Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) gets his well deserved national victory

In the past 15 years Chris has managed to win at least one provincial first prize every year but he had not been able to take a national victory. That changed on 13 July 2013, the day on which his pigeon Evert took the national victory from St. Vincent!

He has finally done it and he has now developed a taste for it. His father Octaaf passed away in 1999 and that is when Chris started running the loft. He was able to add at least one provincial victory to his list of achievements every season, which is impressive. Still, a fancier will always dream for more and every pigeon enthusiast would love to win a national first prize one day. Chris had been able to win a second national prize a few times and he wondered why he could not win a national first prize.

It was Evert who eventually managed to take a well deserved national first prize from St. Vincent against 3,738 old birds, a crowning achievement for the pigeon family of Chris Hebberecht, which has dominated the competition for years. It turned out that he took the victory with a lead of only a few seconds, because the second national had been registered one minute before it had been officially clocked. It was an exciting moment but Chris was eventually announced as the winner; a crowning achievement. It was a national victory in a successful period with three second provincial prizes in three weeks.

1st   National     St-Vincent   3,738 pigeons
2nd   Provincial   Libourne     1,480 pigeons
2nd   Provincial   Brive        1,637 pigeons
2nd   Provincial   Souillac     1,250 pigeons

This is an impressive list!

Impressive prizes and titles in 2013

It shows that Chris Hebberecht has been able to breed a collection of top class pigeons and prize winners. These birds are capable of performing at provincial and national level week after week and this resulted in a 2013 season with a lot of top prizes.

Click here for a small overview of the achievements of Hebberecht in 2013.

Chris has really found his place among the other national champions of Belgium. He is very strong in the national long distance and the extreme distance, which results in important titles at national level. The 2013 racing season is no exception:

4th  National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2013
7th  National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2013
7th  National General Champion KBDB 2013
13th National Champion Grand Distance KBDB 2013

This has resulted in even more national KBDB titles.
Click here for an overview of the national KBDB titles that were won between 2004 and 2013.

He has also won several victories and top prizes in several local and provincial championships this season.
Click here for an overview of the championship titles of Chris Hebberecht in 2013.

Champions are the only guarantee for success

The pigeon career of Chris Hebberecht took a turn in 2013, because he retired from his job in 2012. His wife has been running a pet store since 1 July and they have moved house. Their new house has been built on a piece of land near their previous home. They now have a view of their widowhood lofts, which means they can monitor their pigeons from their living room. They had to demolish a few of their old pigeon lofts and they have also built new lofts for the young birds and some of their breeders.

However, this will not change anything about the pigeon collection or the loft manager (and his system), both of which form the foundation of this success story. Chris was lucky to make use of a strong team of long distance racing birds when he took over the loft from his father Octaaf. It is fair to say that Chris has made the most out of the existing pigeon family. He is interested in top class pigeons only. A pigeon has to prove his talent in the racing loft, no matter its appearance or origins. If a racing pigeon cannot meet the expectations it will only get one extra season to prove its value.

The Hebberecht lofts house nothing but long distance champions, capable of winning several top prizes in the national long and extreme distance competition every season. A strict selection has always been the key to success for Chris. You can only create a successful breed if you can tell the difference between a strong and a weak pigeon and this has always been Chris’ guiding principle. It was his father Octaaf who gave him this advice and he has experienced this himself as well. His greatest stars – the so-called super champions – would eventually form the foundation of today’s breeding team. Think, for instance, of Fijnen, Krommen, Lobke, Wringer, Super and Bjorn, which are magnificent breeders. One of the most important breeders of today’s generation is the invaluable stock pigeon Champion.

Let's take a closer look at some of the stars in his racing loft of 2013 and their achievements and origins, just to illustrate that this is indeed a great collection.

-Edou BE10-4302423

7th Na. Ace Pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2013
Limoges    Prov  3,610 p. 70
         N.Zone  5,742 p. 101
           Nat  14,271 p. 205
Cahors     Prov  1,754 p. 28
         N.Zone  2,801 p. 17
           Nat   8,570 p. 200
Libourne   Prov  1,480 p. 10
           Nat   6,658 p. 24
Souillac   Prov  1,250 p. 114
           Nat   5,282 p. 430

A pigeon with a soft and thick plumage. This is a relatively small pigeon but it has an impressive appearance nonetheless. He is a direct son of stock sire Champion BE01-4094638 (1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005) x Roos BE07-4081956, which originates from a joint breeding with N. & F.Norman (as a daughter of top breeder Zorro 128/94 Norman x Zus Axl 735/05, which makes her a sister of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Grand Distance KBDB Axl). Click here for a full list of achievements and the pedigree of Edou.

