Antoine & Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) win two provincial first prizes in a row: Issoudun old birds and La Souterraine old birds

Rudi De Saer had won a provincial first prize from Tulle old birds earlier this season and he has added two more provincial wins to his list of achievements on 17 and 24 August.

Both victories were won by one year old hens in the old bird category, as the KBDB had merged the yearling and old bird category for this race. Their pigeons Blue Princess and Black Princess have won the first provincial from Issoudun and La Souterraine respectively.
He explained to us why he won two first prizes with his hens: “It usually takes some time before my young birds are in good fitness but I still wanted to take part in this season’s final national races. I decided to darken five one-year-old hens together with my young birds, just to see what happens. This means they are raced on widowhood and they are paired to old cocks.”
These five pigeons won a first, 50th and 78th prize (3/5) from Issoudun against 458 pigeons and a first, 9th, 21st and 48th (4/5) from La Souterraine against 410 pigeons.

-Blue Princess BE12-3120006
She is winner of a first provincial Issoudun and 70th national  5,670 pShe completed 466.607km with a velocity of 1510.56 m/min.  She won the following prizes as a young bird:

 3rd Clermont          217 p.
 9th Clermont          401 p.
10th Clermont          344 p.
32nd Blois             315 p.
30th Fontenay          364 p.
 4th Fontenay          271 p.
14th Argenton          316 p. 124th Prov 4524 p.
13th Gueret            170 p. 215th Prov 3318 p.

These are her best result of 2013:

34th  La Souterraine I  161 p. 378th Prov 1598 p.
 2nd  Bourges           128 p,  22nd Prov 1151 p.
129th Prov Chateauroux  745 p.
 1st  Prov Issoudun     458 p.  70th Nat  5670 p.

Her sire is Zorro BE10-3183604
GF: Zwarten As BE06-3125865, a talented racing pigeon and winner of a 34th nat. Brive 17478 p, a first Limoges 213 p., a 2nd Souillac 140 p., first Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West-Flanders, etc. He originates from the bloodline of Geschelpten Limoges,  ’t Wittenbuikske and Turbo.
GM: The 741 (02-3185741), an outstanding breeding hen and a 100% Vandenabeele bred from Groten (120/98) x Rebecca (153-98)

The dam of Blue Princess is Katia BE04-3075504
GV: Joske BE93-3050138 (a direct G. Vandenabeele; winner of a second prof. Chateauroux)
GM: Lady Turbo 63 BE96-3314563 (a direct G. Vandenabeele as well; a daughter from Turbo (128-90) x Lady Blue (220-91))
Click here for the full pedigree

-Black Princess BE12-3120167
Winner of a first provincial La Souterraine, a first Zone A1 483 p. and a 75th Nat 4,144 p. She completed 553.684km with a velocity of 1267.45 m/min.
Black Princess won the following prizes in 2013:

14th Fontenay             195 p.
12th Fontenay             244 p.
13th prov. Chateauroux    745 p.
83rd prov. Argenton I     727 p.
175th prov. Bourges      1151 p.
262nd prov. Argenton II  3024 p.
1st prov. La Souterraine  410 p.
75th national            4144 p.

Her sire is the Young Tours BE10-3183613
GF: Tours BE06-3125960, winner of for instance a second Tours 284 p., a 3rd Tours 2739 p., a 3rd Souillac 140 p., a 4th Brive 196 p., a 6th Tours 2898 p., 47th Brive 17,446 p., etc. He was bred from the line of Geschelpten Limoges, ’t Wittenbuikske and Kleinen
GM: Corry BE01-3031189; a daughter of Turbo 128-90 x Black Beauty 307-95

The dam of Black Princess is Bloiske BE10-3020788 (winner of for instance a first from Blois)
GF: Blesse BE02-3185805, an excellent long distance racing bird
GM: de 741 BE02-3185741, which is also the grandmother of Blue Princess
Click here for the full pedigree

These provincial victories illustrate the impressive quality of the pigeons that are housed in Rudi’s loft. This top class pigeon family is based on the excellent bloodline of Vandenabeele, with which A & R De Saer have won several national and provincial victories and ace pigeon titles, as well as top prizes in national championships.  Rudi, many congratulations on your provincial wins.