Coeckelberghs André, "The "Superas 55" of André Coeckelberghs wins first national Bourges Old pigeons (2005)"

André already is racing pigeons since the age of 12. He has always been selecting his pigeons very hard, only on this way it is possible to reach the top ! It is immediately clear that all the attention he gets for this national victory is not necessary. He prefers to play the role of modest champion. Luckily he has a son, named Benny, who does not mind to entertain us. Totally the team consists of 3 persons. Andrè, Benny and Mrs Evelina Coeckelberghs, the wife of Andrè. Evelina recently did an exam to be able to open and work with pigeon clocks, and she passed, this in the famous pigeon club of Tienen, now located in Kumtich. Till last year this club was situated in the centre of Tienen. Because lack of parking space in the immediate neighbourhood, because they are building a lot of new buildings, they moved to another location. In Kumtich they bought an empty building and this has been changed into a pigeon club, OBRAFO- TIENEN. This is the club where the new national winner of Bourges baskets his pigeons. His son Benny lives in Aarschot and is reporter for the newspaper “ DE DUIF “.
The loft consists of 23 widowers, 10 old ones and 13 yearlings.

The best one in the loft is for sure the "Superas 55’ who just won the first national Bourges…

The national winner Bourges Old pigeons 2005


Pedigree: Click here

His father comes from the loft of Debecker-Guelinckx from Binkom and the mother became ace pigeon on the speed in VSOB in 2001.
As young pigeon he won 13 prizes, viz. Momignies 27e/1749, 16e/249, 24e/268, 262e/1800, 207e/1178, 62e/257, 68e/268, 393e/1419 ; Soissons 58e/1550, 45e/414, 232e/2055, 533e/1851 and Nanteuil 5e/248.
2004 was a super year for this pigeon, he became ace pigeon in VSOB on the races from France, ace pigeon on the middle distance in Obrafo Tienen, 5th provincial ace pigeon middle distance and 9th ace pigeon middle distance de Reisduif. He won 16 prizes on 16 races viz. Fleurus 14e/52, 25e/104 ; Momignies 243e/924 ; Soissons 2e/1135, 7e/832, 5e/311, 20e/907 ; Toury 6e/1222, 8e/1204, 31e/2226, 117e/1037, 38e/1799, 44e/1671, 1e/174, 38e/590 en 5e/478.
In 2005 the "Superas 55" won Momignies (108 km) 23e/97, 17e/83; Soissons (190 km)55e/363, 24e/609, 27e/688 ; Orleans 8e/1708 and Bourges 1e/48000...

The strain
First pigeon came from family and friends. In the beginning of the nineties pigeons came from Van Loon, Voets en Christiaens via Hubert Laporte from Wommersom. From these pigeons came ‘the 700/94’, stamvader from the loft. A super racer and super breeder. From a cock from De Windt Theo, Binkom with a Granddaughter from ‘the 700’ was bred a second super breeder, that won itself the 5th provincial ace pigeon middle distance in 1999 ; in the meanwhile there are several children of this pigeon in the racing loft which are doing excellent between 350 and 1000 km. The 3rd super breeder comes from Debecker-Guelinckx from Binkom. He is a son of "the Narbonne" and is father of the best widower in 2004. In 2002 they went to Vinckx-Ceusters from Nieuwrode and they also get a cock from Stockx Brothers. Recently they also introduced pigeons from top middle distance racers Lambrechts-Lismont from Kortenaken, Everaerts Swa from Averbode, Dirk Bonte from Rijmenam and Vandersmissen Maurice en Ivan from Rummen.

2003 and 2004 super years....
Andre only basketted 2 pigeons on the race from Barcelona and became the national winner with 1st and 2nd nominated pigeon : He only raced 2 pigeons and won 24th and 168th . He also became for the 2nd year on a row the general champion of Bunsbeek on the sprint and also was one of the better racers on the middle distance in Obrafo. The racing season 2004 was super. Despite a bad start on the middle distance with the loss of the 2 best widowers on the first race of Toury after a liberation in bad circumstances, he could classify himself among the champions in OBRAFO. In Bunsbeek he became 2nd general champion best loft.
Binkom : Champion old and young pigeons, 2nd yearlings and 1st general champion.
Bunsbeek : 2nd general champion best loft, 4th general champion most prizes, 4th general champion 1+2, 4th autumn champion, 8th with 1+2+3. In detail for inland 3th most prizes and 5th 1+2 old pigeons, 3th most prizes and 4th 1+2 yearlings and 5th most prizes youngsters ; for abroad 3th most prizes and 1st 1+2 old pigeons and 1st most prizes and 6th 1+2 yearlings.
Middle Distance verbroedering Tienen : 1e 1+2, 2nd best loft and 5th ace pigeon 1st and 2nd, 3rd best loft and 1st ace pigeon yearlings.
Middle distance Obrafo Tienen : 3th general champion and in zone 1: 1st 1+2, 4th best loft and 5th ace pigeon old pigeons ; 1st 1+2, 9th best loft and 1st ace pigeon yearlings. Zone 2 : 1st 1+2 and 5th best loft old pigeons ; 1st 1+2, 6th best loft and 2nd ace pigeon yearlings.

