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Nikolaas was born in 1980 as a son of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht (a passionate pigeon fancier and veterinary surgeon). Both his father, his two grandfathers (Remi and Valère), one great-grandfather (Maurice), and three uncles (André, Luc and Georges) are involved in pigeon racing. It is no surprise that Nikolaas developed a passion for pigeons as well.

As a youngster, Nikolaas would always go to his grandfather Remi to wait for his pigeons to arrive home. He was also there when Remi clocked his international winner from Barcelona 1995, which was one of the hardest Barcelona races in history. Nikolaas was running his own pigeon loft as a teenager but his father Carlo wanted him to focus on his studies before spending time in the pigeon loft.

Still, Nikolaas never lost his passion for pigeons, and he founded PIPA in his student room. PIPA quickly became the largest auction house for exclusive pigeons, as well as the most visited pigeon website worldwide.

There was a lot of work that had to be done in the first few years of PIPA, which is why the pigeons had to play second fiddle for a while. This had to change, and the PIPA team came up with the idea of founding a PEC to stay more involved in keeping and racing pigeons.

PIPA ELITE CENTER has decided to start racing pigeons in 2015 on the middle and long distance races (400 - 800 KM) in Belgium, and therefore joined forces with Pascal Ariën. The breeding is done in Knesselare, and the racing in Tielt-Winge, where Pascal lives. We will be racing under PEC RACING TEAM ADK.

In The Netherlands, we race extreme long distance @ Batenburg-vd Merwe with the New Laureaat & Witbuik Family (+ 800 KM)

Racing Season 2015

The racing team had a flying start to the season, making no secret of their ambitions. They surprised fanciers in the area around Tielt-Winge, amazing their opponents with exceptional overall results.
They closed 2015 with an impressive list of achievements:

  • 5 x 1st Provincial
  • 6 yearlings amongst the TOP 38 best fond yearlings KBDB in Belgium : Click Here
  • 45 x Top 100 National (click here for the highlights of 2015)
  • 4 ace pigeons in the top 8 of the KBDB championships longer middle distande and long distance
    • th national ace pigeon Fond Yearlings KBDB
    • 5th national ace pigeon GMD Yearlings KBDB (Porsche 911)
    • 8th national ace pigeon Fond Yearlings KBDB (Boxster)
    • 8th national ace pigeon Fond Old Birds KBDB

Breeding Loft

The PIPA Elite Center was founded in 2008, and the word “elite” suggests that the fanciers wanted to set a high bar from day one. The PEC will only accept pigeons that meet each of these four important characteristics:

* Great in the hand; the eyes are inspected as well. The fanciers are extremely demanding in this regard: “If it is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for others.”
* Noble bloodlines in the pedigree (a unique pedigree and exceptional breeding value)
* Excellent natural resistance. The use of antibiotics is avoided. We believe that the use of medicines prevents you from creating a strong pigeon breed in the long term.
* The best possible racing birds (true winners).

STRAINS (400 - 800 KM)
New Freddy
Gaston van de Wouwer
Gaby Vandenabeele

Verreckt-Ariën ( Verreckt - Ariën sold their colony in 2011 for almost 1 mio euro, they were dominating the Belgian pigeon sport at that time, their best pigeons are mainly sold to China for huge amounts, before those pigeons were sold, some young birds out of them were kept and will now be used for breeding )

New Freddy

New Freddy ( 1st national ace pigeon KBDB 2010 great middle distance old birds ). He is the icon of the PIPA ELITE CENTER. It is quite impossible what New Freddy has raced, in a very difficult geographic position ( longest distance in his province ) against the wind, north east wind...and in the loft of a small fancier. I have shown New Freddy to many top racers and they also said he is not only nice based on results and pedigree, but also super in hand. He will be paired up now with all top hens that Bart Geerinckx owns ; and in 2015 the first products of this breeding will go on the breeding loft.

So far references of New Freddy are very impressive. He won the same title like Kannibaal in 1996, 1st nat ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance, and he is one of the few that stayed in Belgium like Kannibaal. We do hope he will have the same impact on the pigeon sport like Kannibaal did have. The first references are very promising.

You can find an additional list of breeding references of New Freddy here

Despite his fairly young age New Freddy has an impressive list of references. He is well on his way to following in the footsteps of a number of world famous predecessors. He became 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB middle distance, just like Dirk Van Dyck’s Kannibaal.

Keep in mind that every pigeon that won this title has been sold to a foreign fancier, except for Dirk Van Dyck’s Kannibaal. Imagine how different pigeon racing in Europe would have been without Kannibaal. For instance, we would not have had Kleine Dirk or Harry. Pigeons with such a palmares have an impact on an entire generation of pigeons.

The New Freddy bloodline is well on its way to making history to say the least, and his brothers, sisters and youngsters have been breeding very talented and successful descendants as well. A good example is “Wacko Freddy” (a grandson of New Freddy), who became the sire of two phenomenal racing birds at the PEC Racing Team ADK:

Click here for the full pedigree

Click here for the full pedigree


Gaston Van De Wouwer/Gaby Vandenabeele/...

What a hen ! She is one of the mating hens of New Freddy, winning the same title like him, one year after him. In 2013,
her halfbrother "Nikolaas" also won 1st national ace pigeon Great Middle Distance, it is like a fairy tale. Also Nikolaas
and his parents are in PEC breeding loft for co-breeding !

Old Verreckt-Ariën lines


1st international Barcelona 2013 owned 50/50 by Batenburg and PEC

1st international Barcelona 2015 owned 50/50 by Batenburg and PEC


PiPa Elite Center
Pigeons from paradise, available on earth
E-mail : Nikolaas Gyselbrecht


Congratulations Nikolaas! Wishing you all the Best as I believe in you as the best pigeon fancier and collector across the globe.
Best of Luck to you and PIPA Elite Center team.

Karim El Moslemany.

Thanks a lot Karim !

Très Intéressant à lire et très beau projet d'excellence. C'est ce qu'avaient lancé les Eijerkamp avec les V.I.P ( Very Intelligent Pigeon ) il y a quelques années.

Créer une race à part entière demande du temps....et vu toutes les origines de vos pigeons ( cf photos ) vous n'êtes pas près d'avoir une race... Tout au plus pendant les premières années des pigeons "made in PEC". Dans 15-20 ans vous aurez peut-être cette "race" dont vous parlez. Avec tant de pigeons différents au départ et sur une entreprise plutôt commerciale ( donc difficile de sélectionner directement chez vous pour créer votre race, à moins de racheter les pigeons vendus qui marcheront bien )

Les "vraies" races all round je n'en connais qu'une seule pour le moment. Les van Breemen. 40 ans de sélection suivie.

J'espère que les sexes seront garantis à 200% pas comme sur Jewel of the Sky Wink Mr. Green

Quoiqu'il en soit beaucoup de bonnes choses pour votre entreprise.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Very interesting to read and a very beautiful project of excellence. This had been launched Eijerkamp with VIP (Very Intelligent Pigeon) some years ago.

Create a full-fledged race takes time .... and seen all the origins of your pigeons (see picture) you're not going to have a race ... At most, the early years of the pigeons "Made in PEC". In 15-20 years you may have created this "race", you mentioned. With so many pigeons from different origins and first of all a commercial enterprise (difficult to select directly to your home to create your own race, unless you buy pigeons sold wich works well)

The "real" allround Race I just know one actually. The van Breemen's. 40 years of selection followed.

I hope that sex of your birds will be guaranteed 200% , not like Jewel of the Sky): mrgreen:

Anyway lots of good things for your business.

Hello Nikolaas
I wish you all the best with these very fine collections

felicitation pour le centre de elevage

Felicitaties en natuurlijk veel succes!!! Cool

Very Happy Mr. Green Wink Laughing merci

Very Happy you got a very good collection of birds wishing u the best

What a collection, very impress, good luck wish you the best.

Impress collection.......

thanks for all the nice comments !

The first impressive results are there.

PEC pigeon wins 18th national 31.000 young birds Bourges @ Vandenheede lofts. Same pigeon won the week before 4th provincial 2500 young birds and the week before 26th 685 young birds, only 3 times basketted !

Father : Son Freddy 875/2007
Mother : Last Limo, daughter Limoges

very good & excellent pigeon collection

hi nikolaas great pigeons super wish i had some good luck Very Happy

Congratulations PIPA Elite Center team

Super collection and good luck wish you all the best

A great setup. Best wishes for continuing success.

Felicitations pour le New Freddy;
Bonne Chance avec!!!

hi nikolaas what a team of pigeons super wish you a the pipa team all the best good luck Cool

that 'dau-blue prins' is another super pigeon.. congratulations and good-luck on Ur team .. !

-->rAndy'boi ;]

Félicitations a tous

that is cool...

is that all you've got ?? haha.. (joke)

WoW! ,, a BIG WOW !!

all I can say is WOW !

GoodLuck PiPa !


P.S: I also want to see a result from Lucky 848 when mated to "golden hen lucky 085"... I feel that would be huge !!

very nice loft....and top birds.... keep it up dude....

Smile I am a fanciers in China, do not know how good you can buy pigeon strains, because I am here in Jinan, Shandong terrain is mountains, do not know what kind of strains of pigeons can fly out in our piece of Jinan, Shandong, China, Choi Wan, Thank you!

Can't wait to see the long waited child from lucky 848 x grandmother lucky 85 ...

Congratulations Mr. Nick !!! and PiPa !

I Not much to say, good luck




congratulations, some very good pigeons

nice loft & top collections & good effort for future pigeons sports worldwide.

Best regards
MD. Alauddin (shopon)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Super duiven en prestaties TOP !!!



Muchas Felicitaciones!!!

good luck best man in pigeons world

Congratulations for the New Freddy

From Morocco


Best pigeon collection in the world.

Bonne continuation...

Hi Nikolaas,

What a fantastic collection you have. Anyone with such a collection that could not succeed should rather breed canaries.

Congratulations, I don't think anyone has ever been in your fortunate situation in this sport.

On the other hand, this is pigeon racing, and no matter how many of the champions and the best you buy, there will always be someone else that will still compete with you succesfully. Good racing pigeon genes are to be found everywhere and even if you are able to dominate the racing, there will still be others that will stay up with you and even beat you often.

Thank goodness for this reality, otherwise everyone should just break down their lofts and give up, leaving you to compete against yourself.

Wishing you all of the very best as I think that raising the bar in this sport is everyones' challenge.

Kind Regards
Carlos De Sousa

Hello Nikolaas:
Wishing you and your team the best from the U.S.A.
May you have many more years in sharing your pigeons with all of us.

Best of Luck to you and PIPA Elite Center team.
Best Regards RJ

We look forward to further success for the elite team pipa Wink Wink Wink

gud day to pipa elite center... i one of your fan from the phil.. i see you have a good bird.. i want yto have some of your stock bird even without race result or stock bird.. ilike to have because i have trust in you.. hope you read this letter.. thank you and more power to all of you.. im one of your big fan hir in the phillippines.. mabuhay..

thats great sir.. congrats.. more power.. i know that you you do your best to take care of them.. and the proper handling of them.. im one of your fan hir in the phillppines.. want to have some of your stock pigeon or some of your bird without race result.. i trust all your bird.. more power.. thank you sir..

Shocked Good luck!


Hello Dears Friends,

Nikolaas and Thomas, congratulations for yor best reproducers!..
Is the best of the best....

best regards,

Congratulations Nikolaas

Dear Nikolaas and Pipa Elite Centre,

A Super Collection of top breeders the cream of the crop.

One sure thing is when Top birds are together success is sure to follow!!

Bricsard Loft Breeding won 26th place on Bourges 1, 2014, FR 370649/11

And it is the 22nd National Yearling ace in Verreckt-Rutten

Ranked 20th ace of 6 national competitions (rankings Pipa) Smile

Dear Nikolaas and Pipa Elite Centre
A Super Collection of top breeders of the crop
Assuredly your efforts will be successful and will have a wonderful day.

An unique collection of top bird, every time I visit Pipa I'm impressed by the continuously increased quality of the birds.

I believe in a couple of year you will dominate National race from 400 to 800 km.

Lieve is a so marvelous hen that you put her in two pictures Smile !!!

Congratulations and success

Cristiano Paltrinieri



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