Willy & Ivan Baetens (Sint-Niklaas, BE) are working on an impressive new breeding loft

Father and son Baetens have been at the top of the national and provincial competition for years. They are now starting to focus on the longer distance races as well and they have an impressive breeding loft that houses no less than three national ace pigeons extreme long distance!

Willy and Ivan Baetens, known as the Briconloft, are established names in the national and provincial races. They are successful businessmen and they know that it takes top quality pigeons to create a successful pigeon loft. In fact they spare no effort to bring the very best pigeons to Sint-Niklaas. We take you through their results of the last few years just to give you an idea of their achievements. In 2012 they won, for instance:

-1st nat. Châteauroux zone B against 5,671 pigeons
-9th nat. Champion KBDB Extreme Middle Distance

Some excellent results were won in 2013 as well:

-1st  prov. Montluçon 3,550 old birds: 11th nat. Montluçon zone B1 2,545 old birds
-2nd  nat. Bourges zone B1 1,412 old birds: 9th nat. Bourges 9,639 old birds
-3rd  prov. Montluçon 3,550 old birds: 13th nat. Montluçon zone B1 2,545 old birds
-4th  nat. Châteauroux zone B1 3,270 old birds: 6th prov. Châteauroux 4,287 old birds
-19th nat. Châteauroux zone B1 3,270 old birds: 25th prov. Châteauroux 4,287 old birds

It is worth noting that the provincial victory from Montluçon was won by super champion Messi, which managed to win three prizes in only one month:

-1st Vierzon 490 p: 97th prov. 6,420 p.
-1st Châteauroux 364 p: 4th nat. zone B1 3,270 p.
-1st prov. Montluçon: 11th nat. zone B1 2,545 p.

Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Messi BE10-4123229. The sire of Messi is Blitz BE03-4240350, which was purchased from the late Urbain De Maere. Blitz has also won a first nat. Argenton zone A and developed into an invaluable breeding pigeon for the Baetens family.

The winner

The breeding loft of Willy and Ivan consisted of only four breeding cocks until last year. In other words, they had only four cocks that had to provide a new generation of middle distance racing pigeons. The idea behind this was that it is better to breed pigeons from one top quality champion, rather than to breed pigeons from brother and sisters of that same champion. Blitz is one of their breeders, as well as the following three champions:

-Cobra: 1st nat. ZB Limoges, 5th nat. ZB Cahors, sire of the 30th, 87th nat. Tulle, 27th nat. Brive
-Houdini: sire of the 1st nat. zone Châteauroux, 3rd PIPA ranking yearlings long distance 2010
-Chipo: sire Lady Bourges, 3rd PIPA ranking: Best Old Bird Bourges (2012-2013)

These four super champions have been working hard in the breeding loft. They are paired to a number of top class hens including seven hens of LBJ Geerinckx (with four daughters of Gladiator) and a few Etienne Meirlaen hens.

Willy and Ivan are now looking to compete in the long distance and the extreme distance as well so they have been investing in this type of pigeons as well. They purchased pigeons from Desmeyter-Restiaen in late 2012 and the following champions were obtained this season:

- ’t Fenomeen (5th National Ace Pigeon and Best Pigeon of Belgium over 5 races in 2010)
- Peggy (1st National Ace Pigeon Grand Distance 2011)
- Narbonne 370 (9th International Narbonne)
- Speedy Ace (7th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance 2012)
- Broer Peggy (a full brother of Peggy and an excellent racing pigeon)
- Yana (a half sister of Peggy and winner of a 47th national Barcelona)
- Lies (winner of 5 national and zonal top 100 prizes)
- Argentina (winner of a 9th Nat. Argenton, a 35th Nat. Montluçon and an 87th Nat. Bourges)
- Wittekop (one of their own racers and winner of a 1st prov. Bourges before it was moved the breeding loft)

The following pigeons were purchased at the end of the season as well:

- Mannequin (6 x Top 100 national)
- Witslag Rivaldo (1e National Ace Pigeon Grand Distance 2012)
- Elsie (1st National Ace Pigeon Grand Distance 2013)

Some of these pigeons were bought together with other fanciers, allowing Willy and Ivan to keep several national ace pigeons and top pigeons in Belgian hands. They have purchased, for instance, the last three National Ace Pigeons Long Distance together with Joost Desmeyter and Dirk Deroose: Peggy, Witslag Rivaldo and Elsie. This is indeed an exceptional breeding loft! There is no doubt that these pigeons will soon breed new top quality generations.

Willy and Ivan have invested in brand new lofts in which their exceptional breeders will be housed.