Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) first Champion Long Distance Young Birds Union Antwerp 2012

Gaston had to be satisfied with second places at provincial level, with a second provincial Champion Long Distance Young Birds and a second Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds. These titles illustrate that he has been doing great in 2012!

Most people will immediately think of the unprecedented stock breeder Kaasboer, when they hear the name of Gaston Van de Wouwer. It was simply amazing to see this wonderful breeding pigeon influence the provincial and national competition of the longer middle distance in recent years. It all started with the title of First National Champion Long Distance Young Birds KBDB. The next highlights were the national victories from Gueret and Bourges, as well as a few important provincial victories, titles and ace pigeons. These were won by a team of pigeons with a strong character, determination to win and an indescribable urge to fly home, to their territory, their loft and their partner!

This was in a time when Gaston Van de Wouwer raced both his young and his old birds on classic widowhood, with the partners staying at home. About three years ago he built a new loft in the back of his garden and his goal was to try his luck with a group of twenty one year old hens on widowhood. This laid the basis for his game of today: racing hens on widowhood.

Focus on the hens game

Today Gaston has abandoned the old birds and yearling cocks game for good and his focus is now on the game with the hens on widowhood. This is why: “I’m growing older and it takes a bit less time to take care of a team of hens.”  Another likely reason is that hens can be basketed nearly every week for a race of 500 km. This means a fancier can get a lot more out of a team of hens. The retired diamond cutter cannot suppress a smile when he takes a look at the new national racing calendar for 2013, which is perfectly suited for his team of racing hens: seven national races in a row in the longer middle distance. A lot will depend on the difficulty of the first of seven national races in a row, says Gaston. He thinks it could be useful to organise a shorter training flight in between the national races just to keep them on top of their game. Still, there is no denying the fact that the new national calendar is a hot topic, especially in regions with a lot of champions in the national longer middle distance, most of whom owe their successes to a certain extent to the game with the hens!

So let’s have a look at some of the best racing pigeons that turned 2012 into a great season for Gaston Van de Wouwer. These are the pigeons that have won the titles we mentioned earlier. Almost all of them originate from the bloodline of the invaluable stock bear Kaasboer.


  • Sandy BE11-6119143

A granddaughter of Kaasboer: she is a daughter of Zomerjong Zoon Kaasboer BE03-6257098 x Blauw Asduifke 2004 BE04-6307210 (32nd Nat La Souterraine 16,297 p. 326th Nat Bourges 48,553 p. 327th Nat Argenton 23,078 p. and grandmother of the 1° Nat Bourges 2010 and also a half sister of the Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund 2009 for Uwe Berg). Sandy has won:

Blois    Prov    503 p. 7
Chateauroux Pr 2,130 p. 12
         Nat  15,902 p. 270
Dourdan        2,212 p. 88
Montluçon Pro  1,322 p. 109
Melun ’12      1,155 p. 110
Vierzon I.Pro  3,585 p. 149
Argenton Prov  3,104 p. 184
         Nat  20,383 p. 1390
La Souterraine 2,498 p. 196
         Nat  16,665 p. 460
Montluçon Pro  3,284 p. 204
         Nat  22,875 p. 534
Limoges  Prov  2,383 p. 213
Blois  I.Prov  5,000 p. 232
Bourges  Prov  3,068 p. 268
         Nat  16,859 p. 1607


  • Femke BE11-6119158

A full sister of the first Nat Bourges in 2010 and also a granddaughter of Kaasboer: she is a daughter of Zomerjong Kaasboer BE07-6033129 (A son of Kaasboer x Asduifke 2004 210/04, see above) x Geerinckxduivin BE08-6259169. Femke has won:

Bourges   I.Prov  2,263 p. 8
Bourges     Prov  1,450 p. 10
Argenton    Prov  2,853 p. 10
            Nat  22,384 p. 20
Montluçon   Prov  3,284 p. 64
            Nat  22,875 p. 136
Bourges     Prov  3,068 p. 72
            Nat  16,859 p. 452
Vierzon   I.Prov  3,585 p. 94
Argenton    Prov  3,104 p. 121
            Nat  20,383 p. 915
Dourdan           1,149 p. 18
Melun             1,625 p. 19
Dourdan           2,040 p. 47

  • Marie BE12-6023268

A daughter of Ludo Van Nueten-doffer BE08-6224270 (sire of the third Nat Bourges) x Zus Kim BE11-6119102. Kim won a first Nat Gueret 14,245 p. 38th Nat Argenton 23,921 p. 87th Nat Bourges 37,357 p. and first Ace Pigeon Cureghem Centre (a granddaughter of Kaasboer).