-Evert BE10-4095160

’13 St.Vincent  Prov    683 p. 1
                Nat   3,786 p. 1
                Int  10,944 p. 8
’13 Montauban   Prov  1,466 p. 67
                Nat   6,772 p. 359
’12 Limoges     Prov  3,466 p. 193
                Nat  13,781 p. 783
’12 Tulle       Prov  1,345 p. 65
                Nat   6,817 p. 253
’12 Souillac    Nat   7,760 p. 700
’12 Montluçon   Nat  17,865 p. 4396
’11 Limoges YL  Prov  3,548 p. 117
                Nat  14,686 p. 396
’11 Chateauroux Prov  6,148 p. 471
                Nat  25,263 p. 2154

He is a son of Pancho Jelle BE04-4437282 (a son of the 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004: Pancho 210/99 x Dochter Jelle 940/02) x Moeder Vico & Evert BE03-4135866. Click here for the full list of achievements and the pedigree of Evert.

-Edison BE10-4302413

’12 Cahors      Prov  1,759 p. 8
                Nat   8,348 p. 19
’12 Limoges     Prov  3,466 p. 17
                Nat  13,781 p. 77
’13 Cahors      Prov  1,754 p. 90
              N.Zone  2,801 p. 87
’13 Libourne    Prov  1,480 p. 48
                Nat   6,658 p. 135
’13 Souillac    Prov  1,250 p. 119
’13 Limoges     Prov  3,610 p. 250
                Nat  14,271 p. 810
’12 Brive       Nat  11,130 p. 889

Edison is a son of Sparky BE05-4391946, winner of a 17th Nat. Brive 17,456 p, 1st Local & 22nd Nat. Narbonne 7,156 p. etc. (he is also a grandson of long distance pigeons Vechter and Super) x Blauw Rodts BE09-4215695, a direct Michael Rodts (bred from Bordeaux 196/00, 1st Prov. Bordeaux 2001, 2nd Prov. Bordeaux 2004 in The Netherlands). Click here for a full list of achievements and the pedigree of Edison.

-Messi BE11-4302396

’13 Souillac    Prov  1,250 p. 2
                Nat   5,282 p. 10
’13 La Souterraine Pr 1,594 p. 10
                Nat   9,845 p. 48
’12 Tulle       Prov  2,490 p. 25
                Nat  10,251 p. 97
’12 Limoges     Prov  4,573 p. 310
                Nat  17,735 p. 1073

He was inbred from the important line of Champion, as a son of Idor BE08-4130476 (a grandson of the 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Pancho paired to Zus Champion 532/02) x Daughter Champion BE07-4081825. Click here for a full list of achievements and the pedigree of Messi.

-Molenaar BE11-4306495
This is one of the favourite pigeons of Chris in the future. He is a late cock from 2011 and he seems to be meeting the expectations. He has already won a few impressive prizes:

’13 Libourne    Club    168 p. 1
                Prov  1,480 p. 2
                Nat   6,658 p. 5
’13 Gueret    N.Zone  2,435 p. 221
’13 Chateauroux Prov  4,307 p. 362

He is a son of super champion Jaws BE07-4081813, winner of a 1st Limoges 801 p. and a 4th N. Zone 7,823 p, a 1st Brive 418 p. and 8th Nat. 17,456 p, a 1st Souillac 175 p. and a 12th Nat. 7,597 p. (and a son of the 1st Prov. Brive winner Pokémon 348/99 x Daughter Krommen179/04, a half sister of Mother Champion) x Eurootje DV06720-08-1337, a direct H.P. Brockamp (from superstar Euro Dimaond 537/02 x Sister Mistral 168/05 or an inbred pairing of half brother x half sister, which were both bred from top class breeder 985/99). Click here for the full list of achievements and the pedigree of Molenaar.

We think every long distance fancier would dream of having such a strong family of pigeons that can breed new champion in the long distance and the extreme distance every season. This is quite a comfortable situation. Chris Hebberecht can afford to transfer a number of racing pigeons to his breeding loft every season without having to worry about a performance drop. He always has a new group of talented pigeons that are ready to make it to the top. This guarantees that the breeding and racing pigeons of Hebberecht perform at a consistent level. It allowed Chris Hebberecht to become a national star in the long distance, a position he has maintained for several years. He has a collection of top class pigeons!