayen and great-grandfather of the first Nat. Bourges 2012 for Vos-Jennes. The nest sister of Blauwe 083, which is the Blauwe 084, is grandmother of the first Nat. Agenton 2011 for Cleirbaut-Desbuquois. The Blauwe 083 returned to Johan’s loft in 2011. Click here for the pedigree of Blauwe 083. Johan has paired this cock to a hen of Gaston Van de Wouwer, a great-granddaughter of Kaasboer. Click here for her pedigree. A daughter from this pair won a 35th nat. Issoudun against 16,615 young birds in 2013 and this new pair has been a great addition in Johan’s breeding loft.

‘Blauwe 083’ is back home

Goldwin has played an important role in Gerard Koopman's success story as well. Goldwin is for instance, grandfather of De Vriend, a pigeon of Jos Maris. De Vriend has been very successful in Gerard's loft, with for instance, a 1st prov. Bourges, a 2nd prov. Bourges, a 2nd prov. Orléans etc. He is also the sire of Jerson, Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2013 Cat. C. This is a bloodline of great value!

Junior 500 and Broer Junior 500

Johan’s father Vic De Belser has had a great influence on Johan’s loft as well, which you can tell from the following pairs: both Junior 500 and Broer Junior 500 (two direct pigeons from de 500) were paired to Vicky, one of Vic’s hens. Junior 500 bred two cocks together with Vicky: Bolton and Zoon Junior 500. This Bolton is sire of the 5th national Limoges, in a pairing to Rowanna (click here for the pedigree of Rowanna), a direct daughter of Lady Kaasboer. Zoon Junior 500 was paired to a hen of Wouters-Wouters (Tremolo), a half sister of Barbara (click here for the pedigree). This pair had bred, for instance, the 13th nat. Bourges. Broer Junior 500 was paired to Vicky as well and they bred Nicky (Click here for the pedigree of Nicky), winner of a 5th nat. Bourges. Johan thinks his Vicky x Junior 500 might become a new stock pair in his breeding loft.

Junior 500

Vicky x Junior 500 could become the new stock pair for De Belser

From sprint to long distance

You can tell from the pedigrees that Johan’s pigeons originate from quite a few sprint bloodlines. The reason is that his father Vic De Belser was a sprint fancier, just like Gaston Van de Wouwer in his early career. He has been able to be successful in the middle distance with these sprint pigeons, thanks to his training and selection methods. Johan does not say every sprint pigeon can become a long distance champion but they still have a lot of potential. Still, Johan has continually added fresh bloodlines to his loft to further strengthen his breed so he has a mix of both types. He has a five year plan in which he wants to focus on the longer middle distance (400 to 600km) and the long distance (700 to 850km), while using the middle distance as training for his young birds only. In order to achieve this he has added new bloodlines to his breed this season: Alfons Hendrickx & Sons from Berlaar (these pigeons won a 33rd internat. Agen and the provincial long distance championship this season), Roger Mollen from Berlaar (winner of a 10th prov. Agen and a 15th prov. Montélimar) and Jos Van Olmen from Broechem (1st nat. Montauban, 1st prov. Pau, 50th nat. Limoges). These are obviously top quality long distance families. Johan will be pairing these lines to each other and to his existing lines as well. He basketed one old bird and two yearlings in the long distance season with decent results in the races from Tulle and Orange:


Provincial  41-66    847 yearlings (2/2)       12/638 old birds (1/1)
Zone B      85-151 2,376 yearlings (2/2)     27/2,271 old birds (1/1)
National   200-386 6,972 yearlings (2/2)     90/7,350 old birds (1/1)


Provincial           6/445 old birds (1/1)
Zone B            11/1,127 old birds (1/1)
National          31/3,874 old birds (1/1)

The breeding loft