Argenton       Prov  3,264 p. 12
               Nat  25,949 p. 193
La Souterraine Prov  2,744 p. 39
               Nat  19,155 p. 126
Bourges        Prov  4,824 p. 95
               Nat  33,254 p. 255
Blois          Prov  2,275 p. 34
             I.Prov  3,282 p. 40
Dourdan              2,088 p. 20
Melun                2,023 p. 39
Dourdan              1,228 p. 90
Gueret         Nat  19,988 p. 2519


  • Elise’BE12-6023219

A daughter of Jonge Tom BE07-6033147’, a half brother of the first Prov Argenton Vanlint and a son of Tom 121/05 (9th Nat Ace Pigeon Small MiddleDistance KBDB '06 and grandson of Kaasboer). The dam of Elise is the Vervoort-duivin BE09-6103287, a direct Dirk Vervoort (from a grandson of the renowned Fieneke 5000).

La Souterraine Prov  2,744 p. 23
               Nat  19,155 p. 87
Argenton       Prov  3,264 p. 43
               Nat  25,949 p. 418
Bourges        Prov  4,824 p. 277
               Nat  33,524 p. 843
Gueret         Prov  2,550 p. 209
               Nat  16,988 p. 1029
Melun                2,023 p. 32
Dourdan              1,228 p. 30


  • The Inteelt Kaasboer 250 BE12-6023250

Bred from Kleinzoon Kaasboer BE08-6177605 x Aske BE10-6031765 (a granddaughter Kaasboer and sister of Blauwke 508/09, winner of a 64th Nat Bourges 37,357 p. 64th Nat Gueret 2,953 p, 149th Nat Bourges 17,138 p).

Dourdan              2,032 p. 2
Argenton       Prov  3,264 p. 29
               Nat  25,949 p. 298
La Souterraine Prov  2,744 p. 31
               Nat  19,155 p. 105
Bourges        Prov  4,824 p. 43
               Nat  33,524 p. 96

We could consider this new collection of excellent racing hens in the lofts of Van de Wouwer as a new generation; a generation that is ready to follow in the footsteps of such icons as Kim, Barbara, Tia, Asduifke 2004, and many others. This was the first generation of superior champions that made the pigeon loft of Gaston world famous. Remember that we are only talking about the results that were achieved in Berlaar, in the loft of Gaston himself!

We noticed that a lot of pigeon related articles often talk about a unique breeding pigeon or an invaluable bloodline. Well, this is absolutely the case for the magnificent Kaasboer of Gaston Van de Wouwer. It would be hard to name a few pigeons with racing and breeding references in international pigeon racing that are similar to those of this amazing stock pigeon! The greatest thing about this pigeon family is that this story is not over yet.

Some of the most important titles from 2012

1st Champion Long Distance Young Birds Union Antwerp
1st Provincial Blois in Houtvense Fondclub
1st + 2nd Ace Pigeon Fondclub Antwerp
1st + 2nd Ace Pigeon Young Birds Championships Bruges
1st + 3rd + 6th Ace Pigoen Light Long Distance Zuiderkempen
2nd Provincial Champion Long Distance Young Birds KBDB
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds KBDB
2nd Ace Pigeon Young Birds Union Antwerp
2nd Champion Young Birds Antwerp Flying Club
3rd General Champion Fondclub Antwerp
3rd Champion Young Birds Light Long Distance Zuiderkempen
3rd Champion Young Birds Hourvense Fondclub
3rd Champion Young Birds Championships Bruges
4th Champion Young Birds Fondclub Antwerp
5th Provincial Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB