Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) winner of first provincial Pithiviers against 6,340 pigeons

Koen Minderhoud is without doubt the ultimate one day long distance pigeon fancier in Zeeland. We have seen many successful fanciers come and go but Koen has been at the top for years.

He had the two fastest pigeons from Morlincourt on 27 April (against 7,137 p.) and the first, second, third and fourth from Morlincourt on 25 May (1,259 p.) and on 1 June he achieved another impressive result: a first provincial from Pithiviers against 6,340 pigeons.

The early summer is the time for Koen to reap the harvest. The renowned fancier from Zeeland has had a wonderful career as a pigeon fancier and he has brought success to many other lofts as well. “I favour races of between 350 and 600 km and particularly the races in which pigeons have to work hard”, says the iconic fancier from Koudekerke. This means that June and July are important months for him. He had a first great result from Morlincourt on 25 May, winning the first four prizes Entente against 1,259 pigeons. Now he has taken the provincial victory on 1 June with his pigeon Morlincourtje. These are the results of 2013 up to now: 

20-4 Bohain (166 km)
Entente              1,480 p.: 2-23-34-41-45-etc. (27/56)
27-4 Morlincourt (217 km)
Entente              1,465 p.: 1-2-9-10-11-14-18-21-30-31-34-37-47-etc. (40/56)
Prov. Zeeland        7,137 p.: 1-2-etc.
11-5 Tours (501 km)
Entente              1,082 p.: 7-8-11-13-26-27-29-48-etc. (21/34)
NPO Prov. Zeeland    4,100 p.: 31-32-39-46-79-80-84-etc.
18-5 Sens (365 km)
Entente                920 p.: 7-8-11-30-35-37-etc. (9/20)
Prov. Zeeland        4,519 p.: 24-25-33-80-92-95-etc.
25-5 Morlincourt (217 km)
Entente              1,259 p.: 1(024/12)-2(702/11)-3-4-8-9-10-15-16-17-
                              22-23-25-42-46-48-49-etc. (30/53)
1-6 Pithiviers (381 km)
Entente              1,345 p.: 1(703/11)-7-8-12-13-15-20-32-38-40-44-46-48-etc. (32/55)
Prov. Zeeland        6,340 p.: 1-33-34-63-69-75-96-etc.

Exceptional birds

The most successful pigeons over the last two weeks have been NL11-3014703 Geeloger (first prov. Pithiviers 6,340 p.) and NL12-3210024 Morlincourtje 024, who won two victories: he was the fastest prov. Morlincourt against 7,137 p. (27 April) and he was the first Morlincourt 1,259 p. (1 June). These outstanding racing pigeons are half brother and half sister of the same sire, the renowned Gebroken Vleugel. This is a world class cock that was only raced as a yearling and who was successful right from the start, for instance with a fourth NPO Morlincourt. He proved an invaluable breeder as well: his descendants have won countless ace pigeon titles and top prizes including a first Morlincourt against 7,692 pigeons. Gebroken Vleugel was bred from the excellent Vandenabeele basis of Koen, strengthened with some Leo Broeckx origins. The dam of Geeloger is the direct Albert-Derwa hen Fransiska (a full sister of Primo and De Zoon); the dam of Morlincourtje 024 is Lady Cobie (a direct Verbree).

Another excellent pigeon of 2013 is the NL12-3210062 Morlincourtje 062, which won a first Morlincourt against 1,342 pigeons and a second prov. Morlincourt against 1,465 pigeons (behind Morlincourtje 025), both in 2012. This great looking blue coloured hen comes from a joint breeding with Mark Bugajski from his top bird The Boss (the moral winner of Ruffec 2010) x Blauwe 041, multiple ace pigeon from first class breeder Gebroken Vleugel. We asked Koen about his system and he told us he has no secrets: “I make sure the pigeons are basketed in good health, which means they have had a cure for the most common diseases. Throughout the winter they are on a diet of Gervit W as well as a few products of my sponsor Rohnfried. During the racing season they are fed with Mumm, Avipharm and Ro200.” Simplicity and honesty is what characterizes one of the greatest champions of The Netherlands ever.