On the 6th of April 2013 the Belgian racing season 2013 starts with the first sprint races up to 100 km – How to add your club?

After a few long winter months with very bad weather and a three-week postponement the waiting is over: it is time to get ready for a new racing season!

In the beginning of March we thought the higher temperatures were a sign that spring was coming but in the following weeks winter had returned. After a three-week postponement the pigeons will participate in races during the weekend of 6 April. The time has come to stop dreaming and face the facts. There is some serious competition ahead of us. It starts off with the so called Belgium races with liberations taking place on Belgian soil.

As always, you can follow the action on PIPA. Our writers will be sent to write loft reports and you can see and analyse the local results of the clubs in all provinces of our country on our Clubs pages. This season the clubs will again be updating their results page on our website to inform us about the most successful fanciers at local level. If your pigeon club does not have its own PIPA page yet, you should encourage the club administrators to publish the results on PIPA as well. This will allow thousands of fanciers from around the world to have a look at the results of your club, as well as your personal achievements! In addition our traditional Top Performances column will be launched again in April but we will come back to that later.

Clubs that do not have their own webpage yet, can create one by clicking on add a new club in the left column of the Clubs page. If you should encounter any problems or if you need help you can refer to our manuals. Of course you can always contact us through redactie@pipa.be as well.

You can also discuss the week's results and achievements on our PIPA forum. Feel free to share your opinion about your fellow fanciers in the topic Seizoen 2013 - Racing Season 2013.

We wish all fanciers a magnificent 2013 racing season with hopefully plenty of great results!