To conclude some top performances
Short distance : 04/04 : Fleurus (52 yearlings) 1e, 2e, 3e (8/13).
11/04 : Momignies (145 yearlings) 4e, 5e, 11e, 12e, 16e (9/17).
18/04 : Momignies (594 old) 5e, 44e, 46e (4/4) ; (868 yearlings) 4e, 5e, 7e, 31e (7/12).
24/04 : Momignies (361 yearlings) 6e, 19e (2/3).
25/04 : Soissons (832 yearlings) 7e, 13e, 60e, 70e (8/8) ; (773 old) 10e (3/3).
02/05 : Soissons (311 yearlings) 5e, 24e, 32e (9/12) ; (234 old) 14e (2/3).
16/05 : Soissons (1135 yearlings) 2e, 15e, 68e, 99e, 112e (11/13).
23/05 : Soissons (237 yearlings) 9e, 21e (4/4) ; Momignies (281 yearlings) 16e, 28e (2/2).
30/05 : Momignies (46 old) 1e (1/2) ; (3547 youngsters) 3e, 9e, 36e, 65e, 87e, 106e, 142e, 151e, 237e, 288e (18/46).
06/06 : Momignies (3411 youngsters) 4e, 18e, 27e, 31e, 38e, 79e, 96e, 107e, 153e, 209e, 259e, 290e (13/28).
13/06 : Soissons (403 youngsters) 1e, 8e, 15e, 16e, 17e, 29e, 30e, 40e (16/46).
20/06 : Soissons (2081 youngsters) 1e, 20e, 33e, 59e, 110e, 197e (13/38).
01/07 : Momignies (46 old) 1e, 4e (2/2); (479 youngsters) 2e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 10e, 31e, 32e, 37e, 41e, 43e, 44e, 45e (19/24).
21/07 : Momignies (361 youngsters) 4e, 5e, 9e, 29e, 30e, 34e, 36e, 37e, 38e (19/45).
25/07 : Soissons (1692 youngsters) 26e, 48e, 63e, 80e, 111e, 164e (11/15).
01/08 : Momignies (1911 youngsters) 17e, 57e, 67e, 88e, 175e (12/17).
05/09 : Laon (209 old) 6e, 9e, 10e, 19e, 21e, 22e (11/13).
Momignies (291 youngsters) 11e, 12e, 15e, 28e (9/11).
19/09 : Momignies (139 youngsters) 3e, 12e (3/4).

Hafo : 09/05 : Toury (1098 old) 8e, 12e, 99e (4/6).
15/05 : Toury (824 old) 25e (3/3) ; (550 yearlings) 26e, 62e (2/2).
23/05 : Orleans (1272 old) 50e (1/1).
29/05 : Toury (847 old) 35e (1/1) ; (1222 yearlings) 6e, 21e, 23e, 27e, 92e, 96e, 130e (11/13).
05/06 : Toury (758 old) 12e, 51e, 63e (3/4) ; (1204 yearlings) 8e, 45e, 126e (5/6).
12/06 : Toury (2226 yearlings) 31e, 123e (4/5) ; (717 old) 19e, 71e (4/6).
26/06 : Toury (718 old) 13e, 20e (3/3) ; (926 yearlings) 20e, 73e (2/2).
03/07 : Toury (1671 yearlings) 44e, 46e (4/5) ; (1207 old) 63e, 67e (3/3).
10/07 : Toury (769 yearlings) 5e (2/2) ; (529 old) 5e (2/3).
17/07 : Toury (458 old) 19e, 47e (3/3) ; (590 yearlings) 38e (2/2).
24/07 : Toury (379 old) 6e, 37e, 42e (3/3) ; (478 yearlings) 5e, 42e (2/2).

Fond : 12/06 : Chateauroux (903 yearlings) 57e (2/2).
03/07 : La Souterraine (431 yearlings) 4e (3/3).
03/07 : Barcelona (547 lok.) 24e ; (12245 nat.) 631e (1/2).
17/07 : Limoges (384 yearlings) 9e 3/3)