Vermeerbergen-Wilms close the season with national victory from Guéret II zone B1

The Vermeerbergen-Wilms partnership has had another brilliant young birds’ season. The pigeons from Mol did great in the race from Argenton II with a first and second provincial, while their pigeons from Brasschaat closed the season with a national win in zone B1 from Guéret II.

From left to right: Grégory Bekaert, Robby Wilms and Luc Vermeerbergen

The Vermeerbergen-Wilms team focuses entirely on the young bird competition, especially the young bird national races. Their pigeons are housed in two locations: the first round of young birds is raced in Mol under the name of Vermeerbergen-Wilms; the second round of young birds is kept in a loft in Brasschaat and raced under the name of Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Greg. The mastermind behind this marvellous team is Luc Vermeerbergen, a fancier with an excellent reputation and a proven record. In 2009 he asked Robby Wilms to join his team to take care of the pigeons in Mol. One year later Grégory Bekaert joined the team as well, as the caretaker for the lofts in Brasschaat. This is a great example of excellent teamwork that has led to a number of outstanding results in 2013:

1e Nat ZB1 Gueret 1,975 young birds
1e Prov Argenton 2,847 young birds
2e Prov Argenton 2,847 young birds
2e Nat ZB2 Argenton 3,809 young birds
3e Nat ZB2 Argenton 3,809 young birds
6e Prov Issoudun 2,635 young birds
7e Nat ZB2 Issoudun 3,340 young birds
8e Nat ZB1 Chateauroux 1,637 young birds
8e Prov La Souterraine 1,641 young birds
9e Prov Chateauroux 1,468 young birds
9e Nat ZB2 Chateauroux 1,725 young birds
10e Nat ZB2 La Souterraine 2,315 young birds
14e Nat Chateauroux 12,071 young birds
15e Nat ZB1 Bourges 2.975 young birds
15e Prov Chateauroux 1,468 young birds
17e Nat ZB2 Chateauroux 1,725 young birds
17e Nat ZB1 Issoudun 2,655 young birds
19e Nat Argenton 19,303 young birds
20e Nat Issoudun 16,615 young birds
20e Nat ZB1 Gueret 1,975  young birds
20e Prov Argenton 2,847 young birds

This list only includes the national and provincial top 20 places. Click here for an overview of all top 100 results.

Impressive breeding loft

Luc Vermeerbergen wants nothing but the best pigeons in his breeding loft in Mol so he has been organising joint breedings with other top fanciers. There was for instance a joint breeding with Flitske and Rosita of Heremans-Ceusters, which resulted in Lucky Luk, today’s stock sire. He bred pigeons with Marcel Wouters (with Olympiad Pigeon Ad) and he exchanged birds with Ronny Menten and Leon Jacobs.

In addition to a number of joint breedings he also made a number of well considered investments, including pigeons from Henri Menten, Roger Engelen, Etienne Stassen, Johan Bleyen and Gaston Van de Wouwer, via Leon Verslegers, John Meurysse, Danny Van Dyck, Marc Pollin, De Clercq-Vervaeren, etc. His most recent reinforcements last winter were youngsters from Bender (1st nat. ace pigeon Stijn Van Laere), grandchildren of Amalia (1st nat. ace pigeon Casaert-Senechal), grandchildren of New Freddy (1st nat. ace pigeon Pierre Mathijs from the line of Blue Erika, the dam of two national winners for Erik Limbourg).

Excellent breeders

This outstanding pigeon family is based on two super breeding pairs: New Superbreeder x Blauwke 416 and Lucky Luc x Mindy

New Superbreeder, BE07-6385719 is a direct Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeon and a grandson of his top breeder Kaasboer (click here for the pedigree of New Superbreeder). In 2012 he was paired to Blauwke 416 BE11-6117416, a pigeon from the late Francis Wellens (one of the most important Van de Wouwer collections) and an inbred to Kaasboer. Click here for the pedigree of Blauwke 416. Their first year as a breeding pair was an instant success! They bred four youngsters. One of them got lost in a training flight but the other three did really well:

Laura, BE12-6030608: 4th nat ace pigeon KBDB middle distance
Brenda, BE12-6030686: 2nd nat. Bourges against 33,524 pigeons
Brend, BE12-6030682: he won 11 prizes as a young bird, including 7 per ten with a 2-6-12-13 from Quiévrain & Noyon.

Lucky Luc, BE07-6356192 can be considered the stock sire of this loft. He is an in bred pigeon to Witpen, third nat. ace pigeon sprint for Vermeerbergen-Van Reeth. He was paired to Flitske from Heremans-Ceusters (the dam of Donker Aske) on his father’s side. Witpen was paired to Rosita from Heremans-Ceusters (the dam of Rossi) on his mother’s side. Click here for the pedigree of Lucky Luc. The descendants of Lucky Luc have been really successful and he is without doubt the stock pigeon of Vermeerbergen-Wilms. Lucky Luc is the sire of:

La Souterraine  Nat 16,665- 12
Limoges         Nat 14,679- 35
Libourne        Nat  8,713- 39
Argenton        Nat 20,383- 62
Tulle           Nat  6,817-123
Brive           Nat  6,842-139
Gueret          Nat 14,784-165
Melun                  1,264-1
Dourdan                  790-1
Fontenay                 515-1
Qiuevrain                206-1

In 2012 and 2013 he was grandfather of:
3rd  Nat. Gueret – 16,988 pigeons
10th Zone La Souterraine – 2,315 pigeons
38th Zone Chateauroux – 1,637 pigeons
42nd Nat La Souterraine – 13,089 pigeons
53rd Zone Chateauroux – 1,637 pigeons
55th Prov Gueret – 1,899 pigeons
58th Prov Nevers – 1,575 pigeons
60th Nat Bourges – 18,478 pigeons
63rd Prov Gueret – 1,899 pigeons
65th Zone Argenton – 2,903 pigeons
93rd Zone Issoudun – 2,655 pigeons
100th Zone Chateauroux – 1,637 pigeons

Lucky Luc was paired to Mindy, BE09-3011895, winner of an 8th prov. ace pigeon long distance for John Meurysse. Mindy is a pure Ad Schaerlaeckens from her mother's side, via the bloodlines of Wounded Knee, Invincible and Super Tim. The sire of Mindy is Bleek Spierke, the best breeder of Meurysse. Click here for the pedigree of Mindy.

Lucky Luc and Mindy are the parents of Robby BE11-6173337, which was second in the PIPA ranking 2011 over two national flights, with a 10th nat. Argenton 16,676 pigeons and a 62nd nat. Argenton 20,383 pigeons. Mindy is also grandmother of Poulidor BE13-3011042, 2nd prov. Argenton and 25th nat. Argenton.

These excellent results and this outstanding collection of birds proves once again that good pigeons breed good pigeons!