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Nowości i akrtykuły

(20/04/2014) PIPA wishes you a happy Easter

Church bells will be ringing this weekend while the Easter bunny delivers Easter eggs to young and old. This is a day we all celebrate so PIPA wishes you all a happy Easter.

(15/04/2014) New auctions: Best of Germany, Collector's Items, BDS Team, April auction and Larentzakis Andy & Kenny Rhodes

On Tuesday 15 April 2014, 5 new auctions started. All these auctions end on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 April 2014. We would like to introduce these auctions briefly to you.

(13/04/2014) 'Clubs' informs you on local news quick as lightning

The column Clubs has been offering club boards and members a free platform to spread and read local news and results for quite a few years now. It has even become PIPA's most popular column. What the reasons are? We will summarise them for you.

(12/04/2014) Auctions ending: KBDB auction, Kas & Karel Meijers (NL) and Best of Portugal

On Sunday 13 April three auctions will end. We will briefly summarise them for you one last time.

(09/04/2014) Announcement viewing day auction F & J Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) - 12th of April

The sale of F & J Vandenheede starts 7th of April. Freddy and Jacques won the titles of 1st Nat. Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB and 2nd Nat. Champion Longer Middle Distance Old Birds this season. In addition, they had no less than five pigeons in the national ace pigeon championships, including two first national ace pigeons!

(07/04/2014) PIPA refreshes its Testimonials page

Our Testimonials page has always been the place for suppliers and buyers to say thanks. Over the years, this page has seen so many entries that we decided to only publish those testimonials that are most interesting to potential buyers and sellers. At the same time, we wanted to give this page a new look.

(29/03/2014) Auctions ending: Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, WHZB/TBOTB/NPO Acepigeons, Brockamp collection and long distance auction

On Sunday 30 March, four auctions will end. We would like to briefly summarise one last time what pigeons are up for offer.

(24/03/2014) Frans Rutten (Horst, NL) firmly believes that top quality pigeons are bred from top quality parents

It seems his belief didn’t do him any harm. In fact, it has allowed him to claim quite a few important victories.

(22/03/2014) Auctions ending: Jan Hooymans, Erik Limbourg, Meldgaard & Hansen, Premier Stud and national winners auction

On Sunday 23 March, five auctions will end. We would like to introduce them to you one last time.

(15/03/2014) Auctions ending: Batenburg-Van de Merwe, Benny Steveninck, Olympiad auction, Middle distance auction and Best of Croatia

On Sunday 16 March 5 auctions will end. We will briefly summarise them for you one last time.

(11/03/2014) Mr. Bertus Camphuis (Eefde, NL) has passed away

On 9 March 2014 Mr. Bertus Camphuis (73) from the Dutch city of Eefde passed away. The pigeon sport has lost one of its greatest icons, who mainly excelled in the eighties and nineties.

(07/03/2014) Auctions ending: Yong Lin, Rudi De Saer and Ludo Claessens collection

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March three auctions will end. We would like to summarise one last time what these sales have in store for you.

(01/03/2014) Auctions ending: Jespers-Vanderwegen, Middle distance auction, Etienne Meirlaen, Super performers and Best of Denmark

On Sunday 2 March five auctions will end. We would like to present them to you one last time.

(27/02/2014) PIPA presents its mobile website

At Belgium's biggest pigeon exhibition Fugare last week we launched our mobile website. This mobile website makes the most important functions available for small-screen devices (smartphone and tablet).

(24/02/2014) English catalogue of Yong Lin's total auction (minus youngsters 2013 and 2014) is now available online

On 24 February, Yong Lin's total auction (minus young birds of 2013 and 2014) will start. You can now browse through the English catalogue listing all pigeons included in this sale. The aucion will end on Sunday 9 March.

(21/02/2014) Auctions ending: Gert-Jan Beute, Jan van der Putten, Gaby Vandenabeele Collection 2 and International winners auction 2

On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 2014 four auctions will end. On Saturday the International Winners Auction and the Gaby Vandenabeele Collection 2, On Sunday the auctions of Jan van der Putten and Gert-Jan Beute.

(21/02/2014) Stolen pigeons from Andreas Drapa (Königsbach-Stein, DE) found in Romania - update: raid video & publication of thieves' names

On 14 February 2014 we received word that the pigeons stolen from Andreas Drapa's loft at the end of November 2013 have been found in Romania. Thanks to the help offered by the renowned Romanian fancier Mr. Florea Sorin, the police were able to pick up a trail leading to the arrest of the burglars.

(19/02/2014) FUGARE 2014 reinforces its status as international platform for the pigeon racing

This weekend, during FUGARE 2014 in Kortrijk Xpo, it was again confirmed that the Belgian pigeon racing scene is world class. Exactly 7,808 visitors attended the annual international pigeon fair. This growth of 5% in the number of visitors clearly shows that FUGARE, despite the reduced amount of national pigeon fanciers, is winning ground on an international level.

(17/02/2014) Bart Geerinckx auction achieves the highest average for a Belgian young bird auction with 5,139 euro/young bird and a total revenue of 118,200 euro for 23 young birds!

It was a magnificent auction day with a prestigious auction record: the highest average price for a Belgian loft in a young bird auction, with an average of 5,139 euro per young bird! This weekend saw a total yield of 275,850 euro for 171 pigeons.

(11/02/2014) PIPA agents are present at this weekend's pigeon exhibition Fugare

Most of you probably know that Fugare, Belgium’s biggest pigeon exhibition, takes place next weekend. This year, as in previous years, PIPA will be attending the exhibition and we really hope to welcome you at our stand. We plan to do something special this year, something in terms of “PIPA goes international”.

(10/02/2014) Yousef Al Solili (Kuwait) wins the 2014 Hail International Race in Saudi Arabia

The 2014 Hail International Race in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was held on Saturday 25 January 2014. In total 431 pigeons participated in the one loft race which was won by Yousef Al Solili.

(08/02/2014) The Bert Vanden Berghe auction will end on Sunday 9 February 2014

The sale of all pigeons (except raced young birds 2013) of Bert Vanden Berghe will end on Sunday 9 February 2014.

(03/02/2014) Gaddin Brothers and Charl Stander (South Africa) win the 2014 Allflight one loft race

The Gaddin Brothers and Charl Stander from South African win the 2014 edition of the Allflight one loft race in South Africa. Their pigeon finished 4 seconds before that of the Cachalia Brothers (South Africa) after a race of 521 km.

(31/01/2014) Announcement viewing day auction Bert Vanden Berghe (Wortegem, BE) - 1st of February

The sale of all pigeons (except raced young birds 2013) of Bert Vanden Berghe starts 27th of January. His direct Vandenabeele pigeons have won in 2013 for instance a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance, as well as a 12th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance, a 1st Nat. Bordeaux/Agen and much more...