BDS-team (Ruiselede, BE) has a triumphant start to the 2013 season with six clean first prizes

The pigeons of team BDS have already won a total of eight victories this season, including six clean first prizes.

Last weekend was a great success with three victories at local level. It is not a secret that their lofts have a collection of top quality pigeons. We have already told you about the cooperation between Dr. Piet Blancke, Bart Declerck and Dirk Speybroeck, who decided to join forces two years ago. The goal was to get the most out of their top quality pigeons and you can tell by the results that they have achieved their goal. They won provincial victories and a direct descendant of the BDS bloodline (bred in the BDS lofts) has won a national victory for Martin De Poorter in Sluis NL! This was a great achievement and judging by the first weeks of 2013 it appears that the BDS pigeons are again ready for a great season with many great results. We have a few national classics coming up and the BDS team has had a few promising results in the preparatory races:

20/04 Arras  (93 km)     74 yearlings 1-2-4-17-19…(9/22)
27/04 Clermont (197 km) 112 yearlings 1-3-4-5-9-10-11…(14/22)
                        140 old birds 1-3-6-7-10-11… (14/22)
04/05 Fontenay (324 km) 170 yearlings 1-5-17-30…(10/22)
11/05 Fontenay          329 yearlings 4-6-17-24-34… (9/22)
18/05 Fontenay          106 old birds 1-3 (2/3)
25/05 Fontenay          267 yearlings 1-6-11-13-17-19-24-25-26… (15/22)
                        308 old birds 1-9-15-17-21…(15/22)
25/05 Bourges(443 km)   317 old birds 1-11-21…(5/8)

Last weekend was obviously a great success with no less than three first prizes, each of which were won by their first nominated. It is also remarkable that one half of the six first prizes (eight with duplication) in the 2013 season were won by direct descendants of super champion Gonzales (click here to read more about Gonzales).

The star of this loft has always been the BE12-3114015. Let's have a look at his results:

20/04 Arras      74 yearlings 1
27/04 Clermont  112 yearlings 3
11/05 Fontenay  329 yearlings 17
                602 old birds 29
25/05 Fontenay  267 yearlings 1
                308 old birds 1

The BDS team is obviously in high spirits. We wonder if they can manage to take another national victory or another impressive top result this season. This is a top quality racing team in full bloom and we think they have a good chance of winning quite a few prizes in 2013!