Frederik Leliaert will start racing in the Netherlands again

The champion of Zeeland is returning to his home loft to keep pigeons there. He will combine this with his job at PIPA. This means he continues to work full-time at PIPA to monitor our transit department.

PIPA has always had the intention to work on a limited number of tasks at which it can really excel. As you know, PIPA is always focused on its core business:
- news coverage
- auctioning the world's most exclusive pigeons
- breeding pigeons at the PIPA Elite Center

A couple of years ago Carlo Gyselbrecht and Frederik Leliaert decided to start working together and to keep pigeons together in a loft at PIPA, under the name of Gyselbrecht-Leliaert.

Carlo Gyselbrecht and Frederik Leliaert have agreed to put an end to the Gyselbrecht-Leliaert partnership.

Frederik has achieved great success both as a breeder and a racer with, for instance, his super pigeon Dees, while Carlo proved a skillful breeder by breeding, for instance, the first international Barcelona, as well as the 2nd and 4th national. His first international Barcelona later became the great-grandfather of two other international Barcelona winners and a second international Barcelona. We have never seen a pigeon having such a great impact on the race from Barcelona as Carlo’s international winner. 

This means they had everything they needed to turn this collaboration into a success. However, the partnership has now decided to stop racing from their loft at PIPA after three years, despite promising results. They actually had a good chance of winning the title of Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB with their star Jan in 2013 and they have won several national top 100 results in national and international races over the past few years.

Racing pigeons need a lot of rest and a quiet environment if you want them to perform well in important races. The PIPA loft is quite a busy place so we came to the conclusion that this was not the best environment for our pigeons. PIPA always tries to aim for the best possible outcome so we decided to move the pigeons to a different loft. This decision was made in agreement with Frederik Leliaert, who will return to his old loft in Aardenburg, where he used to be a big champion in Zeeland many years ago. Frederik used to combine his loft with a job in his father’s business back then.

Today Frederik will combine his new pigeon loft with his job at PIPA: he will continue to work full-time with us to overlook our transit department. He has another task as well: every day we get a visit from fanciers who want to learn more about our company and who are interested in taking a look behind the scenes. We aim to further expand and develop these tours so that visitors from all over the world can enjoy a professional tour in a very interesting environment, with Frederik as their guide. He will be assisted by Lisa, who will give all PIPA visitors a warm welcome.